Democrat Representative: It’s Possible that a “Civil War or Race War” will occur “in the Event Trump is Defeated”

October 24, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Freedom Outpost | By TIM BROWN 

US Representative Bennie Thompson (D-MS) has claimed that there could be a civil war or a race war in the event that Donald Trump loses the election in November.

What’s the basis of this claim? I’ll throw back on him what he and others do to the rest of us, he’s a “conspiracy theorist.”

Thompson claims that militia groups are mobilizing to act.

As a ranking member on the Committee on Homeland Security, Thompson sent a letter to Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, in which he wrote while citing an article from The Guardian, “Trump supporters have begun raising the possibility of a civil war or race war in the event Trump is defeated.”

In citing the less than credible Southern Poverty Law Center, Thompson wrote, “As you know, antigovernment militia groups grew by one-third in 2015.”

Perhaps Thompson doesn’t understand, or even know the part in the Constitution that militia is there not as antigovernment, but rather to enforce the laws of the Constitution. Just because militia may organize does not mean they are a threat to the nation, but rather they are a threat to corrupt politicians.

“This election season is occurring in the midst of a period of heightened activity for these extremist groups and those that espouse separatist and nationalist ideologies,” he added. “These sentiments have become more mainstream and have been amplified throughout this election season and have fueled incidents of violence. Members of militia groups and ‘sovereign citizens’ report feeling a sense of legitimization from political rhetoric of Republic Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s campaign.”

He then referenced Trump’s statements that the election is rigged and that he won’t say whether or not he’ll accept the results. Well, why should anyone accept the election results at face value when it come to the corruption in DC and the media?

“Militia groups are already mobilizing to recruit new members based on the possibility of a Trump loss and some Trump supporters have begun raising the possibility of a civil war or race war in the event Trump is defeated,” Thompson continued.

Well, of course. However, what he fails to actually see is that the militia groups are not the ones seeking to start such a way. Rather, they are preparing for those who are opposed to them to start the war, which is what Thompson is actually instigating against them by his comments. This is also what many of the provocateurs in the Black Lives Matter movement are engaging in as well.

However, instead of pointing out the violence that has resulted from the BLM movement, he points to three members of a group called the Crusaders who were charged with plotting a bombing attack. So far, the individuals are only charged with planning an attack the day after the election in order to “wake people up” and encourage other groups to act in a similar manner. However, only one of those men was known to be a strong Trump supporter.

While Thompson claims that some of Donald Trump’s “widely-reported statements on the campaign trail could be taken by some as a call to arms,” I have yet to see such statements.

He cited a statement by Trump, in which he said, that Hillary Clinton should refuse protection so that everyone could “see what happens to her.”

Obviously, Trump was making a point of Hillary Clinton’s own hypocrisy regarding gun control. Hillary wants men with guns surrounding her, as long as they are part of government, but she does not want you to have those same rights.

He even referenced the Trump “stated that ‘Second Amendment’ people could possibly ‘do something’ if Secretary Clinton is elected.”

Once again, Thompson pulls the comments from their context.

“The rhetoric and propaganda spewed throughout this election season have the ability to empower and embolden individuals to commit acts of terror,” Thompson wrote. “Since the department is responsible for monitoring, reporting and responding to all threats and hazards impacting the nation, I urge you to redouble your efforts to engage with federal, state and local authorities throughout the remainder of the season and after the election.”

Yet, he claims that there is “no place for interference with the electoral process and the will of the American people should be respected.”

If that is the case Mr. Thompson, why are you not out blasting the exposure of those in your own party who are engaged in voter fraud and rigging the election in favor of your party’s candidate? Hypocrisy, anyone?