A Pitifully Absurd Political Correctness Preoccupies a Nation, if not an Entire World, over Race and “Racism”

September 15, 2015 in Carol Asher, Columnists, News by RBN Staff

By: Carol Asher

will admit to some long-held, very definite thoughts and feelings relative to the topic of “racism” quite at odds with what I see as an insane and deviously exaggerated fixation on the subject by a monopoly media.  I’ll just be having my say here, and personal convictions will be obvious.

A key focus in managed “news

Can we think of any topic that makes today’s news more non-stop than that of “racism?”  Since we know there’s very little that’s truly accidental in the socio-political world, we do well to be asking ourselves “what’s the agenda here, whose is it, and why?”  My personal answer to that will be a main thread running through these meanderings.

Anyone paying attention can detect two rather conflicting sides to the race argument as put forth by the news reporters, those quite obviously assigned to keep fanning the flames of race.  On the one hand we’re treated daily to hand-wringing reports of never-ending incidences repeatedly showing that diverse races really do not get along very well (white man usually at fault, by the way.)  On the other hand and just as insistent, we have an obvious ploy designed to force and smash the races together every which way that can be devised.  So, we ask again: Just who is it that is so do-or-die, hell-bent on forcing this agenda, and for what purpose?

First, though, an honest look at a part of our own past

The law of DO NO HARM applies universally and forever, and no honest American will ever deny nor excuse the innumerable acts of man’s inhumanity to man, particularly interracially, as indelibly recorded in history, and thus morally staining our past.  For one thing, we can see and know for a fact that African Blacks should never have been brought to the western hemisphere in the first place.  They did not come of their own accord, and were never willing participants in the inspiration and initiative to colonize the new world.  Just who was responsible for bringing them here is a topic for another time.  (One thing for sure, though, it wasn’t the European Christians, those who came here with only the goal of religious freedom in mind.)

Both in the midst of and subsequent to the Black slaves’ forced arrival in the Americas, atrocities of all kinds never really ceased.  While the blame was by no means totally one-sided, our part in it is indeed to the white man’s lasting shame.  Beyond the black slave issue, other horrific injustices continued and spread throughout the hemisphere, such as the (even legalized) persecution of the native peoples of the north and other indigenous peoples of Central and South America.  In a word, a goodly number of the white settlers have much for which to atone.  May we, their descendants, remain always humbly mindful of that fact.

Reverse discrimination:  Racism by any color

Having made the above admissions – – and with appropriate emphasis! – – can we not now go on to ask: For just how long must Whites be made to repent?  In this managed political world, when will enough ever be seen as enough?  Forgiveness, love and understanding is called for from both sides, and so it would seem way past time for all peoples to get a grip on a few enduring moral principles.

Although interracial abuse is indeed a sad part of America’s history, hardly anyone living today is directly responsible for it, so at what point can past societal sins be allowed to rest?  If it was wrong for unregenerates to demean and harm peoples of color in the past – – and most certainly it was – – it is just as wrong for vengeful, unforgiving Blacks and other outlaws to engage in all manner of criminal, abusive behavior now.  Yet the latter condition not only rages unabated everywhere at every instigation, but is given a near carte blanche pass continually in mainstream media reporting.  Examples of this are simply legion, but to cite a current, very familiar one: It was already over a year ago that a young black teen (with already a sizable criminal record) was killed by a white police officer in Missouri, yet the national media regularly eulogizes him still.  Within that same week, the reverse happened.  That is, an unarmed white youth was shot and killed by a black police officer in the area of Salt Lake City.  How much national news coverage did that case receive?  Hardly a  second mention, if I recall.

None of this is meant to impugn all Blacks, nor was it even always this way

Through all of their worst days of systematic enslavement and injustices in times past, black families maintained far greater percentages of stabile, intact, even deeply spiritually-rooted  family units than, overall, are seen today.  So, what has happened since?  Not by accident the change.  Thanks to the globalist political manipulators’ overall deliberate disruptive agenda, the former stabile Black family unit hardly exists.

Today we have the Black Lives Matter movement, organized in response to the purportedly inordinate rate of violent confrontations between Blacks and law enforcement – – the movement tainted, it would seem, with a certain amount of hypocrisy, in the view of nationally syndicated columnist Patrick J. Buchanan as he asks: “Is the Black Lives Matter movement unaware that the execution rate of babies in the womb is highest among African American women?  However many black men or boys are killed in clashes with cops each year, it is not one tenth of the black babies aborted in the USA.”  A point well taken, I’d say.

But, again, it’s all part of a certain agenda

What proponents of the Black cause need to realize is that most of what passes for support and advancement of their cause is more like political correctness than it is true support, genuine and real.  Like all the rest of us, you are being used to advance an agenda whose orchestrators care not one whit about you, really.  When once you have served their purpose (of social upheaval and disintegration) you and yours will be as dispensable as anyone else who has outlived his usefulness.  Bottom line: YOU are not their prize; rather, total, global control and enslavement of all IS!  You would do well to take a clue from this terse statement by celebrity actor Charlton Heston (1923-2008):  Political Correctness is tyranny with manners.

Racial color in and of itself matters little

I’m saddened to think how many Americans likely voted for Barack Obama (and probably twice) for no other reason than that he is “Black” – – even though we know for a fact that at least half of his genes are white.  I’ve often been amazed, too, seeing how, subsequent to his arrival on the world stage, Mr. Obama has rarely, if ever, even mentioned his mother or her side of the family.  It’s like that lineage doesn’t exist for him, or else that, given his assigned agenda, he’s been pledged to ignore or play it down.

What’s fair is fair, no?

Perhaps indicating that America’s white majority has not yet finished paying for its past racial discriminations, a tremendous amount of reverse racial favoritism thrives in the land today, all treated as totally legitimate by the established powers.   The question I want answered is, at what point will we begin to have fair and equal treatment for all citizens, whatever their color?  I mean, if it’s right to celebrate national Black History month; if we can promote Negro College Funds and black organizations like the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), or an all black Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and all of the other 20+ organizations for Blacks, as well as those for other races like La Raza for Latinos and Nation of Islam (NOI) for Muslims, shouldn’t equal opportunity and “equal justice under the law” assure the right to comparable organizations for Whites?  Why should the dozens of groups for peoples of color be designated “freedom” organizations, and yet a comparable NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White Persons) be struck down as racial “supremacism?”  Mind you, I’ve never had any great desire to join any kind of race-based organization, but am only saying that if equal justice for all does exist, then at least that option should also.

It seems undeniable to me that amid today’s extremely race-bated political consciousness, the White race, peoples of nordic or germanic descent, is the one race that is not allowed to demonstrably “guard its own,” as it were, nor openly exhibit pride in its own distinct heritage.  Why should that be, if indeed all men are treated equal under the law, as is claimed?  In my view (however mistaken and paranoid it might be) there can be only one underlying reason: namely, an existing plan of amalgamation (with a view to ultimate annihilation) of the white race.  If I am wrong, then why is it that, so far, anyway, only nations of majority white European stock are being targeted for miscegenation, while nations like Japan, China, India and other Asian lands are left pretty much alone and largely homogeneous?

Granted, there are things more important in life than race

This point we already acknowledged, even stressed, at the very start, and it can only be reaffirmed.  Still, to me, race and race distinctions remain a very intriguing query.  Sharing life on this one same planet, as all 7+ billion of us currently do, I’ve long wondered about just how such very diverse races ever came to be.  A mere curiosity thought it is, as I’ve never spent any time seriously researching the matter.

While true that all men are created equal, anyone can see that the various races certainly do differ, not only in appearance, but in talents, cultural preferences, life style choices and so much more.  What I don’t understand is why these distinct peoples can’t simply be allowed to exist and flourish naturally, each and all among their own. For what, pray tell, could possibly be wrong with the idea of equal and separate by choice?  Is that not within the innate rights of all human beings?

Consider the birds of the air…..

Whenever I set to thinking about the various human racial distinctions and my strong desire that each be appreciated, protected and preserved, the analogy that most easily comes to my mind is that of the bird kingdom.  Think about it.  Who of us doesn’t thrill to suddenly catch sight of a cardinal on the branch of a tree, or likewise a blue bird?  Who doesn’t enjoy the loveliness of a bright canary in a cage, or even spotting a first robin in springtime, to name just a few members of a very broad and diverse species?  In observing nature and its creatures, isn’t it the sharp distinctions of color and character that so attract and delight our senses?  What would we think, then, if nature somehow were to cause all bird species to mate indiscriminately?  What would we end up with but a non-descript, reddish-brown blob of who knows what?  Of course, birds are not humans and humans are not birds, but how nice if we humans could take a cue from the ways of nature, and allow that same liberty of association within our own species – – free of all allegations and insinuations of racism or supremacy?  Is it “racist,” I ask, for a robin to choose to remain a robin century after century, not wishing to be forced into mixing with a woodpecker, a bluejay or a crow?

Not to be misunderstood, I don’t make it my business, nor even my particular concern, when private individuals of one race choose partners from another race, even though (just as among the birds) I personally think it’s more beautiful when distinct racial characteristics are preserved.  Needless to say, my real “beef” is with those organized political forces who, obviously armed with a preplanned agenda, arbitrarily drive the races together through tactics of mass propaganda coupled with guilt.  If we look, we can see signs of it more and more these days.  Nearly every commercial ad will have multiracial subjects.  And anymore, many professional performances such as dance or other competitions will feature mixed race couples, and on and on the forced miscegenation goes.  Aware of the intent and purposes of the orchestrators, I do not expect these trends to cease until we end up with what one prognosticator many years ago termed “one entire golden race” for all of planet earth. Sorry to have to say it, but perhaps I AM on the losing end of all this.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Nearly everyone is familiar with the 1946 movie by this name.  Its popularity is such that the film’s replay over network television has long been a traditional part of year-end Christmas celebrations.  I mention it here merely as a segue into writer James Bronson’s Christmas 2008 debut of It’s a Wonderful Race, his title being an obvious take-off on the movie classic.

In It’s a Wonderful Life, we are told the story of an individual whose selfless, giving ways served to protect and prosper the lives of his fellow townspeople, to the betterment of all.  In It’s a Wonderful Race, author James Bronson details similarly the many ways that, throughout history, a certain, gifted ethnic group has served to enhance and advance an entire world.  Just as the movie classic shows how the community of Bedford Falls, N.Y. would have been so much the poorer had beloved businessman/philanthropist George Bailey never lived, so Bronson’s story reminds us of how much poorer life on planet earth would be without the myriad inventions and other scientific advancements that were brought about through the foresight and efforts of a uniquely gifted white race.

Parallel to the story line of the famous movie, It’s a Wonderful Race likewise has a main character named George, scripted  to be, interestingly enough, the young, college student son of the very George Bailey of Bedford Falls.  While his son is home on Christmas break, George, Sr. has a run-in with him over some of the communist/socialist ideologies he discovers are being taught at the university he’s paying for his son to attend.  With this point of contention as a backdrop, the story, It’s a Wonderful Race, takes off.

Further carrying over portions of the movie setting, George, Jr., too, is visited and greatly influenced by a wise and gentle angel named Clarence.  Near the end of the narrative, as a hint to all the historical evidence that the angel has shown to young George, the author has the angel summarize saying:

It’s always been the same old story, George.  Whites build a civilization.  Then they come into contact with another race.  The other race benefits from contact with the Whites.  Over the course of a few centuries, the races blend into a new hybrid race.  The Whites then diminish in number and influence as the civilization stagnates.  In some cases, such as with the Huns, Incans, Amerindians and Mongols, malevolent envy will drive the colored and/or hybrid race to actually turn on the remaining original Whites, physically murdering off the White males, and then “stealing their genes” by rape-mating with the White women.  Finally, to add insult to injury, the hybrid and colored races then claim credit for the historical achievements of the very people that they either blended out or genocided!  And woe to any honest researcher who attempts to point out these inconvenient truths…for he will be branded a “racist.”

Should there be a difference?

That excerpt will probably seem quite harsh and discriminatory to a lot of people.  Let facts stand, however, and I would only suggest that if it’s right and good to celebrate the heartwarming outcome of that Hollywood movie story, it should be every bit as right to factually report and celebrate the much, much broader (real-life historical) accomplishments as detailed in James Bronson’s narrative.  And this without anyone laying false guilt, as if, by such acknowledgment, something were being taken away from someone else.  To me it seems no different than, for example, our frank admission of the trust we commonly place in the professional abilities of, say, a skilled airline pilot, train engineer, electrician, crane operator or brain, heart or lung surgeon.  In other words, he who has earned and demonstrates proven skills is trusted in performing them, and deserves just acclaim when doing so.

[Something author James Bronson doesn’t mention, but which I would like to, is the fact that human wisdom and abilities do come in more than one form, and not all of them based in the physical sciences,.  While Bronson’s focus is on western-type inventive and scientific creativity and physical production, there have long been races in other cultures which have excelled in very different (perhaps quieter and more private) types of wisdom consciousness.  For example, a spirit of deep attunement and communion with nature is common among the native peoples of many lands.  And there’s the excellence of their age-old natural healing practices, as well.   We need only ask if in the mind of God, the universal, creative Life Source, would these latter qualities be of any lesser value than our own?  Just a sobering, humbling thought or two.]

Well, upon concluding his involved escapades with Clarence (and the angel’s ready return to heaven to receive his “wings”), young George Bailey decides to dress in his Sunday best and revisit the main campus lecture hall where, armed with his new-found knowledge, he hopes to confront his old communist/socialist professor, Mr. Silverstein.  This he does and, with considerable spell-binding eloquence, delivers quite a lecture of his own, not only to Professor Silverstein, but to an auditorium packed with his peers.

So far so good, and right up to this point, I felt I might well recommend It’s a Wonderful Race for the great deal of historical truth it presents….except that the story didn’t quite end there.  I rather wish it had, because I was a little shocked by the unexpected, violent rampage that did conclude the story.  Regardless of how “well deserved” the treatment meted out to the professor might have been, I felt that such conduct degraded and undermined the whole mission and message, clearly violating our supposed commitment to the laws of common decency.  I felt it quite a “silly” and senseless ending that added nothing positive to the story, and if I knew where to find Mr. Bronson, I wouldn’t mind at all telling him so.

Winding down to conclusion

But, I know what the solution is – – to this and to nearly every other problem plaguing life on planet earth: Disband and eliminate about 90% of government, together with its bureaucratic trappings, and the power-drunk psychopaths at the top who seem to think they have divine permission and commission both to run and to ruin everything.  Short of that impossible long-shot quest, all I can say to this present humanity is “Sorry, and Good Luck!”

More positively, though, to those who are awake and can still think, I say rise up and REALIZE your true identity, and the divine eternal from which you come.  Stand your ground, determined and unafraid to BE that Reality to the end, no matter how confused and floundering the world around you.  You owe this world nothing except to exemplify the love that emanates naturally from the truth of your Being.

So together, let us send back to the hell from which they came ALL FORMS of manipulation, propaganda and political correctness of the day.  There remains ever and always ONE and ONLY ONE Law of the Heavens…….as also for the earth: To respect the rights and freedoms of each and all, and again, SIMPLY DO NO HARM.  We know that this supreme, universal law has been horribly violated throughout all times past, but that in no wise necessitates its continued practice in our present or future.  God speed!

Carol J. Asher