“One Of The Most Brilliant Explanations Of The Modern World”: Russell Brand Sits With Tucker Carlson For Explosive Interview

January 31, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge

WEDNESDAY, JAN 31, 2024 – 09:45 AM

Russell Brand flew too close to the sun, it would seem. Just as the popular British comedian was gaining massive attention for confronting global authoritarianism, he was hit with an onslaught of sexual allegations by anonymous accusers, which were amplified throughout the mainstream media.

Brand, known for his left-leaning ideology, articulate critique of the war in Ukraine, and the history of NATO leading up to said war, drew a clandestine ‘shadow campaign’ against him, which according to Tucker Carlson, “began with governments, not private organizations, but governments, their Intel services and their policy makers.” Brand was even attacked “as a Chinese propagandist” for his views on Ukraine.

I’ve never been to China. I don’t purport to understand China, certainly don’t advocate for Chinese policy,” Brand told Carlson, who suggested that the ‘Chinese propagandist’ allegations were nothing more than “the early seeds of a very deceptive plant that flowered more than a year later, in September, when you were accused of these crimes,” referring to the sexual assault allegations.

“You were making kind of a remarkable case against the Ukrainian people and certainly not in favor of Russia,” Carlson noted, to which Brand replied: “All we’ve essentially done is listen to brilliant academics talking about the history of NATO and the coup in 2014, in Ukraine, and Putin’s explicit declaration that he would prefer, let’s put it mildly, that Ukraine were not invited into NATO, the sum of the regional disputes, how they’re escalating tensions. This is information that, because of independent media, is available.

Brand was also attacked after Moderna ‘tracked his content’ during the pandemic, and thinks that we’re at a major inflection point for independent voices.

It seems to me ridiculously grandiose to even imagine that I would stir and arouse the interests of such powerful agencies and groups that the British government, if indirectly, would spend considerable sums on observing and amplifying content. That true information shared through our platforms in the period of the pandemic was censored, was cited as high risk that companies like Moderna had spent considerable revenue tracking our content and agenda, amplifying it. That Dame Caroline Diana, whose husband is a psyops expert that worked abroad in terrorism before deploying those methods and techniques, and to some degree, those teams to observe what they called disinformation and misinformation in the UK. I recognize that the new emergent media spaces present a lot of possibilities.

I’m not sure if anybody could be sure of where this is all heading, what the exact teleology is. But it seems to be to do with mass centralization, globalization, significant attempts to control the information space that are so rigorously adhered to and protected that even what you might imagine to be a marginal voice is considered a significant enough threat to warrant coordinated media attacks, expenditure on peculiar, clandestine non-government organizations, and think tanks that take their money from the military industrial complex, from the legacy media who, by the way, when they critique critiquing independent media, they got skin in the game.

Brand also acknowledges that he put himself in an “extremely vulnerable position by being very, very promiscuous,” adding “And as you have actually said, we all know how this ends. Attacks like this, a crisis like this. Hurtful though it is to be accused of what I consider to be the most appalling crimes to be accused of.”

How can you live in the ridiculousness of their version of events? I couldn’t have been more open and public about the way that I lived when I was younger. I was promiscuous. If anyone wanted to have sex with me, I’d have sex with them. I publicly announced it at the beginning of all shows.

Authoritarianism and the Uniparty

Brand described what he said was “rapidly escalating” authoritarianism and “totalitarian” tactics by information gatekeepers to ‘de-amplify’ him.

This seems totalitarian. To control what people are allowed to think – I think that’s the definition of it,” said Carlson, to which Brand agreed, arguing that the ‘uniparty’ is in lockstep against the free flow of information.

They’re not really pretending. Like, here’s a sort of an extraordinary thing that appears to be playing out. In addition to just being casually informed by the legacy media that we’re on the precipice of war with Russia, and that conscription might be reintroduced in 2024. The there was a there was a Covid inquiry in our country, which, by the way, I don’t imagine for a second would have happened without independent media reporting, without voices like Jay Bhattacharya, who was shut down, or voices like Michael Shellenberger or Berenson, people that have been shut down and vilified at large and extensively. The Covid inquiries already cost 245 million pounds, is being booted off and delayed indefinitely. But at least until after the general election, like many countries, there’s an election in our country this year, but as usual, it’s between two neo liberal what you might term centrist parties that are ultimately dominated and controlled by the same concerns, where an extraordinary focus is spent on the tiny minute differences. But it’s the party nominally of the left is ultimately a centralist, neo liberal party. The party, nominally of the right, is a neo liberal, centralist party. They may quibble about some issues that seem significant, and certainly those issues are stoked and amplified. But neither party will say we are going to have a thorough investigation into what went on in that pandemic. That clearly was a lab leak. It looks like it was a bioweapon. It’s being concealed.

Asking the right questions

Carlson noted that while major media organizations may not seem interested in pursuing serious questions about deadly world conflicts, to which Brand said that he’s simply asking questions that a normal person would ask after educating himself “by listening to more educated voices than my own.”

“So forgive my ignorance. I don’t know much about British politics, but the way that one might intuit, hey, should we not be provoking Russia into a war zone?” Brand replied. “They have nuclear weapons. Should we think very carefully about that? I mean, how much do we want Ukraine in NATO? Do we even need NATO? Anyway? The kind of things you might think if you didn’t go to university, you’re a regular blue collar person working for a living, maybe in the police force or the fire service, or as a nurse or as a teacher, something that gives real value to your nation, the kind of things you might think they’re true.”

Brand then noted that society is distracted by design, saying “Those ideas are true. And in order to prevent you from reaching those ordinary, everyday regulations, a machine is put to constant work to conquer the space of your attention, incessantly and relentlessly filling your mind with dumb ideas and dumb distractions, making you believe there’s a dash, some sugar, or a screen might be a convenient palliative as your children are marched off into an unwinnable forever war.”

Freedom in exchange for safety

Brand also opined on MSM propaganda and fear campaigns, noting that authoritarianism is now “deliberately veiled in the insidious language of care, concern, safety, and convenience,” and that “We’re in a time where we lurch from one crisis to another.”

“The crisis is always used to legitimize certain solutions and a docile or terrified public is willingly to participate in this proposed solutions that usually involve giving up their freedom,” Brand said, adding “We’re continually being invited to give up our freedom in exchange for safety or convenience and it seems that this process is radically escalating. And I feel that this is something that we will see more of in the coming year. I feel like you’ve spoken publicly about this – that we’re potentially on the precipice of serious, and to use your term ‘a hot war with Russia.’ And that’s being reported on in my country right now – it’s like we’re being prepped, groomed, primed for ‘war is coming.”

We’re being kept in a state of constant anxiety in order to induce compliance,” Brand continued. “That the ongoing stoking of cultural tension is to ensure that people don’t begin to recognize that actually we have far more in common with one another than we do with these curious sets of the establishment interests that seems to be transcendent of national democracy. To be explicit, I’m talking about organizations like the WHO, NATO, the WEF and their astonishing influence.”

“These think tanks, and apparently independent organizations, who are not independent when you look at where they get their money – Big Pharma, or the government, or the military-industrial complex. Or the kind of people they employ – people from Deep State agencies, such as the FBI and CIA – that have extraordinary affinity with the legacy media and their ongoing agenda.”

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