Congress: Investigate Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty

June 8, 2017 in News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff




We, the undersigned, support the USS Liberty survivors’ request for a thorough, honest, official investigation of the attack on their ship.

We are calling for an official Congressional investigation into the attack that takes public testimony from surviving crew members.

What happened to the Liberty?

Fifty years ago, on June 8, 1967, 34 American servicemen were killed (photos & bios) and 174 were wounded when Israel attacked the USS Liberty navy ship in international waters.

It was the highest casualty rate ever inflicted on a U.S. naval vessel, with 7 out of every 10 crew members killed or injured.

Israel’s sea and air attack lasted approximately two hours. U.S. navy fighters located just 40 minutes away were launched to rescue the ship after they received a distress signal. But the White House cancelled the planes just minutes later, and help did not reach the USS Liberty for seventeen hours.

According to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer, “Those men were then betrayed and left to die by our own government.”

It is the only peacetime attack on a U.S. naval vessel that, to this day, the Congress of the United States of America formally refuses to investigate.

The survivors are still awaiting justice. Please join them in demanding accountability.

How you can help

  1. Add your name to this petition and share it
  2. Ask your Congressional reps to publicly support an official investigation
  3. Urge your local newspaper to interview a Liberty survivor for the 50th anniversary of the attack
  4. Watch and share these documentaries about the Liberty
  5. Attend the 50th anniversary memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery in Norfolk, VA on June 8
  6. Order a Liberty pack and distribute educational materials
  7. Buy and wear USS Liberty memorabilia
  8. Follow Honor USS Liberty Veterans on Facebook and share the latest news