December 28, 2020 in News by RBN Staff



Source: Clouded Titles Blog

(OP-ED) — Ahead of the media push and the shaming that will become “unprecedented” for refusing to take the vaccine allegedly developed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the spin machines will misdirect your attention away from the real truths, which this author describes (in part) below.

Reading the label … or were you allowed to?

Sometimes reading blogs can produce some interesting side notes from the public sector. Many of those working in the public sector are health care workers, who, like first responders, we now refer to as “heroes”. Here’s an interesting side note about reading labels that you should be aware of:

Yet … without reading the label … thousands will flock to hospitals like lemmings running off a cliff out of fear and anxiety and less about being patriotic Americans to take a vaccine that could result in anaphylactic shock.

This should be a warning that if you have to go anywhere that has an emergency response team on standby to treat you for the above “side effect”, including jabbing you with an EpiPen to keep you alive, maybe this isn’t such a smart idea. The author notes within the above post about why doctors offices aren’t giving the vaccine. Seems like even your local drug stores can give you a flu shot, but this? What’s so different about this? That should be obvious after you read the foregoing side note.

All of the statistics appear to be pointing to the mortality rate among older adults. Hmmm. Interesting to see the correlation of the number of folks who draw social security and other government doles being affected. For everyone who is drawing a monthly stipend from Uncle Sam … the more the powers that be kill off, the less they have to pay out in government benefits, which makes one wonder about depopulation efforts I hear folks talking about.


The economy continues to suffer …

The trend to relocate out of states imposing tighter travel and lockdown restrictions continues. Over 126,000 people fled the State of New York, many for Florida and parts unknown. There are charts and graphs all over the place that appear to indicate that locking down an economy does nothing to stop the spread of the virus. News outlets are reporting that the lockdowns are having a negative economic impact versus simply allowing herd immunity to run its course.

… and how many times has this picture been bastardized with commentary?

The mask mandates don’t appear to be working …

Check out Rational Ground’s new postings about how well the mask mandates have been working to stop the spread of coronavirus. More generalized information about the lockdowns and other such issues can also be found HERE. Just saying.

The bigger impact will be felt after January 6th …

Many of you might not be aware that reports are surfacing that Dominion voting machines were moved to Nashville and were potentially housed in a facility that was leveled by the explosion that occurred Christmas morning. While the FBI claims to be investigating the incident, the misdirection continues away from what the electoral college is going to do on January 6th (as if this isn’t going to add to your level of anxiety already). I don’t trust the FBI’s ability to investigate anything and neither should you.

BTW, I got my first batch of EMP Shields in the other day …

I’m having them installed in my homes and vehicles this week by a licensed electrician. These units are designed to protect your home, vehicle, whole house generator, etc. from harm caused by a number of geomagnetic issues including an all-out EMP attack from a detonated nuke. Now we just have to “wake up” the rest of the citizens as to their patriotic duty to protect our infrastructure like our own government is protecting its own infrastructure. Contact me directly at if you’d like to get one (or more) at a 15% discount. Once everyone finds out this new technology exists, the backorders will be horrendous. I’m making you aware because I took an oath (U.S. Army) to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and it’s my patriotic duty to get the word out so we can all be prepared.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and look for my Requiem for 2020 article to be published on New Year’s Eve. Whatever happens, this author wishes you the best for your health, safety, peaceful rest and prosperity in 2021.