Brian Stelter pushes back when Joe Rogan calls him a prostitute,’ claims he’s with ‘evil lizard people’

February 21, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Biz Pac Review

Viral podcaster Joe Rogan sat down with journalist Matt Taibbi and absolutely pulverized former CNN host Brian Stelter, mocking his speech and claiming he was “basically a prostitute” hanging out at the World Economic Forum (WEF) with “evil lizard people.”

(Video Credit: Daily dose of Joe)

The former host of “Reliable Sources” was given the boot last year as CNN CEO Chris Licht cleaned the network of dead wood. Now, he’s found a new home at Harvard University, according to the New York Post and subsequently covered last month’s World Economic Forum. The subject of the conclave was ironically “battling misinformation in the modern age.”

Predictably, Stelter buddied up with other WEF officials demanding even more censorship.

That prompted Rogan and Taibbi to let loose on Stelter during the latest episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

“[Stelter] looked very comfortable there, didn’t he?” Taibbi, a  left-leaning journalist who now works with Twitter CEO Elon Musk to expose media corruption, smilingly asked Rogan.

“He looked as happy as maybe he’s ever been,” Taibbi asserted.

“Course he does. He’s with evil lizard people. They’re trying to control the world. That’s his bosses. He knows how to handle that kind of situation.

(Video Credit: World Economic Forum)

“Well, he’s probably just very excited to be working again in any way, shape, or form. He’s not really a guy who’s supposed to be in front of a camera,” Rogan noted.

He’s supposed to be a journalist, but he’s not even good at that. So what he’s doing now is, he’s holding water for the evil leaders of the world who want to institute hate speech policies nationwide and centralized digital currencies, and they want everybody to eat bugs, and you will own nothing, and you will be happy,” he stated. “This is the f***ing people he’s working for now. He’s basically a prostitute.”

“They hired him to go over there and do that and he’s like, ‘What can do? What can we do better? What can we do different to get everybody to stand in line? What can we do?’ Rogan stated, mocking Stelter again.

Taibbi appeared surprised at how easily Stelter went along with the panel’s assessment that censorship is the answer to all our problems. He recalled a WEF speaker referring to “hate speech laws” and that she hoped it would become a trend that spreads across western culture.

“She touches the knee of somebody sitting next to her, and she says, ‘You’re gonna have that in America soon.’ And Brian Stelter is sitting there, grinning. That’s not offensive to him?” Taibbi incredulously asked. “Even though it’s completely antithetical to everything we believe in in this country.”

Rogan pointed out that Stelter doesn’t fit in at the World Economic Forum and that a real journalist should be there covering it.

“He’s not suitable for that role [at the WEF conference]. He doesn’t belong there … you want someone in that position who says, ‘hold on. What do you think is hate speech? What’s hate speech to you, and what’s hate speech to me, and who gets to decide?’” he remarked.

Stelter clapped back at Rogan’s criticism, “Joe Rogan got it all wrong, again. The World Economic Forum did not ‘hire’ me to ‘work’ in Davos. I went there on my own dime to write about the conference.”

“I normally ignore Rogan’s rants. But the @nypost wrote a story and asked for comment, so I said, if Rogan wants to tell his listeners the truth, he can call me,” he defensively added.