Countering Christian Zionists Dual Allegiance

April 1, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

Millions of American, evangelical Christians don’t even realize that they have been conditioned to believe that the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and that they must have a dual allegiance to both the US and Israel to be right with God. We Hold These Truths has been dispelling this myth for the past 17 years. We’ve conducted about 200 vigils in front of Christian Zionist churches and events. Our California Central Valley Outreach Director, David Jacob and his team found this concept of dual allegiance to be true at a recent vigil they conducted in Fresno at a new venue, a Christian rock concert with singer Michael W. Smith as the headliner. Attendees were greeted by the WHTT team, who engaged them with signs, dialog and a handout, “Does the Bible Require Folowers of Jesus to Support the Jewish State of Israel.” In this thoughtful, 27 minute podcast, David Jacobs and members of We Hold These Truths discuss the vigil and the important lessons they learned.