Are you the smartest guy in the room if you believe this whole border situation is a fraud?

January 31, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source: jonrappoport


Do you want a gold star to paste on your forehead?

I know there are people out there who believe there is no way out of the mess we’re in, as a nation. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it, no matter what.

So the border standoff between the feds and the states looks, to them, like another con, another piece of The Plan to cause more chaos. To chew the country to pieces.

They’d bet the farm that the border crisis will never be solved. The flood of illegal migrants will never end.

For these “smartest guys in the room,” whenever the whisper of any positive hope arises—they immediately jump on it and crush it.

I’m not one of those people. I want to exploit any situation that offers a glint of light. I want to introduce and insert more than a glint. I want to find a way to wake people up to actual possibilities.

I don’t care how long the odds are against us.

If this hadn’t been my approach all these years, I would have quit writing a long time ago. And I would be dead.

I don’t care if the current standoff is basically a play by Trump advisors for votes in 2024.

There ARE Constitutional issues involved. I just posted a piece about that. An INVASION of America (e.g., the flood of immigrants) does require the federal government to protect the states; and the states have a right to defend themselves.

Are we supposed to shut our eyes and minds to that? Are we supposed to say it makes no difference—we should all lie down and let the invasion continue?

I keep republishing the catastrophic numbers on the amount of fentanyl that has been brought up through the border and the potential death count from the drug. I know that if readers spread that report far and wide, it can catch on—and then people will see a great deal more about the invasion than they do now. All sorts of people will see.

If someone believes “nothing can be done” and then assists and aids that belief BY DOING NOTHING, he contributes a bit toward making his belief come true.

He’s making a perverse bet. One that has no chance of a positive payoff.

I don’t make those bets. I would never write articles that defend those bets. It would be a total waste of time. I would be making a decidedly bad contribution.

I KNOW the fix is in, many times, in many instances. But there is no eternal fix that lasts forever. I guarantee that.

If you want proof, read history. There have been many times when people have been in thrall, in a condition of solid slavery, with no hope on the horizon—and through a chain of events, they’ve fought their way out of slavery—and freedom has advanced. Although it seemed impossible.

If you don’t think we’re better off now than serfs were in the medieval period, you need a new brain.

I don’t care what motives 25 Governors have for giving support to Governor Abbott in Texas at the moment. I know some degree of decentralization of power is possible. I also know Biden’s string pullers are trying to calculate the effects and blowback, if Biden orders federal troops to invade Texas. What would be the effects on the 2024 election? They can see trouble ahead. Good.

Apparently, there is a truck convoy from many states preparing to leave soon for Texas, to show very visible support for defending Texas against the migrant invasion. Good.

Under public pressure from patriots, some politician might stand up and say now is the time to declare the Mexican cartels terrorist groups. And then other pols might join in. Good.

What’s going on right now is an open situation, even if the fix is in. There are possibilities, if people step forward.

The Constitution was written and ratified and amended with the understanding that powers were reserved for the states. Legitimate powers that are called for at this very moment.

Don’t waste the moment.

Don’t succumb to “the smartest people” who offer zero hope.

I’m not calling for a shooting war between the federal government and the states. Get that straight. But because that might happen…are we supposed to back away and do nothing? That’s the answer?

We’re supposed to inject as much sanity as we can into what’s unfolding now. We’re supposed to do everything we can—regardless of the odds—to help shut down the border and stop the invasion of criminals and cartels and drugs—

An invasion which IS an undeclared purposeful war against the United States.