May 14, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  blacklistednews

Published: May 14, 2024


The fast approaching Presidential election will be far more difficult to steal this time around, and thus will require ever more drastic measures to subvert the will of the voters.

The 4th Branch of the United States Government, which happens to be the same Intelligence Industrial Complex that was directly responsible for the PSYOP-19 “pandemic,” and associated slow kill bioweapon “vaccines,” is now gearing up to disrupt, pilfer, or even possibly outright cancel the election.

From false flags to assassinations to various psyops like DISEASE-X, there are many options on the table that may be used against We the People, as well as the rest of the world.

PSYOP-BIRD-FLU is now being trial ballooned for summer lockdowns:

The United Nations (UN) and their eugenics “health” node in the World Health Organization (WHO) are proverbially killing two birds with one stone by conflating another gain of function (GOF) scamdemic with “climate change” and the food supply.

Because controlling global food production ensures that the X Everything App social credit score system will serve as an ineluctable digital noose around the necks of the surviving genetically modified slaves, as well as the “vaccine” and CBDC refuseniks alike.

And if anyone still somehow believes that this followup “pandemic” is in any way a naturally occurring zoonotic event, then allow the former FDA director to dispel any doubts that the usual bioterrorist criminals are at it yet again:

The sick irony here is that various universities are being funded through NIH, DARPA, DoD, Pentagon and CIA grants and covert black ops money laundering to basically continue conducting illegal (bioweapons) “research.”

The mass fear formation ops are in full swing:

Just like PSYOP-19 projections were egregiously faked into high death counts, so too is this PSYOP-BIRD-FLU being whipped up into some kind of black plague 2.0 event, except that the increasingly desperate technocrats may just roll the dice on a much higher Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) this time around.

Because the exceedingly low IFR for the current COVID variants is simply no longer instilling sufficient fear into the most brainwashed-mask-wearing-mind-virus-genetically-modified useful idiots; to wit:

What we are now experiencing is mass Long Covid, which is nothing more than doublespeak for VAIDS; the death and destruction from the “vaccines” is literally going parabolic in front of our very own eyes, so a summer of DISEASE-X would certainly serve as both a most excellent coverup and escalation of this global democide project, thus allowing for an even more draconian Great Reset pivot.

We have only just begun, and far worse events are now being planned for us as the gaslighting starts to wane.

Just like for COVID, the common flu, turbo cancers, and the potentially imminent DISEASE-X, the very same miraculous Nobel winning compound serves as both prophylaxis and early intervention cure.

And said miraculous Nobel winning compound can no longer be denied by the Medical Industrial Complex, nor for that matter the Mockingbird MSM:

Yes, that same Chris Cuomo who now admits, “THE VAX GOT ME!”

And all of those very pharmacies that broke the law on behalf of BigPharma and the various illegitimate Federal agencies meddling with doctors and their medical rights to prescribe any drugs as they saw fit are now guilty of another injustice; namely, price gouging:

Instead of paying $4.58 for 3mg, you can use coupon code 2SGPET and pay $1.25 for 12mg of pharmaceutical pure Ivermectin here. In other words, you can spend $1.50 per milligram with the pharmacies that prevented early treatment and consequently are to this very day guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, or you can spend 10 cents per milligram for the identical compound while sticking it to the establishment ahead of their DISEASE-X scam.

They want you dead.

Do NOT comply.