Concerns about Elon Musk, Twitter, and Government Censorship / Surveillance

December 21, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Comments by Steve Stars, RBN host of Light Speed X 2:

There are STILL some serious concerns on how Elon Musk and Twitter are being used to censor, track and corrupt communications and our freedoms.
Dr. Shiva has still not had his Twitter account restored after he was shut down during his Senate campaign in 2020. He has compiled this flowchart to reveal who the main players are:
You will see some of the same think tanks involved here in this latest Greg Reese clip.

In spite of all of this: wishing you Happy Holidays… and a better NEW year.
– Steve Stars

Amazing isn’t it?  We all “Unofficially” donated our tax dollars, (through the FBI), to Twitter to suppress unflattering stories about the Biden Family, and to cover up their crimes.  Can I claim the FBI as a DEPENDENT on my tax return?  
– Steve Elkins, of Off the Beaten Path

Elon Musk = Censorship + Surveillance: A false god for “free speech” leading you to slavery in an ever-expanding CENSORSHIP & SURVEILLANCE STATE across land, sea, air, and space in which Elon Musk is fully entrenched in and economically dependent on for his POWER PROFIT CONTROL

How We Win Back Freedom



Download full size image here: 11889-Exhibit-A-SECOND-AMENDED-COMPLAINT-07-22-c2021

Elon Musk STILL has NOT DISMANTLED the Government Censorship Infrastructure, FIRST DISCOVERED BY Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, during his historic 2020 Federal lawsuit Ayyadurai v. Twitter, et al. THAT REVEALED for the FIRST TIME: 1) The Twitter “Partner Support Portal;” 2) the step-by-step processes detailed in “Playbooks” – on HOW government would censor Americans; and, 3) the Network Diagram detailing the relationships of the various parties involved in creating Censorship Infrastructure.

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This Government Censorship infrastructure – discovered by Dr. SHIVA – was created by CISA( Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) that was established in 2018 following a bill signed into LAW by President Donald J. Trump, and supported by BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

Elon Musk and his media grifter-sycophants are NOW committed to acting as though they had “NO IDEA” OF THE HISTORIC 2020 FEDERAL LAWSUIT Ayyadurai v Twitter, Et Al., over TWO YEARS AGO, where Dr. SHIVA, REPRESENTED HIMSELF and garnered multiple victories to FIRST DISCOVER AND EXPOSE TO OVER 200 MILLION PEOPLE: 1) The Twitter “Partner Support Portal;” 2) the “Playbooks” – step-by-step manuals for how government would censor Americans; and, 3) the Network Diagram (see above) that revealed the relationships of the various parties involved in creating the Government & Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure (all which has been on for well over TWO YEARS).

Win Back Freedom™ Web Site

These grifters – NOW claiming to be against censorship – CENSORED Dr. SHIVA and his 2020-2021 findings of the Government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure for over TWO YEARS. Only after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October of 2022, did these VERY SAME media grifters 1) suddenly discover “Government and Big Tech Censorship Collusion;” 2) start behaving as though this was “BREAKING NEWS,” while never referencing – AND IN FACT MAKING INVISIBLE Dr. SHIVA’s 2020 findings; AND, 3) THEN PLAGIARIZE and TAKE CREDIT for Dr.SHIVA’s work.

Media grifters, who were allied with the Establishment and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment – of Left and Right – intentionally concealed this information during 2020-2021. They knew that if they had shared it at the time when Dr. SHIVA’s historic fight was going on in the Courts, it would have had massive impact for real change. They delayed the release of these findings for over TWO years. The fact is they are NOT interested in changing anything, especially if it emerges from INDEPENDENT forces not under their control. They care MORE ABOUT BEING IN CONTROL versus seeing real and positive change take- place.

When they were unable to thwart Dr. SHIVA’s independent efforts at getting the his findings out – including the hundreds of videos he created – to over 200 million people -, these media grifters then proceeded to simply plagiarize Dr. SHIVA’s work releasing only portions of it – in a “Limited Hangout” – with the aim of misleading freedom-loving Americans to be deceived to think that these grifter-plagiarists – false gods – were their fighters for “freedom” and “Free Speech.”

How Media Grifters Do Limited Hangouts to Deliver Lies – “Half-Truths”

A “Limited Hangout” refers to an insidious technique used by the intelligence agencies to release a small piece of a much larger truth to make the public think that it has received the new, while the real truth remains buried. A Limited Hangout is aimed to lull the public into apathy and inaction, so it thinks the “truth” has been reported on, and that there is nothing more to see.

The REASON for this nefarious and unethical behavior is their ABSOLUTE FEAR that an independent news outlet, like VASHIVA®, and more importantly, an INDEPENDENT and explosively growing global movement – Truth Freedom Health® – that is BEYOND LEFT AND RIGHT, and one which THEY CANNOT CONTROL or PROFIT FROM – will deliver real change, independent of their theatrics and deception, coming bottom’s up from everyday people, and not wait “patiently” for their false gods – be it Trump or Musk, or Republican or Democrat.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement.

The MOVEMENT for Truth Freedom Health® teaches the science of systems so you may uncover TRUTH – THE WHOLE TRUTH – and encourages you take ACTION so as to educate your fellow human beings, here and now, neighbor-to-neighbor, to make change, bottom’s up, so we WIN BACK FREEDOM. Those who seek real change, learn the power of coupling TRUTH with ACTION.

The forces of Power Profit Control, however, are all about spreading LIES and HALF-TRUTHS – using “Limited Hangouts” aimed to LEAD YOU TO INACTION and to make you LAZY so you outsource your future to false gods from above, who will deliver you nothing but SLAVERY. Those who are lazy love being entertained by LIES and HALF-TRUTHS.

And, in their final and most deceptive assault to derail people from developing THEIR self-confidence in their ability to make change happen, the forces of Power Profit Control will even do a “UNLIMITED HANGOUT,” where they share the TRUTH – the WHOLE TRUTH -, but tell folks, “don’t worry we, [your false gods] will handle it, sit tight.” Such deception is to DECOUPLE TRUTH from ACTION so that everyday people remain enslaved, wait forever HOPING one day change occurs, and are, in this process, diverted from the Truth Freedom Health® movement, which teaches to couple TRUTH + ACTION, i.e. to BUILD A MOVEMENT.

Let us not forget it was Trump, a REPUBLICAN, a “conservative,” who signed into law CISA’s creation. Yesterday, after news of the the plagiarized AFL “breaking news,” and after Trump releasing his digital NFT Superhero cards for $99, Trump jumped on the bandwagon barking that he would dismantle the Government Censorship Infrastructure, (discovered by Dr. SHIVA) that Trump himself created, ONCE he becomes President in 2024. What a complete joke!

This is the kind of theatrics that everyone needs to wake up, and break free from, so we WIN FREEDOM on our timelines not WAITING FOR ANOTHER FALSE GOD to come from above and help us, be it Trump or Musk.


Anyone promoting even one iota of the Big Lie that Elon Musk is the savior of Free Speech is either delusional, plain dumb, or part of the disinformation sponsored by the Digital Censorship & Surveillance State.

Freedom-loving Americans must now remove their rose-colored glasses and reckon with the truth that it was another false god Donald J. Trump who signed the bill to create CISA (Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency) – the organization that created this Government Censorship Infrastructure to do an end-run around the First Amendment – the Infrastructure that Dr. SHIVA FIRST discovered, in his historic 2020 Federal lawsuit.

Freedom-loving Americans are NOW being misled to think Elon Musk, who comes in the wake of Trump, will be their savior for Free Speech. But, actions speak louder than words.

Elon Musk has refused to dismantle the government’s Backdoor to Twitter – the “Partner Support Portal” – or any aspect of this Government Censorship Infrastructure that allows government to do an end-run around the First Amendment.

It’s time to wake up and realize that only WE the people, can win back our freedom, bottom’s up, and must not wait for false gods from above. Truth Freedom Health® ( is the only force that provides the education, community, technology, and tools to build such a movement to win back our freedom.

Truth Freedom Health® Movement.

It is therefore total absurdity and pure deception to hear on December 15, 2022 that Trump NOW wants to demolish the Censorship Infrastructure, that was created by the organization – CISA – that he signed a bill to create. Moreover, BOTH Republicans and Democrats jointly approved the creation of CISA and this Government Censorship Infrastructure.

In spite of the forces of Power Profit Control and their media grifter puppets to intentionally conceal the information discovered by Dr. Shiva in 2020, the movement for Truth Freedom Health® has been phenomenally successful in disseminating the information about the Government Censorship Infrastructure to OVER 200 MILLION PEOPLE.

The Establishment of Power Profit Control – across Left and Right – is now desperate. They are cranking up their media blitz using all their media grifters and false gods to distract freedom-loving Americans away from the reach of the growing movement for Truth Freedom Health® – the only movement on the planet that can win back freedom.

Join Us, and come to our next Open House:

Dr. Shiva’s historic 2020 Federal lawsuit was the FIRST to discover the Twitter “Partner Support Portal;” 2) the “Playbooks” – Step-by-Step manuals for how government would censor Americans; and, 3) the Network Diagram (see below) that he created exposing the relationships of the various parties involved in creating the Government & Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure.

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(Click on the above image to download the high resolution PDF version).

The U.S. Constitution forbids government to censor speech. This is a bedrock foundational principle of the United States that defines this grand experiment and distinguishes America – a new republic – from all others, such as the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Dr. Shiva had been silenced by the Government of Massachusetts in the midst of his campaign for United States Senate. The government openly admitted it in court and officials testified that they were pleased – “relieved” – that Dr. Shiva’s tweet had been deleted by Twitter and his account then suspended.

On October 30, 2020, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – the Man Who Invented Email – represented himself in Federal Court against the Government of Massachusetts, in what would become a historic First Amendment lawsuit of the century: Ayyadurai v. Twitter et al.

The Massachusetts Government agreed in Federal Court to desist from further acts of censorship until election day. The Government revealed for the first time in courtroom testimony the existence of the Twitter “Partner Support Portal” – the Government’s Backdoor to silence speech.

However, the Government, AFTER election day, then had Dr. Shiva’s Twitter account @va_shiva permanently blocked.

To reiterate, the revelation from Dr. SHIVA’s lawsuit resulted in the discovery – FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY – of an already functioning system – including a “Backdoor” “Partner Support Portal” to Twitter and other similar portals to other social media companies – for enabling government censorship within the United States that was built by people associated with CISA, Harvard, Stanford, the Atlantic Council, and funded by Billionaires including Pierre Omidyar, founder and funder of The Intercept; the Zuckerbergs; and, the Murdochs, owners of FOX News.

The system had already published HOW-TO manuals – called “Playbooks” – to teach government officials the exact procedure to follow to censor the speech of American citizens and identified the special backdoor portals established by all the Big Tech companies to grant government censors privileged access.

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It was Donald J. Trump who signed into law CISA (Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency). Republicans and Democrats BOTH created this Government Censorship Infrastructure. Both Republicans and Democrats wrote the Playbooks – the How-to-Manuals- on STEP-BY-STEP processes to censor Americans’ speech in collusion with Big Tech. The “Partner Support Portal” as well as the Government Censorship Infrastructure – created by both Republicans and Democrats – allowed government to do an end run around the First Amendment

Dr. SHIVA published his lawsuit briefs on his website ( along with these manuals (the PlayBooks) as well as an important network diagram – as shown in the figure above – which drew together all the parties and their ongoing relationships in the functioning censorship infrastructure system


Judge Mark Wolf threatened Dr. SHIVA with criminal prosecution in retaliation for making these facts and documents public, dismissed his lawsuit, and sealed the proposed second amended complaint at the behest of Twitter’s lawyers from WilmerHale and Twitter’s General Counsel Vijaya Gadde. Dr. SHIVA was ordered to drop all claims against the government and Twitter, and ordered to file another amended complaint that only included one claim:  to get back on Twitter.

Dr. SHIVA filed the complaint as ordered, but took a principled stand by dismissing his own lawsuit in order not to be railroaded into this nonsensical “settlement” while the government and Twitter got away.

In spite of all these massive deterrents and no support from the mainstream conservative media, Dr. SHIVA and his movement for Truth Freedom Health® educated over 200 million as well as allies in independent journalism, using this site, and through both on-line and off-line activities, of the events of this historic lawsuit.

Dr. SHIVA’s lawsuit shocked the Establishment so much that they resorted to doing Half-Truths – the “Limited Hangout” – and plagiarism to CONCEAL THE TRUTH that his 2020 lawsuit uncovered on the Government & Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure

During the lawsuit in 2020-2021, Dr. Shiva informed FOX NEWS’ Tucker Carlson whose close friend is Hunter Biden,  and “investigative journalist” Glenn Greenwald, and the ACLU of the events as they unfolded. Though they were all made aware at the time of these findings, all of them concealed the information and failed to report using their megaphones, when it would have had the most impact.

After Elon Musk purchased Twitter on October 28, 2022, it became acceptable and indeed fashionable to report on “government and big tech” censorship, but not discuss the actual Censorship Infrastructure that Dr. SHIVA discovered, TWO YEARS EARLIER, in his historic 2020 Federal lawsuit.

On October 29, 2022, Dr. Shiva took to social media to inform Musk about the existence of this infrastructure. The next day, October 30, The Intercept suddenly dropped an “investigative report,” to execute a Limited Hangout – a term ascribed to an insidious technique used by the intelligence agencies to release a small piece of a much larger truth to make the public think they got the news, while the real truth remains buried.

The Intercept wholesale plagiarized, without attribution, Dr. Shiva’s 2020 findings while purposefully leaving out a critical fact:  Pierre Omidyar funded the Center for Internet Security that built and maintains the censorship infrastructure that government uses to censor speech of Americans. Pierre Omidyar funds and founded the Intercept!  Fortunately, Dr. Shiva exposed The Intercept’s deception immediately. 

Tucker Carlson of FOX NEWS, Glen Greenwald and the ACLU fully backed The Intercept’s limited hangout by taking to the airways and amplified the 2022 Intercept story and behaved as though this was some new revelation and acted shocked like Captain Renault from Casablanca. Again, where were these grifters in 2020, two years before? Why did they bury the story in 2020? Was it because Omidyar funds millions to the ACLU? Was it because FOX NEWS owners are the Murdochs, who funded the censorship infrastructure as shown in the Network Diagram?  Was it because Glen Greenwald was a co-founder of The Intercept, whose other co-founder and funder was Pierre Omidyar – who also funded the censorship infrastructure?


Instead of dismantling the government’s Backdoor into Twitter on October 28, 2022 – on DAY ONE of his acquiring Twitter, Musk has kept the Backdoor fully functional til this moment.  To distract “conservatives” from this reality, Musk on behalf of his government patrons proceeded to execute – like The Intercept –  yet another limited hangout to conceal his ongoing censorship alliance with the government.

On December 3, 2022, Elon Musk in front of millions – in an online Twitter forum –  was confronted by Clayton Morris of REDACTED who asked him about the revelations in Dr. Shiva’s 2020 lawsuit and asked Musk point blank if he was keeping the “Trusted Twitter Partnership”  – Backdoor Censorship Portal – still active at Twitter, and if that was consistent with Musk’s commitment to free speech.  Musk evaded answering Morris’ question and did not deny the Portal’s existence, but rather said he would “dig into it.”  Musk then stated his position, “Twitter will not go against the law, nor beyond the law” while knowing such a Backdoor censorship portal for government is clearly beyond the law.

Observing Musk’s evasive response, Dr. SHIVA and his colleagues publicly challenged Musk to dismantle government’s Backdoor portal to Twitter, which would take minute, and provided Musk a deadline of December 9, 2022.

Musk refused to deactivate this Backdoor, and instead pushed other distractions – theatrical deceptions – called the “TwitterFiles” in order to continue deflecting people from the fact he was keeping the Backdoor for the government unchanged.

Musk intentionally conflates two separate issues: Point Number One, Twitter’s private right to moderate content on its own platform; and, Point Number Two, Twitter acting (and still acting even now) as the the government’s proxy in secret.  The latter has been demonstrated in the egregious case of Dr. Shiva’s deplatforming – he was deplatformed by the government through Twitter’s Backdoor – the “Partner Support Portal” – because he criticized the government, which is as beyond the Law as anything can get in the United States.

Elon Musk’s Deception: Musk still has NOT DISMANTLED the “Partner Support Portal” – Government’s Backdoor to Twitter – for Government to censor Americans. Elon Musk has NO INTENTION to ever Dismantle this Government BACKDOOR to Twitter, because he is a GOVERNMENT MAN.

Elon Musk may speak about being a “Free Speech Absolutist;” however, his actions belie his words:

1) Elon Musk has still not deactivated the “Partner Support Portal”– the government’s Backdoor to Twitter – discovered by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in his historic 2020 Federal lawsuit;

2) Elon Musk continues to have Twitter be part of the Government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure; and,

3) Elon Musk is absolutely fine violating his own rules and going “beyond the Law” by continuing to support Dr. Shiva’s deplatforming even as of the writing of this document.

In order to avoid talking about Point Number Two – the Government’s Backdoor Portal – Musk’s limited hangout involves his only talking about Point Number One – Twitter’s Right to moderate content – in order so he can divert everyone’s attention to continue to keep the Backdoor portal open to the government, given Musk is TOTALLY economically dependent on the government.   Musk and his media grifter-sycophants intentionally suppress Dr. SHIVA’s findings and avoid any open discourse of this Backdoor portal, since it will expose Musk as a #FakeFreeSpeech fraud.

Musk’s deception has worked spectacularly on mainstream pseudo-intellectuals among both “liberals” and “conservatives.”

The fact is Elon Musk will never dismantle this Backdoor portal because he and his Silicon Valley investors – be it in Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla – are beholden to the government.  Nearly every penny of Musk’s $200 billion fortune comes from and is dependent on the aegis of the government.

Musk is the last person who would ever go against the government, and will do everything to keep his relationships with government fully intact. 

Elon Musk is a FALSE GOD created BY the Government FOR the Government, to mislead Freedom-loving Americans back to Slavery within the ever-expanding CENSORSHIP & SURVEILLANCE STATE that he profits from across Land, Sea, Air and Space

Elon Musk is the false god created BY the Government FOR the Government to pacify freedom-loving Americans that Elon Musk will be their “Savior” for “Free Speech.”

Elon Musk’s role is to  deceive and distract freedom-loving Americans from the fact that when you are in a Tesla, or on Twitter, or in your boat or plane connecting to SpaceX Starlink satellites, (or chipped in your brain connected to Neuralink), you are in Elon Musk’s world that is wholly allied with, and economically dependent, on the Government’s ever-expanding Digital Surveillance and Censorship System across Land, Sea, Air, and Space.

Anyone promoting even one iota of the Big Lie that Elon Musk is the savior of Free Speech is either delusional, plain dumb, or part of the disinformation sponsored by the Digital Surveillance State.


Musk’s SpaceX would not exist were it not for the government. SpaceX has received at least $5.4 billion from the government and has been repeatedly saved by the government from going bankrupt.  Musk’s Tesla exists because of government subsidies. Tesla has received at least 110 subsidies of over $2.5 billion from government. Tesla would not be “profitable” had it not sold $1.5 billion of carbon credits also provided to it by the government. And Tesla’s government-created profitability boosted Tesla from $0 in value to a $800 billion valuation. That government funding is what enabled Musk to buy Twitter.

Musk’s Twitter is also totally and completely dependent on the government.   The government’s Section 230 immunity provides Twitter to be deemed a “platform” whereas the NY Times is deemed a “publisher.” This distinction provides Twitter two important benefits.  First, Twitter has immunity from lawsuits if a Twitter user posts something defamatory. Twitter can’t be sued. But, the NY Times can be sued if one of its writer’s posts a defamatory article. Second, such “platform” status garners Twitter a valuation multiple of 10x revenue whereas since NY Times is deemed a “publisher”, it gets a measly valuation multiple of only 2x revenue.  So Twitter is worth $50 billion on a claimed revenue of $5 billion derived from selling user data to both advertisers and the government, whereas the NY Times is worth only $4 billion on a revenue of $2 billion.

Twitter and Musk, and his Silicon Valley investors, many of whom are the same investors in Tesla and SpaceX cannot afford to lose Section 230 immunity.  Twitter would lose overnight $40 billion in value were the government to remove their Section 230 immunity, and deem Twitter to be a publisher and not a platform.   Therefore, Musk and Twitter must do whatever government wishes to maintain their multi-billion dollar Section 230 status.  Such as,…maintaining a Backdoor  portal for government to surveil and censor Americans’ speech!  And, that is precisely what the old Twitter – before Musk – did, that is what the “new” Twitter – after Musk – will unequivocally continue to do. New bottle, old wine.


It must be reiterated, Elon Musk’s existence and his $200 billion wealth is a direct result of the aegis of the government.  Musk is by the government and for the government. He will not bite the hand that feeds him.

In fact, following Twitter’s acquisition, Musk will gladly repay his government Master by keeping the Backdoor portal fully alive.  Of course, this means the government will reciprocate with more subsidies, grants, contracts, favorable legislation, and other benefits for SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter. Quid pro quo maximus!


As of now, Musk has so far refrained from withdrawing access to government censors via the explicitly anti-American Backdoor portal system through which the government actively censors the speech of American citizens, post by post, tweet by tweet.

Musk is doing a double whammy on his new found “conservative” fans.  First, he makes money from them by taking advantage of their anti-Biden sentiment to deceive them into thinking he is a fighter for Free Speech.  His “TwitterFiles” circus is a classic cause-related advertising campaign to generate goodwill among “conservatives” for his brand and his companies.

We now know “conservatives” are buying more Teslas, and Republicans have more trust in Tesla than Democrats, as a result.  Second, these “conservatives” ignore Musk’s total commitment to keep that Backdoor portal open for the government (Point Number Two), while Musk continues to get paid handsomely by the government with the quid pro quo that government is free to go “beyond the Law” and violate of the First Amendment using the Backdoor he has left wide open for them.

Why the GRIFTER MEDIA is so dedicated to distracting attention from the Truth Freedom Health® Movement.

Dr. SHIVA’s 2020 Federal lawsuit Ayyadurai v. Twitter Et al. was delivering death blows to the false gods, grifters and misleaders.  The movement for Truth Freedom Health® – independent of the mainstream media and its grifters – was able through its own efforts to get this news of the Government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure that Dr. SHIVA had first discovered in 2020, out to over 200 million worldwide, in spite of the concealment, limited hangouts, and deception by the GRIFTER MEDIA.

The dissemination of this knowledge to those 200+ million people became a danger to Government and its grifters for it exposed their nefarious role committed to enslaving the rest of us, in the confines of the Left and the Right. This was their reason that the The Intercept, Tucker Carlson of FOX NEWS, Glen Greenwald and other media grifters concealed the findings of Dr. SHIVA’s historic 2020 Federal lawsuit.

The most recent media grifter – being Steven Miller of the America First Legal (AFL) group, yesterday December 14, 2022 released totally bogus news that AFL had discovered the “Partner Support Portal,” to which Elon Musk gave back a lame response, “Extremely Concerning…”

Such a response from the CEO of Twitter is part of the entire theatrical deception to have everyday people rest their hopes on Establishment actors such as the AFL and false gods like Elon Musk to be their saviors. Elon Musk is playing “Mickey the Dunce” acting as though he had no idea of this Portal’s existence. Musk has known about the Backdoor portal’s existence starting with his purchase of Twitter, and more recently, as documented in his interaction with Clayton Morris of REDACTED on December 3, 2022, as can be heard right here:


The truth is Elon Musk is the Government’s new face – their Brand Ambassador – in their ever-expanding Digital Censorship & Surveillance State expands across Land, Sea, Air, and Space. Elon Musk is poised to be a wonderful single and centralized point for surveillance and censorship whether in your Tesla, or on Twitter, or in your boat or plane connecting on SpaceX’s Starlink satellites.


The only way to win back Freedom is for us to unite – beyond Left & Right – to grow the movement for Truth Freedom Health® – the only force on the planet that is dedicated to building a bottom’s up education movement founded on the Science of Systems – that seeks to find REAL SOLUTIONS to REAL PROBLEMS – INDEPENDENT OF LEFT & RIGHT

Truth Freedom Health® Movement.

A billionaire who is dependent on the government cannot be the source of our freedom. Only a movement that breaks from false gods, pseudo intellectuals, and grifters, can win back freedom.

The dismantling of the Government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure discovered by Dr. SHIVA is an American concern that goes way beyond Left and Right.

Elon Musk’s deliberate refusal to dismantle this infrastructure while claiming to care about free speech and claiming he will never go “beyond the law” is intentionally hypocritical.  Moreover, his exploiting conservative sentiment conflating Point Number One with Point Number Two to create an unnecessary divisiveness across most Americans – Left and Right – who value the First Amendment is nothing less than insidious and an utter disgrace.

Musk, however, has a particular problem right now. Dr. Shiva and his colleagues in the movement for Truth Freedom Health along with other sincere independent journalists, who since 2020, have been successfully exposing this Government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure first uncovered in his lawsuit and have shared it with over 200 million people globally, in spite of no support from mainstream media grifters, fake heroes, and other false gods.

Musk and the government are therefore desperate to do everything possible to distract attention from Dr. SHIVA, his lawsuit, and definitely the movement for Truth Freedom Health®.

It is time everyone to realize BILLIONAIRES WHO ARE DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT have neither any interest to dismantle that GOVERNMENT Censorship Infrastructure nor to win back our freedom. Only the hardworking American people have an interest in dismantling such a GOVERNMENT Censorship Infrastructure.

Let this disclosure of Musk’s deception compel all hardworking Americans – at the level of everyday people – to unite and build a real movement for Freedom that relies on our unity neighbor-to-neighbor. It’s time to stop outsourcing our civic duty to false gods from above. It’s our historic duty as Americans to get off our butts, and to take control of our own destiny.

Build the movement for #TruthFreedomHealth:


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