Betcha Haven’t Heard…. The Swiss People’s Party Wins Again!

November 4, 2023 in News by RBN Staff



The Swiss People’s Party just racked up another big electoral victory last week. That makes ~ 23 consecutive years of Swiss People’s Party victories.
We don’t hear a lot about Swiss Politics in the “American” (yeah right) media – certainly nothing on post Tucker Carlson Fox News or in J Neo Con monopolized Conservative Inc.
The BIG SECRET of the Swiss People’ Party success (and our failure) is the SPP tells regular Swiss Voters what they want to hear:
The SPP promised and delivered strict immigration laws & policies. That means:
1) No Islamic terrorism, no Pakistani sexual grooming gangs in Switzerland.

2) No Black or Algerian Arabs riots, looting disguised as “protests” against racism and police misconduct.
During the Arab/Black Muslim riots this year in France, some Arabs tried to cross over to the Swiss French Canton to riot and loot. The SPP Swiss government met the Arab rioters with tanks and quickly put down the riot, expelled the Arab invaders back to France.

3) Switzerland has an all volunteer military – one that so many American Constitutionalists can only dream about. In Switzerland it’s no dream. And nobody in the ruling SPP Swiss government is sending the Swiss all volunteer army to “Stand with Israel” as the IDF prepares a land invasion of the Gaza Strip with the Israeli Defense Minister promising a Dresden Germany type mass slaughter of Palestinian Arab civilians. That’s another No.

So the Swiss People’s Party won another overwhelming election victory by giving Swiss voters want they wanted – easy to understand, practical things like patriotic immigration, a “Swiss First”, neutrality foreign policy, a safe prosperous Switzerland that respects Swiss history, Swiss culture and the historic Swiss people – hence the name “The Swiss People’s Party”.
This sensible, successful SPP program seems like it would work rather well in so many parts of our country, North America, the Anglo Sphere places where our people live. But… they call our corrupt two parties – “the Evil Party and the Stupid Party” and in bad times like now with another horrible J war in the middle east looming and our country being invaded by ~ 15,000 diseased, criminal migrant Orcs everyday – our two parties get together form some bi-partisan foreign and domestic policies that are both:

Really evil and really stupid.