Dang, That Huma is Fast! Whose Emails Does She Have? Everybody’s?

November 3, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike

President Obama was inaugurated 7.8 years ago. That is, 2,842 days ago President Obama took an Oval Office and made it a throne. This amounts to 68,208 hours- 4,092,480 minutes- also 245,548,800 seconds that Obama has been on the throne, (just pooping all over us).

(Doesn’t it seem like it’s been 245,548,800 years?)*

Just for fun, let’s say that Huma “Not-A-Wiener-Lover” Abedin has been writing emails every second of every day since Obama ascended. If this were the case, how many emails per hour would she have to have written to amass the sum of 650,000, the number that we are told are on the laptop computer she shares with her very eSTRANGEd husband, Anthony Wiener? She would have to have written 9.53 emails per hour EVERY HOUR since Obama acquired the scepter to have written those 650,000 emails.

Now, I know (I’m told) that running a crime ring, especially on the level of the US government, is not a 9 to 5 job just five days a week, after all, even the crooked sleep. (We learned from Vito Corelone that a much smaller crime ring puts one on call 24/7.)

But, to be fair, let’s say that Huma worked 260 days per year at 12 hours per day. At that rate, she still would have to have been stroking out an email every 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

I don’t know, how could I, but it seems to me that she might have been collecting the email of others’ in addition to her own for delivery to her laptop. Who else do you suppose was getting access to those emails? Her Dad? Her Mom?** And if these are 650,000 emails that she took some care to hide, might there actually be more that she has successfully hidden somewhere? And who else might have collected emails? And to whom might any of these emails have been given? What is the content of these emails?

Wow the questions, and these are just elementary questions, are going to pile very high very soon.

Remember when President Clinton bombed an aspirin factory just to give a little cover to the corrupted media so as to provide that media the opportunity to diminish coverage about Monica Lewinsky?

Do you suppose that anybody who has access to the levers of war now would be willing to, I don’t know, bomb somebody- maybe everybody- to prevent from reaching our ears the bad news that is coming?

Do you trust anybody in this current White House?

Keep your powder dry (and nearby),
Je Suis Spike

*Yes, I rounded a few numbers.
** I would have provided links to Huma’s Dad and Mom but I just couldn’t get any search vehicles to take me to them.