Bloody Passover In Ukraine

February 17, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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February 13 2022

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  1. Bloody Passover In Ukraine

    Why do Jews often use the word “bloody” in their war cries?Here’s a yiddila—Nick Schifrin head of PBS foreign affairs—who tweeted that “Putin has decided to invade Ukraine with a ‘bloody’ campaign.”Do you remember “F the EU” Victoria Nuland at State that vicious Jew? [Clip]

    [”I don’t think Klitch should go into the government. I don’t think it’s necessary. I don’t think it’s a good idea.” “Yeah, no, I think that’s right. Okay, good.” “One more wrinkle for you Geoff.” “Yeah?” “Ah, I can’t remember if I told you this or if I only told Washington this but when I talked with Jeff Feltman at the UN this morning he had a new name for the UN guy – Robert Serry. Did I write you that this morning?” “Yeah, I saw that.” “He’s now gotten both Serry and Ban Ki-Moon to agree that Serry could come in Monday or Tuesday.” “Okay.” “So that would be great I think to help glue this thing and to have the UN help glue it. And, you know, fuck the EU.”]

    Get in the way of a Jew bitch’s blood lust?

    The “F-U’s” will gust.

    Like the Yid Schifrin, kikish Nuland, (born “Nudelman”), has the same ‘blood lust’ on her Christ-killing head. [Clip]

    [”Can you put in perspective what the strategy is here, for President Biden has said he’s not sending combat troops to Ukraine. He’s talking about moving potentially a small number of troops into allied countries in the region. Is this about containing the threat to becoming a regional war?” “What we’ve been doing is first giving Ukraine the kind of defensive lethal equipment that they need in order to make this, if Russia makes that big mistake and moves in, a very bloody fight.”]

    Why does Nudelman relish a “bloody” fight?

    What is this Jewish fascination with blood?

    Well, the Jews did call for the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ in demanding Pontius Pilate to crucify Him.

    Not only this.

    The Jews invoked the blood of Christ’s murder to be upon their childrens’ heads for all generations to come.

    This is the “Deicidal Curse” that’s pressed upon every Jew’s forehead that compels a lust for murder and blood.

    “Bloody Passover”—written by Israeli scholar Ariel Toaff, son of the chief rabbi of Rome—proves in his book that many Catholic children were killed by Jews in Europe between 1100 and 1500 AD.

    “Dried blood” of the murdered Catholic children was “used for baking matzah,” says Toaff, during the Jewish festival of Passover.

    Catholics ever since commemorated the ‘blood-cult’ killing of Simon of Trent.

    The boy was murdered by Jews at the age of three in 1475 AD so as to extract his blood for baking matzah.

    Toaff, in his book “Bloody Passover,” validates the murder of this Catholic Christian child.

    Not only this.

    Toaff confirms that European Jews during this period hankered for Catholic children’s blood for its “curative powers.”

    So “curative” that roaming Jewish merchants sold the “dried blood” of murdered Catholic children—with approval by rabbis, though forbidden by Moses—to countless blood-lusting Jews.

    There is always, for Jews, ways to get around the law.

    Thus for Victoria Nudelman and Nick Schifrin, ditching international law is a very Jewish thing to do.

    It’s the “blood” of Russians they now need in a brand new war.

    It would include the “blood” of Ukrainian, American, and European NATO soldiers, all Christian—that would have some kind of “curative power” for Jewry.

    First the rituals then the results, it puts the Jews on top.

    This obsession with “blood”—currently brought to life by Nudelman and Schifrin—is tied to the blood-letting of righteous Abel by the wicked Cain, extending all the way to the crucifixion of Messiah Jesus by the wicked Jews.

    “The blood of Abel cries to Me from the grave,” said God Almighty to Cain.

    “His blood be upon us and upon our children,” cried the wicked Jews to Pilate.

    Like an ingrained, embedded, rooted bad habit—sensual, physical, with Jewish visions of emissions of Christian blood—Jews like Nuland and Schifrin are chained to their ‘blood cult’ obsession.

    Jewish “blood ritual” is the center of US foreign policy.

    And at the head of that policy—I mean, a ‘Bloody Passover policy’—are:

    Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, and Wendy Sherman, all Jews, baking ‘policy matzah’ with Christian blood at the US Department of State.

    Added to the innocent blood shed in wars for the Jews of Iraqis, Palestinians, and Afghans, could soon, God forbid, be the blood of Russians, Ukrainians, Europeans, and Americans.

    Putin and Lavrov—both pious Orthodox Christians—need to recognize what underlies Jewish hatred of Russia.

    Only the dried “blood” of Orthodox Christian Russian soldiers will nourish the blood cult of yet another Bloody Passover.

    But there will never be enough dried blood for the Jews.

    There will always be another Bloody Passover.

    “Jewish blood” is not for baking matzah.

    “Christian blood” is the main ingredient, dried in the dust of theatres of war far from the shores of Jew-led America.

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