BREAKING: Barricades Added And Snipers On Roof At Maricopa County Tabulation Center! 🚨

November 11, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff




This is a breaking development just in…

Sheriff’s Deputies have surrounded the Maricopa County Tabulation Center.

Agents (snipers?) appear to be perched on the roof…

New barricades and fences have been suddenly erected…

Take a look:

Check out the roof, live picture from just a bit ago:

Penske trucks have also been seen coming and going from the building…

Gee, I wonder what’s in those?

Boxes and boxes of ballots?

Many videos have been posted showing Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling on horseback:

More Penske trucks:

And look at this:

Meanwhile, they just can’t quite seem to count the ballots they have…


Because 75% of them break for Kari Lake and she’ll have the win easy if they do:


Election officials say we won’t know results under “after the weekend” at the earliest:

Is that when enough Penske trucks have arrived?

Did Kari Lake win by such a massive margin that you need over a week of ballots delivered by Penske trucks?

Here is Kari Lake from 8 minutes ago:

Another interview here:

It appears Nevada may be trying to cheat too:



Because they know the Republicans are on the path to 52 Senate seats and they’re PANICKED!

Now, I’ll say one thing before I wrap this up that does encourage me.

I don’t like the Penske trucks, but I do like the fact that it’s Sheriffs involved here.

I have long said Sheriffs are one of the last lines of defense in America.

For the most part, these are good patriots and one of the last groups to be compromised and corrupted in America.

So I do hold out hope this may be a white hat operation.

Time will tell…

What do you think?

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And here was our latest report on the race, from a couple hours ago:

TOO CLOSE TO CALL: An Update On Kari Lake

The games have begun in Arizona…

We have been bringing you reports on the ‘printing error‘ in Maricopa County—a place that seems to be plagued by election ‘irregularities’ every time they hold an election.

To add to the growing circus, the Arizona Governor’s race is now “too close to call”, according to leading media outlets.

In other words, we still have no idea if Kari Lake, a leading anti-establishment figure, and one of the most closely watched political contenders in the country, has won her race and this is such a huge disappointment for all of us here.

Something tells me we are going to see massive issues with this—welcome to midterm week, perhaps a midterm month.

Here are the latest developments in this nail-biting contest:


The Epoch Times confirmed:

With over 77 percent of the votes counted as of 10:10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Hobbs led Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake by two-thirds of a percentage point, according to Decision Desk HQ.

“Wow. We’re going to win big. Stay tuned, Arizona!” Lake tweeted early on Wednesday afternoon, before the new batch of votes was reported.


Just 1 day ago, The Associated Press reported:

Hobbs and other Democrats told supporters they were encouraged by the early returns but warned a long slog of counting was ahead.

“I have every confidence that the counties administering this election conducted a free and fair election, and their results will be accurate,” Hobbs told supporters gathered in Phoenix. “But they will take time, so prepare for a long evening and a few more days of counting.”

Mail ballots returned Tuesday or shortly before were not yet reported and will be counted in the coming days.