Cartoon Brutally Mocks Democrat’s Global Warming Claims

December 12, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Madness Hub


The cartoon below, by the brilliant political cartoonist A.F. Branco, brutally mocks Democrats claims about so called “global warming:”
Now THAT is funny and makes an excellent point!
The media claims that when it comes to climate President Trump is practically the devil.
Withdrawing from the Paris climate accord was an unforgivable sin that will lead to the death of millions of innocents, the media and the Democrats tell us.
Truth is though while the rest of the Paris accord countries are giving lip service to “climate change” the USA, under President Trump, is actually doing something about reducing carbon emissions.
Here’s the story, as USA Today contributor Jon Gabriel reports:
Nineteen nations “believe” in climate change. How are they backing up their statement of faith?
China was praised for signing on to the Paris Climate Agreement and in Argentina reaffirmed its commitment to controlling greenhouse gas emissions.
Last year, however, China increased those emissions by 1.7 percent.
India, the fourth largest source for CO2, saw their emissions grow by 4.6 percent in 2017. Luckily for them, they too were praised for signing that “nonbinding communiqué.”
Overall, the European Union raised their CO2 output by 1.5 percent.
France, home of the Paris Agreement, is leading the diplomatic effort to save the planet.
They increased their greenhouse gas emissions by 3.6 percent. …
If the nations paying lip service to climate change aren’t meeting their goals, imagine how poorly the oil-drilling, coal-mining Americans must be doing.
President Donald Trump was pilloried for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and for being only G20 leader who refused to sign the climate change statement in Argentina.
From 2016 to 2017, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 2.7 percent.
Emissions from large power plants declined 4.5 percent since 2016, and nearly 20 percent since 2011. All without signing a piece of paper in Paris or Buenos Aires.
Not only are the carbon emissions from the USA decreasing, but the whole global warming alarm may be nothing more than scare tactics to facilitate a power grab, as the Daily Caller reports:
Projections of extreme, alarming impacts are very weakly justified to borderline impossible,” Curry told The Daily Caller News Foundation.
Curry’s latest research, put together for clients of her consulting company near the end of November, looks in detail at projections of sea level rise. Curry’s ultimate conclusion: “Some of the worst-case scenarios strain credulity.”
“With regards to 21st century climate projections, we are dealing with deep uncertainty, and we should not be basing our policies based on the assumption that the climate will actually evolve as per predicted,” Curry told TheDCNF.
“Climate variability and change is a lot more complex than ‘CO2 as control knob’,” Curry said. “No one wants to hear this, or actually spend time understanding things,” Curry said.
That’s really the opposite message of what we usually hear from prominent scientists in the media.
So whenever you hear a liberal talk about how bad Trump and Republicans are for the environment and for the planet, show them this.