Datum Line w/ Bruce G. McCarthy

November 22, 2015 in News by D

Bro. Bruce; i listened with critical ears to hear every enlightening word you spoke this your apparent final live SUN Day. Although You, have long been a wonderful good and faithful servant-teacher educator and mentor; i do have one clear recollection that; i was once a couple years ago blessed and granted one of if NOT the only oppurtunity to have you take a Call from the-a Listener[s].  i also take some encouragement for extolling Your virtues on several other alternative net-radio truth stations and internet law study groups whom seem to greatly appreciate the extensive diligent plenty good work that You have contributed to the express beneficium for humanity.

Perhaps you may find some solace in knowing that You Bruce G. McCarthy in your; well done good and faithful homage styled “Paul Harvey’esque” Radio presentment which exudes and resonates truth conviction and irrefutable voracity, paralleled by few hosts in this troubling spirit of these very dangerous end times.

Bro. Bruce; you are much loved and appreciated by many whose lives you have enriched that will continue bearing good fruits; long after you stop-appearing live and note: as You Recorded Your light spirit messages in a timeless and stand alone instructional manner that; each stands alone but the Body is connective as is all in toto.

Special Thanks to Your Loving Family for sharing You with us.    We are all much richer for being blessed by knowing and learning from you on Your Datum Line. Hope we meet again in the hopefully better hereafter. Love Blessing copious

Thanks and appreciation for being you and Your Monumental Herculean contributions to objective Truth justice, facts, law, scripture, and HIS and the so called American Way.

jus chris family and friends near; Las Vegas Nevada state, this Planet and across the universe.