As Flood of Online Child Pornography Grows – Feds, Tech Giants, Do Nothing

February 1, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


The root of the problem can be traced back to the twin poisons of liberal ideology (paraphilia and individualism) and corruption. The National Center of Missing & Exploited Children has been compromised by bribes from big tech companies, according to a statement given by their Canadian counterparts to the Times.

 Google, Facebook, etc do not see the 4,400% increase in child pornography on the internet in the last five years, much of it enabled by their platforms, as that big of a deal. On the other hand, they also know that there is still a taboo against it in America (for now) so they pay watchdogs to avoid emphasizing their role in this controversy.

A recent New York Times investigation found that images of child sexual abuse available on the internet has risen from 1 million in 2014 to 45 million today. Tips and reports to law enforcement have exploded during this time period, yet arrests have remained stagnant.

The federal government’s reaction? To jack off.

Thanks to overzealous prosecutors, many dismiss this record explosion in disgusting content as teenagers sexting over social media.

In truth, the FBI wing in charge of investigating this material is so overwhelmed that they are reportedly now only bothering to look into cases of infants and toddlers being raped and tormented.

The Department of Homeland Security – currently embarking on an Anti-Defamation League directed venture to police legal nationalist speech – only dedicates 10% of its resources towards protecting children from this kind of abuse. The FBI claims that it doesn’t have enough resources to tackle this problem even though they seem to have plenty of time and money to invent white “terrorists” from whole cloth.

The government has all the tools needed to wipe out this epidemic, political will is what they lack.