August 13th, 2019 Epstein’s Teneo Connects All The Dots To Uranium One

August 13, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Video Source: George Webb | YouTube

[commentary via listener email]

George Webb informs us that there is so much more to Jeffrey Epstein than a child sex trafficking ring and a major blackmailing operation.

Today, he teaches us about the connection between Jeff Epstein, the State Department and Teneo, a private intelligence contractor, co-founded in 2011 by Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s body man during his presidency, who Webb says “was the key guy who was doing pay-to-play deals during that time.”

Webb says Epstein was involved on the logistics end in their scheme, which took information from the State Department, with all of its covert actions happening around the world and that privatized this information for private gain. He says the main conduit for this was Teneo, where Huma Abedin also worked. The information was transferred to Huma’s husband, Anthony Weiner and to Jeff Epstein.

Huma Abedin, as everyone knows was Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman for nearly all of her adult life, including while Hillary was the head of the State Department. Webb claims Huma and Hillary would step outside of their SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) during coffee breaks and walk down to the parking lot, where Anthony Weiner – or somebody, maybe Imran Awan – would be there to sync their Blackberry mobile phones together.

“That’s basically what James Comey confirmed, that the syncing of the Blackberries to each other was how [Hillary Clinton’s] emails got onto Anthony Weiner’s laptop,” he says.

“Every time Teneo does something in terms of overseas mining, for instance, they don’t want any footprints. If Mark Rich is going to take advantage of some information, let’s say about uranium in the Congo, we don’t want to associate that with anybody at the State Department. You want to keep zero-footprint, you want Jeff flying people back and forth, whether it’s weapons, whether it’s different diplomats, etc. but you want zero footprints.

“So, Jeff Epstein basically was the way of zeroing out the footprint for Teneo. As I said, whether that meant drugs going in one direction or weapons in another or whether it was Mujahideen, etc. and the key way they used to cover this contraband or ratline traffic was through the use of diplomatic passports and diplomatic immunity. You can see Doug Band several times in his email talking about ‘Can we get a few more dip passports for our trip to Africa?’

Teneo created a subsidiary called TENEX (Techsnabexport), a joint venture with Russia that is the foreign trade company for

Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear energy company and one of the world’s leaders in that industry. TENEX became the leading supplier of Russian uranium to the global market, providing uranium enrichment services to over one third of the world’s Western-style nuclear reactors.

Webb describes TENEX as “Basically, ex-KGB agents who now have moved into the energy business…you’re taking information or companies in the United States that might be involved with the Manhattan Project; let’s say different companies involved in the uranium nuclear chain, fuel cycle chain and moving them or taking companies that were involved in the fuel cycle chain in Russia and moving them to third-party locations that you control, whether it be Iran or UAE or some other place, where you can privatize basically the investment that either Russia or the United States has made in these very, very expensive technologies.

“Mainly around this uranium or sometimes plutonium, as well these materials, which can create submarines that can go under water, all the way around the world. They can power nuclear satellites that never go dark, etc.; key technologies that are are differentiators. You can make small, portable nuclear power plants for backup power for key infrastructure, as well as military installations, etc.

“That’s the focus of TENEX, of this joint venture between the Clinton Foundation and these, what we know of as ‘Russian oligarchs’ but really, they came from either a combination of organized crime in the Ukraine area or the combination with ex-KGB, the heads of these organizations. This is the one that Jeff Epstein really focused on.

Webb shows us a video from two years ago when he went on location to the Teneo offices and discovered their cut-out, Transport Logistics, TLI.

“This was the trucking company that was involved in shipping all of this uranium to… TENEX, which he reminds us was the creation of these ex-Soviet Union/KGB guys and the people at Teneo – and the Clinton Foundation.”

Webb says TLI key to the Uranium One story, in which Hillary facilitated the sale of 20% of US uranium production to ROSATOM and it’s “Key to the Mueller cover-up.”