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The alarming trend of domestic communist groups that have begun to multiply and promote language that is increasingly violent continues with a cell out of California (where else?) that is advocating for what it calls “revolutionary martyrdom” as the left continues the lurch towards full-blown Stalinism.

The Red Guards – Los Angeles have been among those groups promoting violent responses to political issues and in a blog post to commemorate the Socialist International Women’s Day, called for the creation of a “Women’s Guerrilla Defense Unit” to combat the “patriarchal dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” that currently exists in the group’s mind.

Another day, another violent group openly calling for armed violence. This time, they advocate for “offensive attacks” and discuss the glory of “revolutionary martyrdom”. 

Armed communist group calls for “revolutionary martyrdom”

In addition to their open calls for armed political violence, their social media footprint is loaded with communist propaganda and praise for dictators who have murdered millions of people

Hats off to the folks at Far-Left Watch for pointing out this cadre of commies who should merit the attention of the authorities as should every leftist group advocating for an armed insurrection of which there are many.

According to Red Guards – Los Angeles website:

Here in the U.S. prison house of internal colonies, working women of the Chicano, Black and native nations are triply oppressed: exploited by imperialism, nationally oppressed by settler-colonialism capitalism, and oppressed by murderous patriarchy.

Here in Boyle Heights, working Chicano, New Afrikan, Central American and immigrant women are reminded daily of their oppression and mortality. The reality of the stratified and oppressor capitalist country is that many times the murders of working women are committed by their male counterparts. In Los Angeles – in Boyle Heights and other areas in the county – young proletarian women have been brutally abused then killed by the hands of their own lovers, family or friends, some of which are high class traitors of the lumpen-proletariat – middle-to-big drug dealers, repeat women abusers, extortionist parasites on the immigrant working class of their very own neighborhoods.


Patriarchy cannot be simply unlearned. We must literally arm ourselves and go to war with U.S. capitalism.

So we have to be clear: Patriarchy, like capitalism and colonization, is inescapable. It lives with capitalism like a permanent marriage. To talk of “unlearning” or “deconstructing” patriarchy is pointless postmodernist babble and we self-criticize for not making our monthly series more revolutionary and free from the treachery of capitalist postmodernism. The individual does not exist as something separate from capitalism. It is only through the destruction of the old system, the creation of a new one with a different mode of production, one not exclusively based on the production of commodities, that we can really exercise a more equal gender practice.


We have to initiate offensive attacks, as part of a larger defensive stage in our preparatory sub-stage of war. We have to hit. We have to hit hard. Women have to hit. Women have to hit hard. It is through severe punishment – but a revolutionary kind which we call revolutionary violence – that the enemy is subdued, even momentarily, or completely neutralized.

Revolutionary martyrdom is unavoidable because going to war against capitalism, imperialism and settler-colonialism is the condemned duty of all exploited and oppressed people. So we say glory to those who gave and give their lives to the masses and the revolution. Glory to the immortal women martyrs who shall be honored by their international comrades taking up arms and taking up their positions in their military units and Party positions.

This crap is indistinguishable from ISIS or any radical Islamist fanatics isn’t it?

As we previously reported at DT:

According to a recent report from The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, 44 percent of millennials have embraced socialism showing their ignorance of history and gullibility.

According to the organization’s blog:

This year’s centennial anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution has caused many to reflect on communism’s place in our collective memory. It has been a full century since Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd and communism made its bloody debut on the world stage. Authors, activists, and politicians alike are asking the question: what has America learned from one hundred years of communism?

The answer? Apparently, not much.

When the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation published our inaugural survey on American attitudes toward socialism and communism last year, the results revealed some disturbing trends in American society.

We discovered a rampant amnesia about the crimes of communist regimes and a growing inclination among younger Americans toward favorable views of communism and socialism.

This week we completed our second annual study, tracking how opinions about communism among Americans have changed since 2016. The results are not encouraging.

For starters, as of this year, more Millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country (44%) than in a capitalist one (42%). Or even a communist country (7%). The percentage of Millennials who would prefer socialism to capitalism is a full ten points higher than that of the general population.

The significance of this finding cannot be overstated—as of last year, Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generational cohort in American society.

The largest generation in America would prefer to live under socialism or communism than under a free market system that respects the rule of law, private property, and limited state intervention. This finding is coupled with the fact that, despite Millennials’ enthusiasm for socialism and communism, they do not, in fact, know what those words mean.

died 65 years ago . Soviet historians estimate that he killed nearly 20 million people through executions, forced labor, deportations, and collectivization. Good riddance! Share if you agree.

Some of the group’s social media posts:

Sweep the Mountains and Assault the Skies- Red Guards Austin: 

Sweep the Mountains and Assault the Skies—March 8, International Working Women’s Day

Your blood is a beautiful torrent That has watered our revolution With a firm oath of class, The commitment of a red fighter, Conquering power until Communism. “Hymn to Comrade Norah”   RGA, s…

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These jokes are really watching us and telling people in LA to report us to pigs. We must be doing good work.

It certainly sounds like domestic terrorism to me. Where in the hell is the FBI?