“Christian” Wahhabism: The New Cult for War on Iran

November 12, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


Saudi Arabia Hosts Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer TeamAmerican taxpayers, including we Christians, are about to feel the burden of our politicians’ next war in the Middle East, a visible plan for the slaughter of Iranians for final control over Middle Eastern oil. Our tax burdens are to escalate.  If certain, for-war factions prevail, we all-too-silent Americans will be responsible for yet another tragic purge of women and children for the sole benefit of a very powerful few bankers, armament companies, and the State of Israel. These financial elitists will spill the blood of perhaps half million humans upon us, as has already been done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A 1980 photo of Mike Evans with Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Evans, he helped Netanyahu get into politics and told Prime Minister Menachem Begin, in a meeting, that Benjamin Netanyahu would become Prime Minister of Israel, twice. Check out Evans’ incredible tale in the Jerusalem Post: “Happy Fourth of July, Israel.”

Saudi Arabia hosts rare visit of U.S. evangelical Christian figures WORLD NEWS NOVEMBER 1, 2018 RIYADH (Reuters):

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held a rare meeting with American evangelical Christians on Thursday, as the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom seeks to open up more to the world and repair an image of religious intolerance.

The delegation was led by communications strategist Joel Rosenberg and included former U.S. congresswoman Michele Bachmann, according to an emailed statement by the group, as well as heads of American evangelical organizations, some with ties to Israel. “It was a historic moment for the Saudi Crown Prince to openly welcome Evangelical Christian leaders to the Palace. We were encouraged by the candor of the two-hour conversation with him today. The delegation also met Saudi officials including Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Ambassador to Washington Prince Khalid bin Salman, and secretary-general of the Muslim World League, Mohammed al-Issa.

A visit by such prominent non-Muslim leaders, who estimate they represent about 60 million people, is a rare act of religious openness for Saudi Arabia, which hosts the holiest sites in Islam and bans the practice of other religions…
Mike Evans, founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, describes himself on his website as “a devout American-Christian Zionist leader.

Self professing Christian Zionists, including Evans, are, perhaps, unknowingly playing a role in fomenting war by leading a hate campaign against the Iranian people. Evans, founder of The Jerusalem Prayer Team, met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Mike Evans calls himself a Christian Zionist. This term is confusing, and, we admit we have used it for years, but now see the need to explain it better. We Hold These Truths has at times referred to those like Mike Evans as “Neo-Christians,” because what Evans preaches and teaches is hardly traditional Christianity, but rather something brand-new, pretense at Christianity. Our definition of a “Christian Zionist,” which again Evans claims to be, is one who espouses the impossible belief that the present day secular State of Israel is the fulfillment of Old Testament biblical prophecy, and that, because it is a fulfillment of ancient prophecy, modern Israel becomes God’s chosen land for God’s chosen people – – even if most Israelis say they are atheists. Therefore, Mike Evans supports Israel even when carrying out wars of attrition against the indigenous population, the Palestinians.

Our moral responsibility is of primary importance, but we also must also accept the financial burden of the monetary cost of the killing; a debt that will be heaped upon our children and grandchildren. Let us address, first, the financial cost of this war because we can all understand the language of our dollars. In doing so, I am not at all overlooking the moral cost in human lives, nor ignoring the fact that only a relative few of these future dead will be unlucky Americans and Israelis. The vast majority will be Muslims living in Iran and neighboring states. We must not allow it.

A recent news release from Reuters gives us a fitting example of this abuse of taxpayer money to pay for war. It seems the Boeing company has entered into a contract to sell more F–15 fighter jets to the state of Israel. Israel already has a fleet of new F-35 from Lockheed.  In this latest contract Boeing Aircraft has apparently agreed to allow Israel to build parts and get paid in cash for up to 35% of the cost of the aircraft, for the benefit of Israeli industry and labor force (not ours). But the story fails to tell us what we should all know as American taxpayers!  Israel never actually pays for any of the military equipment that they “buy” from the United States; it is all given to them in military aid! US military aid to Israel’s totals between $3-4 billion each year. Israel is clearly in the front line to be a proxy in the Trumponian war on Iran. Certain religious leaders, including Mike Evans, are promoting these wars right before our eyes, while pretending to be “warriors for Jesus,” the Peacemaker.

The bottom-line reason politicians want war on Iran is monetary. Only war can mask and justify the enormous federal debt accumulation, now headed toward $23 trillion, most of it accumulated paying for past and present wars.  Politicians and central bankers can hide this kind of spending only by dreaming up a life and death excuse for more of the same. War works, and Christian Zionists are misled to help justify wars. We pay, and bankers profit.

This story about Saudi Arabia’s pending war on Iran has brought us to what we believe is perhaps a more apt description of war enthusiasts like Mike Evans.  His cozy relationship with the Saudi’s royal Family suggests he might be better described as a “Christian Wahhabi-ist” because the Saudi Arabian dictatorship is the only Islamic state that practices the Wahhabi sect of Islam. Wikipedia explains this sect as follows:

The majority of Sunni and Shia Muslims worldwide disagree with the interpretation of Wahhabism, and many Muslims denounce them as a faction or a “vile sect”. Islamic scholars, including those from the Al-Azhar University, regularly denounce Wahhabism with terms such as “Satanic faith.”  Wahhabism has been accused of being “a source of global terrorism,” inspiring the ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and for causing disunity in Muslim communities by labeling Muslims who disagreed with the Wahhabi definition of monotheism as apostates (takfir) and justifying their killing. It has also been criticized for the destruction of historic shrines of saints, mausoleums, and other Muslim and non-Muslim buildings and artifacts.

American religious leaders who hide or admit to the practice of Christian Zionism, are about to be joined at the hip to practice Christian Wahhabism (CW) in order to justify the Saudis coming war on Iran for oil. Under its influence, Christians will be expected to look the other way while Saudi Arabia and Israel together murder perhaps 10% of the population of Iran in the name of God! Christian Zionists, including Evans, will invoke Jesus’ name in doing so. “How Saudi Wahhabism Is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism” tells the story how the often brutality of this sect is rejected by both Sunni and Shia Islam

Mike Evans is on a “holy war path” against Iran, as evidenced by the books he writes.

Mike Evans’ war-making in the name of Jesus is  “neo-Christianity,” he and other and other Christian Zionists practice. They believe, though many do not admit it, that killing in the name of political Israel is always justified, and is acceptable to God. Even if we could ignore Israel’s brutality against several million Muslim inhabitants who live within its claimed territory, we can hardly overlook the fact that the US helps pay for the occupation of Palestinians, while giving Israel more weapons than it needs.  F-35’s, for example, are hardly needed to control the virtually unarmed Palestinians! Nor can we afford to ignore our government leaders and the central bankers paying Israeli Zionists and Wahhabi Saudi Arabians to create war against Iran, when the result is going to be eventual financial chaos for our own American people.

Mike Evans has written a book entitled The New Hitler in which he comes close to calling for the extermination of the Iranians on account of their faith. The book explains why the Wahhabi-preaching Saudis would invite him to their palaces for talks.

Mike Evans has outdone himself in his latest attack on Iran.

Evans writes,“The greatest threat to peace and security in the world today—not just for Israel, but for every nation that does not subscribe to the twisted theology of Iran’s extremist clerics—is Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran. The “Supreme Leader” is a radical fascist in the mode of Adolf Hitler who hates the Jewish people and wants to see them exterminated… All who oppose his view— Sunni Muslims, Jews, Christians, and all others—are merely pawns to be sacrificed for the spread of the Islamic caliphate he envisions. It is vital that the world understand this threat before it is too late.”

Editor asks: What more clear call for a “holy war” could there be?

After election post script:The Trumponian push for more war was not diminished by the US election results. The Belgian-based international banking system, SWIFT, whose messaging service connects 11,000 banks that transfer money around the globe, admits it has bowed to pressure from the US White House to cut off funds destined for banks in Iran.

The US President, without the approval of Congress or anyone else, has also placed sanctions on Iran produced crude oil. Sanctions and economic embargoes like this have brought on war in the past, and is the age-old strategy of taunting the targeted, weaker warrior to throw the first punch. Is it possible the White House is taunting Iran to make a fatal first response, and conditioning us to expect one? Ask your Congressman where he stands!

The Administration’s hostile acts will further isolate Iran by cutting off its money supply, in addition to the US market for its oil. We ask our readers, how does this help us American consumers of oil? Do we not benefit from more and cheaper oil and gas supply? Of course we do! And, are the hidden powers who make wars not looking out for big American oil producers who went to keep the price high, as well as Lockheed and Boeing who make F-35 and F-15s? Are we not asked to support a war in which Israel and Saudi Arabia would be our proxy warriors who will surely annihilate women and children with US made super-weapons? And, are not Mike Evans and other Christian Wahhabists stirring up hatred toward Muslims to overcome our moral resistance toward more wars?- We think so! -CEC