Australia, NSW are going to herd 24,000 children into a stadium to inject them with “vaccines”

August 17, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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No point in vaccinating young as they have a near zero chance of dying from covid. But there is a great risk that the vaxxes will kill them.

I am glad that I decided to never emigrate to Australia.




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But there is a great risk that the vaxxes will kill them.

Maybe that’s the point, Horse. I sure as hell don’t understand the point though. I saw some headlines this morning that NSW was going back into lockdown because of ONE new case. My God, what is happening to the world?

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And when 1000 children DIE, maybe the aussies will realize that they are truly screwed as a people if they allow that to stand unanswered for.

If 24K kids die, that will hopefully topple the government.

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