Assad Blasts Illegal Western Intervention in Syria

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2015-12-06 12:02:12 by Stephen Lendman

Interviewed by The (UK) Sunday Times, he accused Western countries no “will to fight terrorism. We know from the very beginning that Britain and France were the spearheads in supporting the terrorists in Syria, from the very beginning of the conflict” Obama launched.

Foreign intervention is only legal in cooperation with the Syrian government or if authorized by Security Council members. Western nations “don’t have the will, and they don’t have the vision on how to defeat terrorism.”

Examine reality on the ground, Assad stressed. Since US-led coalition nations began operations last year, “ISIS and al-Nusra and other like-minded organizations or groups, were expanding, expanding freely. What was the situation after the Russians participated in fighting terrorism directly? ISIS and al-Nusra started shrinking.”

Clear facts speak for themselves. The agenda of Russia and Western nations are polar opposite. The West, led by America “helped in the rise of ISIS and al-Nusra in this region.” Moscow alone among world powers aims to defeat them.

All anti-government forces in Syria are Western-supported terrorists. “Where are the 70,000 moderates” David Cameron claims exist. “This is a farce…The Russians (asked) where are those moderates? No one gave them an answer.”

Since conflict began in March 2011, “there were no moderate militants in Syria. All of them were (and remain) extremists” – terrorists vital to defeat and eliminate.

Kurdish forces work with Syria’s army. “(W)e have the documents (showing) we (trained) and sent them armaments…to fight terrorism. We do the same with many other groups in Syria, because you cannot send the army to every part of Syria. So, it is not only the Kurds. Many other Syrians are doing the same.”

“(E)arly elections have nothing to do with ending the conflict. This can only happen by fighting terrorists and ceasing Western and regional support for terrorists.”

“Early elections will only be held as part of a comprehensive dialogue about future by the political powers and the civil society groups in Syria.”

Assad stressed Syrians alone will decide who’ll lead them, not foreign powers. This is fundamental under international law.

ISIS and other terrorist groups can only be defeated by “airstrikes…cooperat(ing) with forces on the ground,” the way Syria and Russia are jointly operating.

“Whoever wants to join us is welcome” Assad stressed. US-led Western nations want their will imposed. The vast majority of Syrians oppose them. “They have no respect for international law, and we didn’t ask for their cooperation.”

Without their support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, they can be defeated in “a matter of months…” They have “unlimited” Western and regional backing, making “the situation…more complicated and harder to resolve.”

“This means our mission will be achieved at a much higher price, which will ultimately be paid by Syrians.” Russia’s role is indispensable. It’s made a major impact – politically, economically and militarily.

They’re involved to protect the region and their homeland. “I am not exaggerating by saying they are (also) protecting Europe.”

Assad stressed his main objectives are defeating terrorism, resolving the conflict diplomatically and restoring peace. He’s open to discussions “with every peaceful opposition party” seeking the same aims.

He’s a legitimate leader, no dictator the way the West portrays him. His overwhelming popularity speaks for itself. Independent polls when conducted prove it.

Responsibility for nearly five years of conflict and unspeakable carnage lies in Washington – one of many high crimes on Obama’s blood-drenched rap sheet.

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