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If you are too poor to pay a traffic ticket or a fine in Alabama the police will not let you leave the state.

You read that right, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will issue poor people “hardship drivers  licenses” but you cannot leave.

The mass media is falling all over themselves praising the new law, saying “this rule could help tens of thousands of people, over 20,000 alone had their licenses suspended just for an inability to pay for fines and fees that were assets to them,” said Dev Wakeley.  

“They will be able to drive to work to school to medical appointments, to civic appointments or civic organization events as well as you know to go out and vote or if they need to do household chores or things of that nature,” says Captain Jon Archer of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Captain Archer confirms that poor people will not be allowed to leave Alabama.

“If you do get a hardship drivers license you can only operate in Alabama. You won’t be able to drive out of state,” says Captain Jon Archer of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.”

Hardship drivers licenses exist in every state and are mostly used for minors and DUI offenders, they are not used to punish the poor.

An article in Alabama Today claims police have begun accepting applications to restore limited driving privileges to thousands of motorists who simply are too poor to pay their ticket.

According to Senate Bill 55 the police will only give poor people a hardship drivers license if they do not pose a risk to public safety.

“The Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency shall develop and implement a Class D hardship driver license program with specified and limited driving privileges for a person with a suspended or revoked license who can demonstrate to the reasonable satisfaction of the agency that he or she does not pose a risk to public safety.”

Welcome to American policing where one’s inability to pay a ticket or a fine is now a risk to “public safety.”

Police want to know what church you attend
credit: The Monastery

Before Alabamans are allowed to drive again, Big Brother wants to know things like where you work and go to church. They also want to know the EXACT routes you will take to get there.

Below is a list of what citizens must provide to law enforcement before they are allowed to drive again.

This is what happens when the right to travel freely is seen by our courts and law enforcement as a privilege.

How can America still be considered the “land of the free” when police surveil a person’s every movement and restrict their right to travel?