Church buries itself after embracing LGBT agenda

November 16, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: One News Now

empty pews in church

Less than three years after ultra-progressive GracePointe Church was profiled in TIME magazine for allowing same-sex couples to “marry” inside its doors, it has been on the brink of collapse and recently made the decision to sell its building in Tennessee’s conservative Williamson County in order to move to a more liberal climate in Nashville.

According to the Nashville Tennessean, the Franklin campus of Cross Point just signed a lease agreement with GracePointe and has the option to purchase the property, which it will move into soon.

As opposed to the dwindling numbers at the seeker-friendly and theologically liberal GracePointe Church, the conservative multi-site evangelical Cross Point Church is growing by leaps and bounds in the greater Nashville area, and it recently has made its strong adherence to biblical authority and the accuracy of God’s Word clear.

“While Cross Point’s ministry is innovative, what we believe about God is not,” Cross Point’s website reads. “Our core beliefs are centered in Christ and His message as found in the Bible.”

Institute on Religion & Democracy Communications Manager Jeff Walton points out that GracePointe Church in Franklin, Tennessee, was once an evangelical congregation, but in 2015, its pastor, Stan Mitchell, decided to lead the church in affirming the homosexual agenda.

Walton explained that the congregation experienced an immediate decline in numbers after straying away from God’s Word on social issues, and he says that there is no sign that the dwindling congregation will stop its downward spiral any time soon.

“They have gotten to the point where they have [sold] their campus, they [have shared] space with another congregation and they’ve dropped from what pastor Stan Mitchel reports was about 700 to 800 attendance at the high point of the church, down to [what] a recent visitor in August counted – [just] 240 at the lone service of GracePointe” Walton informed.

He also told OneNewsNow that as a result of the “radical reinvention” of the congregation, the progressive church has been unable to do ministry and programs the way it once did.”

“It seems to me like most of what pastor Mitchel is doing these days is going around speaking to appreciative LGBT audiences about what he did, but [he] is not really engaged in the same kind of ministry that the church was attempting to do two years ago,” Walton noted.

Walton is doubtful that TIME magazine will do a follow-up story on the church’s decline.