Catching the Killers and Criminals

June 28, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


By Cliff Kincaid

June 28, 2023

A new Netflix series, “Catching Killers,” looks at the murderers caught by law enforcement, using police work, fingerprinting and DNA testing. A program like this should focus on the villains in the mass murder of more than one million Americans and nearly 7 million people worldwide who have died from COVID-19. It would be an easy case to solve. Bringing justice to the world is a more difficult proposition.

I was flipping through the channels on Monday and noticed that investigative journalist  Michael Shellenberger was on Fox, calmly documenting that the Biden Administration had violated the law by refusing to reveal the details surrounding U.S. funding of the COVID research in China that produced the pandemic.

It looks like the Intelligence Community, in a case more serious than the Hunter Biden scandal, is above the law.

To be sure. the Hunter Biden case involves impeachable offenses on the part of the “Big Guy,” implicated in alleged bribery schemes.  But COVID was mass murder. A cover-up of the U.S. role in that suffering and death is worse than Joe and Hunter taking millions from foreign governments.

Taken together, Russia-gate and the COVID pandemic and cover-up prove that the U.S. Government is working with our enemies against the American people.

COVID, in my view, is a modern-day version of the anthrax letters case. Our research showed the anthrax was stolen from a U.S. lab by an al-Qaeda operative. It was the second wave of 9/11, the first being the terrorist attacks on New York City and the Pentagon.

Remember that the anthrax was in envelopes carrying the phrases “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” Overwhelming circumstantial evidence pointed to al Qaeda operatives sending the anthrax. Still, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller blamed American scientists for terrorism carried out by al Qaeda. Later, he was rewarded for this cover-up by running the Russia-gate operation against Trump. That wasted over two years of the Trump presidency.

So now, with the COVID pandemic and cover-up, we see the post-9/11 anthrax letters case happening on a global level. In both cases, our enemies have released biological weapons made possible by U.S. Government funding and research.

On Fox, Michael Shellenberger called for a bipartisan commission, like the panel that investigated 9/11, to examine the origins of COVID. But we already know enough to implicate the U.S. Government in the COVID deaths, which served as an excuse for a massive expansion of government control and seemed designed to derail Trump’s “Make America Great” agenda and elect China Joe.

This was a Chinese operation.

But instead of sending members of the federal bureaucracy to jail, where they should be, the Department of Justice has raided former President Trump’s home and arrested him for supposedly mishandling documents that were legally his under the Presidential Records Act.

Anybody with common sense understands what is happening. Biden and members of his administration are operating as agents of China. They fear Trump’s return to the presidency.

In a recent development involving Russia, the Biden State Department has announced that it is targeting the Kremlin’s “global malign influence operations and election interference activities” by sanctioning several KGB (FSB)  officers. This is truly disinformation.

These are the same people behind the Russia-gate hoax, paid for by Hillary and the Democrats, with advance knowledge of then-President Obama and his then-vice-president Joe Biden. In fact, as the Durham report shows, Russia-gate was a Russian operation linked to the KGB to destroy President Donald Trump and put Biden in office.

So those who worked with Russia to destroy Trump are now going through the motions of posturing as enemies of the Putin regime.

In a world where truth mattered, Biden and former President Obama would be sanctioned, even jailed, for spreading the Russia-gate hoax. But they run the government.

The criminals are running our country in cahoots with the killers who unleashed the virus through the Wuhan lab.

Here at home, as we see pro-Trump protesters going to prison because of trespassing offenses on January 6, we see in the raid on the Montana gun shop by armed IRS and ATF agents that the next phase of the communist program is to seize the arms that ordinary people have assembled, under the Second Amendment, to defend themselves.

“I’m incredibly disturbed by initial reports that the IRS and ATF closed Highwood Creek Outfitters without any warning today,” said Rep. Matt Rosendale. “This is yet another example of the Biden Administration weaponizing federal agencies to target and harass hardworking Americans.”

In effect, the U.S. Government has become the enemy, a carbon copy in making of what the Russian and Chinese people have suffered under for decades. They will either kill us through biological warfare experiments or take our guns and leave us defenseless. Either way, we end up dead or in prison.

Then they cover-up their wrongdoing, all for the purpose of fulfilling Barack Hussein Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America.

In terms of Congressional action, time is running out.

In my view, as the author of three books on our first Marxist president, the investigations and hearings must focus on Obama, the mastermind, not Biden or Attorney General Garland. Remember Biden was Obama’s vice-president and Garland was his nominee for the Supreme Court. He was Obama’s fixer.

Another subpoena should go to George Soros, the hedge fund operator who made Obama’s Permanent Revolution possible.

As we saw in the raids on pro-lifers and the “gay pride” push by the federal government, we can anticipate that federal agents will be knocking at your door, or possibly breaking down the door, demanding copies of the Bible, and grilling you on such matters as to whether you take seriously Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. If you believe God created male and female and if you believe homosexuality is a sin, watch out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in the Vatican is flying the “gay pride” flag, and the Vatican itself is going gay,  issuing a document  welcoming “LGBTQ+ persons” into the Roman Catholic Church. “Who am I to judge” is the famous statement of Pope Francis.

The same pope had accepted a communist crucifix from Evo Morales of Bolivia.

With this glaring lack of judgment on moral issues, it is up to the people, including parishioners in the church, to demand justice. We can refuse to subsidize the churches. But the federal government’s abuses of power require a different response.

In order to get mentally prepared for what is to come, we have to understand that America is literally being occupied by the enemy, a fact we must maintain in the forefront of our mind.