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SOTN Editor’s Note: The excellent analysis you are about to read below neglects to mention what is perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the long anticipated month of April 2024.

That there are two highly influential threads woven through this month—a divine one and a satanic one.  For the various cosmic convergences detailed below are unquestioningly of a divine nature; whereas, the many mundane machinations are evidently of satanic origin.

However, it’s the precise timing of so many cosmic and manmade events during a very small window of time which has majorly turbo-charged the potential for HUGE things to happen, and they will in 2024.

As for the mundane context: it simply does not get any bigger than the 2024 POTUS election.  Not only is the outcome, if there even is an election, of great consequence to the United States of America, it’s inevitable impact on the entire planetary civilization cannot be overstated.

What’s the overwhelming tension: The Democrat Party must win the POTUS and therefore is working overtime to steal it by any means necessary.   The Right is on to them after the 2020 election theft and is watching their every vote fraud and electoral crime as we write this.  The question is: Will the RINO-dominated House and Senate do anything about it? (Probably not if history is any indication.)

Nevertheless, the fast-growing Patriot Movement will be different after April has come and gone; for the powerful energies associated with the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse are uniquely inspiring and empowering, edifying and enlightening.

As you will read below, the dark side will do everything possible to hijack those energies—BY EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE—which means anything from a frightening new ‘virus’ to launch another Plandemic biowar, an EMP detonation over the USA, a geoweaponry attack by triggering a major fault line or volcanic eruption, a series of shocking terrorist attacks in key cities, a staged nuclear meltdown at a power plant, regional power grid shutdowns, engineered food shortages and supply chain disruptions takedown of the Internet, cyber attacks on key companies and/or industries, sabotage of critical infrastructure, etc.

Of course, the most cataclysmic event that could take place is the launching of the:


What’s the crucial point?

Business as usual in America is no longer sustainable.  No longer acceptable.  No longer tolerable.  The Uniparty has created a sustained national climate from which a perfect SUPERSTORM will emerge.  And, however this superstorm manifests, and it will this year, it will begin to wash away all the filth and sleaze, depravity and degeneracy peddled by the Left and pushed by the cultural marxists 24/7.

Truly, the New World Order globalist cabal will pull out all the stops in 2024, for their long-planned One World Government depends on it.  Much more significantly, so does their civilization-destroying Great Reset and much needed CBDC.

Nonetheless, the cabal always fails to understand that:

State of the Nation
April 1, 2024

Let’s talk about April 8th.

Submitted by Cosmic Convergence Research Group
SOTN Exclusive

First for some crucial context—COSMIC CONVERGENCE CONTEXT– that is.

According to Hindu cosmology, the current human race finds itself at beyond the end of the Kali Yuga, also known as the Iron Age and Age of Quarrel.

The Kali Yuga is well known throughout Asia as being the darkest and densest of the four major eras that began with the Golden Age more than 60,000 years ago.

The cosmic clock actually says that we are presently in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, when it is darkest before the Dawn of the following Satya Yuga or Golden Age.

Each of the major eras is preceded and followed by a dawn and a twilight period, respectively, which can vary in length by hundreds of years.

So, here we are on the cusp of the Dawn of the Golden Age, but first there is the long and painful birthing process throughout the duration of this extremely difficult, unpredictable and challenging Twilight period where we are right now.

Because of the numerous cosmic convergences which are now lining up in 2024 with spectacular synchronicities, it can be said that this year will the one when every person on the planet knows that the End Times have arrived in glowing color.

Mayan Calendrics & Cosmogony

Please, pay close attention.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar is perhaps the most accurate and revealing of all the major calendar systems on Earth today.

The duration of that calendar is exactly 5125 years.  It began officially in the year of 3113 BC, on the very day that Lord Krishna of Ancient India passed from this realm of existence.

Now add 5125, the approximate length of the Kali Yuga, to 3113 BC and you get 2012 AD.  Who has not heard of the December 21, 2012 cosmic convergence date?

KEY POINT: Which means that the main temporal body of the Kali Yuga has come to an end, and that we are now in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga as previously stated.  This has been further validated by the Vedic scriptural fact that the Kali Yuga comes to a close when the tenth and final Maha Avatar of Lord Vishnu leaves his earthly incarnation, which he did toward the end of the last century.

The Mayan Calendar is especially accurate where it portrays the tightening of the time spiral as it correlates with the multifarious and rapidly accelerating advances in both scientific and technological development worldwide.  Just take a close look at how fast the entire planetary civilization has changed in this regard since 1900.

Then look at how meteoric these changes (e.g. AI, Nanotech, Genetic Engineering, Robotics, Geoengineering, Bioengineering) have been since 2000.  This is exactly what the Mayan Long Count Calendar indicates when looked at through the lens of the various creation cycles of which we are currently within the Galactic Creation Cycle on the way to the Universal Creation Cycle.  That’s why time is moving faster than it ever has in the past 60,000 years, with so many assorted time warps and time compressions occurring every day now.

KEY POINT: The real 800 pound gorilla that’s very close to wrecking everyone’s living room is Technological Singularity.  For it’s the most advanced version of AI, known as Autonomous Superintelligence, that will ultimately wreck and ruin the world if allowed to proceed on the current trajectory of technological development.

April 8, 2024: Total Solar Eclipse

Everything is shaping up for the April 8 total solar eclipse to be one of the defining moments of this millennium—a cosmic breakpoint, if you will

As seen in the preceding list, this will be the ninth total solar eclipse to cross over the United States mainland (see the preceding list)…from one border to another since the founding of the American Republic.

The last total solar occurred on August 21, 2017, known as the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE (GAE); and its extremely adverse effects are still bring felt in all 50 states.

For example, first there was the COVID-19 biowar waged against the US citizenry; then there was the weaponized Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide that will continue throughout our lifetimes.

Let’s not forget the planned collapse of the American middle class via unrelenting inflation and the myriad Covid shutdowns, along with countless permanent closures of small businesses, churches and other civic organizations.

Now we come to the GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE 2.0 in 2024.  The following deep dive adds a lot of critical perspective for folks who really want to know just how BIG this event will be.


CAVEAT: This does not mean that the world will end in America on April, 8, 2024, or on any other day following.  Only that this eclipse will serve as a point of no return where it concerns the inexorable evolution of the American Republic as a viable nation state.  State Secessions, Civil War, an American Bolshevik Revolution, many more Gladio-style mass shootings are all on the table as never before.

Just look at how the 2017 GAE took years to manifest it devastating effects and cataclysmic repercussions.

Therefore, folks need to understand that, going forward, anything goes in the 50 states which especially includes the following:

 Calamitous Earth Movements (Earthquakes & Volcanic Eruptions)

 Terrorist Attacks such as Mass Shootings, Bombings and other Mass Casualty Events

 Market Collapse, Financial Breakdown, Currency Meltdown, Commodity Scarcity & Economic Depression

 Devastating Weather Warfare and Pyro-Terrorism

 Engineered Food Shortages and Supply Chain Disruptions

 Bioengineered Epidemics and Pandemics, Pestilence and Plague

In light of the slow-motion disintegration of the Global Economic & Financial System, all it takes is a single bubble to burst to trigger a domino effect which will then ripple throughout the whole world.  Every major market is now operating as a HUGE bubble, and they all inextricably interpenetrate each other (by design), so when the banksters pop just one of them, the beginning of the final end is here.

Given that the US National Debt is quickly approaching $35 trillion, even the Federal Reserve Chairman has emphatically stated that this situation is completely unsustainable and should be of extreme concern to every single stakeholder, which includes every US citizen.

The many obvious convergences do not only include those on the financial and economic front; they also concern those related to the various fatally flawed paradigms which were fully engaged at the onset of the Industrial Revolution.  The different energy paradigms alone, particularly fossil fuel, hydrocarbon fuel, nuclear power generation and wind-generated energy are each inherently defective and in extremely dangerous ways when powering up a global population of 8 billion plus people.

All of these stark realities, along with many others, clearly indicate that the final end of the Kali Yuga is right now.  For the inner and outer workings of the whole civilization is precariously untenable.

Which is why this April 8th eclipse is such a tremendously significant and highly consequential month in the great cosmological scheme of things.

KEY POINTS: It is always the time in between the eclipses, which invariably come in pairs, when it’s important to exercise heightened situational awareness.  The lunar eclipse on Monday, March 24 began that period.  However, for various reasons beyond the scope of this essay, the most potentially fateful days will be from 3 days before Monday, April 8 to 3 days after the same day.  Notwithstanding, the whole month of April could turn into a global blockbuster where “The Greatest Show On Earth” takes place in the USA. (See: On April 1st, Terrorist State Of Israel Just Blew Up The International Diplomatic Order—FOREVER!)

“The Writing is on the Wall”

The Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 Will
Pass Over 7 US Cities Named ‘Nineveh’

And this is happening after the previous “the Seven Salem Eclipse” in 2017

Have you heard of the “the Seven Salem Eclipse”?

April 2024

It’s of paramount importance to understand that The Powers That Be know full well what is about to transpire.  They always have an advance notice on many of the most impactive events to hit the planet because of their routine utilization of astrology, numerology, alchemy, geomancy, divination and all the other occult arts and sciences.

TPTB always seeks to gain advantage with these Ordo ab Chao events by somehow hijacking them altogether, or by using them them to further exert even more command and control over the world community of nations.

For instance, the astrologers servicing the power elite are well aware that the  “Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will have a very negative influence” regarding international affairs at this time lasting until April 22nd.  A lightworker astrologer also predicts some serious “violence, aggression and war, etc. during that time period (Saturn/Mars conjunction) with the Moon in Leo opposite Mars/Saturn probably triggering the most earth-shaking events”.

Let’s not forget that the cryovolcanic horned “Mother of Dragons” comet is now visible from Earth.  And that its name is the DEVIL COMET.  And, that it will be quite visible until it reaches perihelion on April 21.  How’s that for a cosmic coincidence this April.


On top of all of this we see the dark side firing things up at both CERN and NASA.

Really, why is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN commencing with a HUGE experiment on April 8th—a day that no one should be undertaking any risky endeavors of any kind.

CERN Will Test Powerful Particle Accelerator
During Upcoming Solar Eclipse in April

Also, Why is NASA firing rockets into the 8 April 2024 solar eclipse?

The crossing of the 2 solar eclipse paths

The above graphic depicts a very interesting convergence which cannot be ignored.

To be continued over the course of the next few days —

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
State of the Nation
April 1, 2024

Matthew’s Message from March 11, 2024

If any period could be considered majorly dramatic insofar as the world being turned upside down to shake out the dark elements, it is the period on your near horizon. In concert with mind-stunning revelations, energy surges will be activating ancient portals and anchoring them as interstellar beacons.

The unusual activity that volunteers will welcome and find energizing will be confusing and frightening to Earth’s peoples. As truths come forth in months ahead, both believers and nonbelievers will need to be steadied.


When NASA wants everyone in the USA to watch the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse, you know that you probably shouldn’t be viewing it!

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