Diaper Report

April 22, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanfreedomnews


by Eric Peters

There is good news to report today. And bad news, too.

The good news is that a federal judge has ruled the Face Diaper “mandate” that has been in force these past two years at airports, on airplanes and all other forms of “public” – that is to say, government controlled – transportation is now rescinded.

At least, for now.

There were literally sighs of relief aboard airplanes when the captain or flight attendant (remember when these were stewardesses?) informed the passengers they were now free to remove the disgusting “mask,” if they so wished.

The bad news is that these people would have “masked” forever, so long as it was “mandated” – in order to be allowed to get on an airplane or board a bus or a train in what was once America, but which has . . . transitioned into something else.

People just waited to be told – again. This time, told they could show their faces. Last time, told they weren’t allowed to. In both cases, they did as they were told.

When another judge or some other authority figure tells them to do something else, they will.

America won’t return until they won’t.

The problem is Americans, by and large are conditioned to obey – and so do exactly that whenever they are told to.

Without thought, without question.

It is not even necessary to pass a law. A sign on the door will do. Even when it has no force of law behind it. Their conditioning is so deep they reflexively do as it says, just because it says.

The idea of not doing it doesn’t enter their consciousness. The reason why has little, if anything, to do with intelligence and everything to do with how they have been taught to defer to whatever a perceived authority figure – or even a sign – tells them to do. Fauci – and the various local authority figures – told them to “mask up.”

And so, they did.

They stood six feet apart, because a colored sign on the floor told them to. Or because a teenaged clerk told them to. Very few told the teenaged clerk to piss off. This degraded state of things did not happen overnight. People have been obediently spreading their legs and take off their shoes at airports for more than twenty years. That did not happen overnight, either.

The groundwork was laid long before.about:blank

It begins in government schools, where the object is not to discover the answer to the question – why? – but to learn to never ask it. Instead, to accept the answers they are given, without questioning them. Those who do question them are considered “disruptive” – and lately, drugged for being so.

In order to get them to stop asking questions.

Mark that. Disobedience has been pathologized. You are . . . ill, if you do not agree. The Soviets did the same. And for the same ends.

One rote lesson in memorization follows another. A disconnected incoherence of jumbled information is acquired. The result is a mind incapable of integrating that information and drawing conclusions from it. Instead, just  . . . information. In other words, the information they are given. It sits there, like a piece of broken asphalt by the side of a crumbling road, going nowhere. about:blank

Specialization is permitted, to the extent that it is necessary for a given individual to be a competent machine-minder (as Huxley put it). But it is even more necessary to so organize the “education” of the individual such that he no longer has any individuality; to make him automatically obedient to the collective, his “consciousness” defined by a few controllers – of whose existence the controlled is unaware because the thought never occurs to him.

Instead, the reflex. To do as he has been told.

Thus, while it is good news that an authority figure has ruled that Americans may – at last – remove the (not “their”) loathsome “mask” they have been told they must wear on airplanes and so on, it does not mean they won’t put them on again, when another authority figure rules differently.

Americans must learn to say no to authority figures, period, if they are ever to be Americans, again.