America, Wake Up

January 25, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: Lew Rockwell

By Walter Gelles

America, you’ve been lied to.
Now throw the bloody liars out.
The Covid “vaccine” is a bioweapon.
Hit Gates and Fauci on the snout.

The New York Times and CNN
keep lying to you again and again.
Biden and Trump and all their brethren—
all these venal vaccine-pushers—
these are not honest, truthful men.

Moderna and Pfizer know their “vaccines”
are killing children, adults, and teens…
millions damaged or paralyzed
with help from the Pharma-paid presstitutes’ lies.
The jab doesn’t stop infection or transmission
(and that’s by the drug-makers’ own admission)
but raking in trillion$ is their sole ambition—
They don’t give a shit about the human condition.

[NEWS BREAK:  The Covid vaccines are not “safe and effective,”
they’re highly unsafe and completely ineffective.  Even worse,
the more shots you get, the more you damage your immune system.
Get jabbed enough and you could end up with Vaccine-Acquired
Immune Deficiency Syndrome… a form of AIDS.]

Look around at what’s going on—
thousands of recently-vaxxed dropping dead.
You know in your heart there’s ONE explanation
but the Media blames a flu bug instead.

The fraudulent, rigged diagnostic tests
generate mountains of bogus “cases”.
Gates and his cronies are running scared
and they’re not winning any races—
They run to Davos and hide their faces,
pay pricey hookers for tawdry embraces.

Get mad as hell at the Perpetrators
who lied to you—don’t blame the unvaxxed.
The unvaxxed are your friends.  They tried to warn you
with tons of evidence and hard facts.

Protect your children.  Protect yourself.
There’s no monster virus, no real pandemic.
There’s only an Epidemic Of Fear
and propaganda—and it’s systemic.

WAKE UP, AMERICA or very soon
Gates’s W.H.O. will be calling the shots,
decreeing pandemics whenever it chooses
and mandating that YOU get the clot-shots.

Do you think I’m fooling?  Check it out.
Every nation on earth is in peril.
The so-called “vaccines” damage lung, brain, heart,
leave you open to cancers,
and are making the jabbed infertile and sterile.

WAKE UP, AMERICA.  It’s your last chance.
Some Governor, Senator, Rep, or D.A.
must take a stand and lead the way.
Ban The Covid Vaccines!!!  This hoax is obscene.
Let the nation hear your voice today
or you and your loved ones will dearly pay.

Everybody makes mistakes
and if you fell for the Covid propaganda
it’s nothing to be defensive about.
You simply missed all the truth-memoranda
from those who faced censorship and slander
and still do…..
But with help from you
we can turn this thing around,
help millions damaged from the vax
and create a health-care system that’s sound,
free from the vaccine-pushers’ poison
and send the guilty ones to prison.

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