Biden’s FEMA Workers Staying In $1K/Night Rooms, Maui Families Get $700 One Time [VIDEO]

August 24, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Red Voice Media

Turning a devastating tragedy into a vacation?

In a recent shocking revelation, it appears that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) officials booked themselves into five-star luxury resorts in Hawaii. This occurrence has drawn widespread criticism from taxpayers and watchdog groups.

The news was first brought to light by Fox News’s Jesse Watters, who detailed how FEMA officials had opted to stay at high-end resorts while conducting business in Hawaii. These accommodations, known for their extravagant amenities and steep price tags, are a far cry from what might be considered appropriate lodging for government employees on duty.

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The reports suggest that FEMA officials were in Hawaii to oversee projects related to natural disaster preparedness and response. While their mission is undoubtedly crucial, the decision to stay in such luxurious surroundings has raised eyebrows and concerns about fiscal responsibility.

Critics argue that the choice of upscale accommodations sends the wrong message, particularly when many Americans struggle financially. The lavish spending on accommodations is seen as indicative of a broader issue with government waste and a lack of oversight.