California Passes Law SB100 that Bans All Gasoline and Electricity by 2045. Agenda 21 Is on Steroids!

August 31, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | Grindall61

Video Blogger, Gary Gileno, says a new law passed in the California legislature that calls for California to rely 100% on renewable energy by 2045, which will effectively ban all gasoline and electricity! This is the first time 100% renewable energy will be required, which will be impossible, because almost all renewables require backup systems run by fossil fuels. That means backup systems also must be shut down. California’s infrastructure will devolve to 3rd-world level: blackouts will be common. He believes that the goal is to collapse the state into bankruptcy. This will be classified as a humanitarian crisis, and the rest of the country will be on the hook for its bailout. -GEG