NOT AGAIN! Large white balloon has been spotted by pilots over Hawaii

February 21, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


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NOT AGAIN! Large white balloon has been spotted by pilots over Hawaii


Reports are flooding in that a large white balloon has been seen by pilots over Honolulu in Hawaii. It comes just days after US officials claimed that a previously downed Chinese “spy” balloon that was targeting the state of Hawaii was blown off course.

Now, reports are flooding in on social media claiming that pilots have seen what is being described as a “large white balloon” approximately 40,000 feet over Honolulu, like this tweet.

“Is this China or is the US Air Force about to accidentally shoot down another weather balloon?” another tweet asked. These reports have not yet been confirmed by Air Traffic Control or other US officials. The object was said to have been seen by several pilots.



An image circulating online shows what appears to be a pilot in the cockpit holding a note. This note reads: “Report of a large white balloon in vicinity of 2639N15021W. Estimated to be between FL400 and FL500.

The precise altitude is unknown. Advise ATC if the object is seen.” Currently, it is not known who the object belongs to, or the threat level it poses to the public. Multiple balloons have been shot down by the US military this month.

On February 4, what was thought to be a spy balloon from China was gunned down off of a South Carolina coast, Sky News noted. Suspicious flying objects were riddled with bullets February 11 and February 12 as well.

Remnants of the balloon were taken after the crash, and it is believed that Hawaii and Guam were its desired destinations, but it was taken off of its intended path. This was the only instance so far where the leftover parts from the suspicious balloon were obtained.

One of the remaining two dropped into the snowy Alaskan coast while the other met its end over the Canadian Yukon territory. The public anticipates a speech from President Joe Biden on Thursday that will address the objects. (SOURCE)