Article V Convention: Beware Treacherous RINO’s

March 6, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy

March 6, 2023

Efforts to flush the U.S. Constitution down the toilet by convening an Article V Convention of the States has been around a long time.  Back in 1993 (could have been ’94), I became acquainted with a constitutional warrior, Jackie Patru.  Boy, did she enlighten me on what was going on regarding the push for a ‘Con-Con’ out in Philadelphia. I had no idea as I was only a few years into my journey of seeking the truth.

Back then there was no Internet, just land line phones, fax machines, newsletters and word of mouth to warn the American people about what was taking place as we carried on with living, raising kids and everyday challenges.

On Jackie’s web site, Constitutional Convention & Conference of States: “While reformatting this report for our website, re-reading and remembering the chain of events, it is clear that we were divinely led to victory. It happened then.  It can happen again, for with God all things are possible.

“The Texas resolution was the only one which admitted the COS delegates intended to call for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con). It laid for three weeks in a pile of other papers and was nearly filed away with the others when we noticed the changed format of the first page. The rest is history.  — Jackie

Conference of States to call for a Constitutional Convention

“To understand the intricacies of the planned COS / Con-Con in 1995 read the following report which was featured as a 4-page center pullout section of the August, ’95 issue of the CDR Newsletter. Outdated info, i.e. addresses, phone / fax numbers, etc deleted.

“We experienced a chain of miracles in our efforts to expose the plan for what it was… A back door attempt to a Constitutional Convention to be held in ‘historic Philadelphia’ on October 24th, coincidental with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ratification by the U.S. Senate of the United Nations Charter. You will plainly see the interlink between the ‘conservative’ leadership and the global elite. Our heavenly Father is Awesome!”  — Jackie

That is a VERY important read and not too long.  Please do take the time to read it.

That was way back then.  In 2017, our governor, Greg Abbott gushed: “Today marks an important step toward restraining a runaway federal government and returning power back to the states and their respective citizens as our Founders intended.

“The Texas Legislature has heard and responded to the voices of those they represent, and I applaud the efforts of the Texas House to pass this important resolution. A call for a Convention of States reinforces Texas’ status as a champion of limited government and individual freedom, and I want to thank Reps. Rick Miller, Phil King, Drew Darby, Andy Murr, Chris Paddie, Larry Gonzales and Ken King for their work and commitment in passing this resolution.”

What hooey.  A CON-CON isn’t going restrain runaway spending by BOTH parties – not as long as they can continue borrowing from the “Fed” as the ravenous mobs demand even more “free”.  Of course, my state rep. Do Nothing Drew Darby voted for it.  Abbott: “The Texas Legislature has heard and responded to the voices of those they represent.”  Balderdash.  How many adult aged Texans even know about a Convention of States?

Our Senate, and pushed by Sen. Birdwell also passed the resolution.  We have a new state senator in my district.  I’ve already written to him about that trap and intend to keep informing him when this session ends. The problem here in Texas is the size of the state makes it difficult for most of us to get to the capitol and people taking time off from work.  When I lived in Sacramento, I was only ten minutes away from our state capitol.  Now, it’s a six- hour drive, hotel, gas, meals and boarding my doggies since I’m a widow.  Not something I am able to do anymore.

The other problem is our legislature is only in session every other odd year for 140 days.  When this session ends in May, they don’t come back until Jan. 2025.  A special session can be called and might happen this time around.  So far, 4,562 bills have been filed for this session of my state legislature; the cut-off date for filing is March 10th.  How absurd.  Democrats have been busy filing a ton of bills hoping to run out the clock and maybe get some passed with the help of our GOP Speaker of the House.

Delegate Selection, Representation Problems, and the Difficulties of an Article V Convention, Law & Courts:  “Article V of the U.S. Constitution describes two processes for amending the Constitution. The first method gives Congress the power to propose an amendment with two-thirds support in both the House and the Senate. Once proposed, an amendment requires ratification by three fourths of state legislatures (38 of 50) to take effect. All twenty-seven amendments to the U.S. Constitution have followed this first path. The second method allows two thirds of state legislatures (34 of 50) to instruct Congress to call for a constitutional convention for proposing amendments.

Who Chooses Delegates to a Convention?

“It is not clear who would select the delegates to a convention. State legislatures may assume they would select the delegates, as some states’ current Article V bills suggest. However, some argue that the Constitution leaves such matters to Congress. After all, Article V leaves it to Congress to “call a convention for proposing amendments” once two-thirds of state legislatures have applied for a convention. The Constitution could have stipulated that a convention is automatically triggered once two-thirds of state legislators request one, but instead it provides a role for Congress. While it is unclear what this role entails, one could argue that when Congress calls the convention, it should also have the power to define the rules, including the selection of delegates.”

One of the biggest dangers holding a CON-CON is the number of RINO’s (closet or out in the open) serving in our state legislatures and Congress.  Last year at the GOP state convention, delegates laid out top priority for this session.  Spitting in the wind.  Once again, our state reps voted back in one of the worst Benedict Arnold’s to serve as Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan.  Of course, Do Nothing Darby voted for him.  Only three of our state reps voted against him.  And what a disaster it’s been.

One of the major priorities from the state convention:  No more appointing Democrats to chair committees.  What?  Yep, in the last session Phelan appointed 13 far left Demonrats to head committees when our legislature is GOP majority in both chambers!  This session, he chopped it down to nine far left Demonrats.  Ever hear of “killed or died in committee”?

And what is one of their priorities – and Phelan’s?  Removing sales tax on women’s hygiene products.  Yep.  The people of Texas are really worried women have to pay a small sales tax for tampons!  We have no state income tax.  Phelan has kicked Texas’ grassroots square in the face with one woman commenting:  Why vote in Republicans as a majority only to appoint Democrats as committee chairs?

State sales tax here in Texas on all retail sales:  6.25 percent.  A woman can purchase a package of 45 tampons at China Mart aka Walmart for about $11.00.  Sales tax:  $.69.  If she had to purchase 12 packages in one year the total sales tax (could vary a bit on price per package) for a year:  $8.28.

So, how much is that monthly plan for your $400-$700 or more, ‘Smart’ phone or IPhone you walk around with glued to your ear?  How much is a cocktail, beer or wine in a bar or restaurant?  $8.28 in a year, though, is too much to handle.  Not too much for one Subway sandwich or Big Mac and fries.  Of course, it’s idiocy but the bill’s sponsor is another empty-headed Democrat trolling for the “women’s vote”.

Texas Scorecard:  “As the legislative session in Austin continues, a divide is beginning to emerge between the Texas House and the Texas Senate.  The Texas Senate, so far this session, has been quicker than the House. For example, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced committee assignments on January 23. House Speaker Dade Phelan, meanwhile, waited until February 8.

“Once committees were assigned the Senate, they got to work hearing priority bills—such as election integrity—with haste. The House, meanwhile, has not heard any legislation in committee as of yet.

“The schism has shown itself on priorities, too. Patrick has announced 30 priorities for the Senate, with many of them overlapping with the priorities of the Texas GOP and Gov. Greg Abbott. Phelan’s priorities, however, haven’t had any overlap and have included issues such as expanding Medicaid, corporate welfare, and removing the sales tax on tampons.”

With only 140 days in the session, our Speaker of the House waits until February 8th to assign committee seats.  They were all sworn into office on Jan. 10th.  Totally inexcusable.  I subscribe to the Texas Minute, a daily running update on what’s going on in our legislature, with the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General:  “Paxton Sues Biden Over $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill.”  Here Are The 18 Senate Republicans Who Voted For $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill:

“The earmarked items in the spending package include a minimum of $575 million towards “family planning” and “reproductive health,” including in areas where population growth “threatens biodiversity;” the creation of a new “pandemic czar;” $1.2 million for centers that support LGBTQ students at San Diego Community College District; $3 million towards the New York Historical Society’s “American LGBTQ+ Museum Partnership Project” and $750,000 to the Translatin@ Coalition.”

And now Republicans in Congress are bitching about Democrats spending money that doesn’t exist?  Sure, it makes for good sound bites in next year’s primaries.  Every single one of those listed above is UNCONSTITUTIONAL while OUR military families are using food stamps.  Congress has no legislative authority, period.  Every penny will be borrowed from the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve which we are raped to pay interest on the debt right along with me paying for “supporting” sexual deviants.

Going back to my state legislature.  It’s been a disaster with Phelan and his cohorts since Jan. 10th.  RINO’s.  Now, you think our legislature is the only one with RINO’s?  Oh, think again.  I get emails from all around the country from Americans who are monitoring bills in their state legislature.  All are sickened and disgusted their GOP state rep or senator support Democrats (the old “bi-partisan’ BS) or weasel out of voting for a bill while still claiming to be “conservative”.  Refusing to introduce bills to cure the cancer while moving forward “social justice” and other victimhood bills to the head of the line.  We all know RINO’s in Congress like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, slimy Lindsay Graham and the list goes on.

Get on your state and federal reps and senators email list.  They send out updates on a regular basis – most of them, but not all.  I know, time is our enemy but tens of millions out there never lift a finger, never make a phone call, never do anything to save this country.  So it’s up to us but we have to fight smart (relax FBI) and that means sacrificing time.  There are many excellent organizations in all the states who do monitor and lobby against bills.  Find them in your state so you know what’s happening.

I know there are those who believe the John Birch Society is some sort of Trojan Horse but I disagree.  They do a very good job with helping Americans get activated and how to fight back successfully.  Click on the section Action Projects at the top.  Click on Freedom Index.  You can find out in your state what your reps or senators voted for – they made it easy.  This is a very good short video:  How to Create Positive Change in 2023 – Watch it.

I’ll say this again as I have over the decades:  I’ve met more wonderful Americans being an activist than I can count.  Some have become dear friends.  We all have one common goal:  Save this republic.   In the video above, he is absolutely right about building a team.  You are not alone.  Other things can wait but the evil being pushed on us is in hyper-speed.  Our domestic enemies fear Americans coming together and doing what Robert Owens outlines in that video.  Talk is cheap.  Action requires warriors.

Subscribe and get their Legislative alerts.  One of my dear friends who lives in Virginia told me several years ago when he called his state rep’s office about a bill, he was told only six others had called about that bill.  And you wonder how they’re getting away with it – just like city councils and county commissioners?

Listen up Mark Levin (who wrote an instant big time best seller book promoting a CON-CON):  Our state legislatures, blue or red states and Congress are infested with RINO’s and closet RINO’s who have power.  Whether it be state delegates or members of Congress, let’s get them together for a Convention of States and what do you think will happen? 

This is what your state rep and senator needs to know and then hammer on them to get your state legislature to withdraw from the CON-CON resolution – not all states have passed one.  Organizations pushing for a CON-CON are on speed dial, relentless.  We have to stop them once and for all.

All by Joanna Martin, J.D. (Publius Huldah) – You should also get on her email list as she sends out alerts for states considering or voting for a CON-Con.  There’s a massive effort underway to get that convention assembled. Her email address is at the bottom of her columns.

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