April 25, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


via: BLN


Amazon has introduced a new service that allows its delivery drivers to unlock customers’ vehicles to leave packages inside.
Part of the “Amazon Key” program, which last year began by allowing employees to enter and leave packages inside homes, the service utilizes technology already present in certain vehicles from General Motors and Volvo.The program is currently being rolled out in 37 U.S. cities and offered to Amazon Prime customers using OnStar or Volvo’s On Call roadside assistance and navigation service.

“As a Prime member, get your Amazon packages securely delivered right into your vehicle parked at home, at work or near other locations in your address book,” the company states. “Park your vehicle in a publicly accessible area to receive in-car deliveries, and track your packages with real-time notifications.”

In order to locate the correct vehicle, delivery drivers will be provided with the GPS location, license plate number and an image of the car.

A video released by Amazon states the service is intended, among other things, to protect consumer purchases from issues such as porch thieves.

Attempting to alleviate concerns over potential security problems, Amazon says numerous measures have been taken to ensure a safe delivery.

“We have implemented a number of measures to make in-car delivery secure, including confirming that the vehicle is securely locked before the driver can move away from the vehicle, and automatically activating a relock in the unlikely event a car remains unlocked beyond a brief period,” Amazon says.

While some will undoubtedly see the new service as an added convenience, others will likely see it as an unnecessary intrusion.

“We believe in offering customers choices,” Amazon Key General Manager Rohit Shrivastava says. “This product may not be for everyone.”

Amazon’s in-home delivery program caused similar concerns last year, though, unlike the vehicle delivery, a camera is used to let customers watch couriers as they open the door.