‘Diversity’ Exhibition Laughably Claims Original Brits Were Black

January 30, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge

TUESDAY, JAN 30, 2024 – 05:30 AM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Modernity.news,

An exhibition celebrating ‘diversity’ in London laughably claims that the first Britons were black and that “Britain was black for 7,000 years before” white people arrived.

Yes, really.

The Brilliant Black British History exhibition held at Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, south London, received taxpayer funding to spout patently false nonsense.

The very first display panel in the exhibition states, “By testing DNA, scientists made an amazing discovery – the first migrants to Britain around 12,000 years ago had black skin. Yes, that’s right, the very first Britons were black!”

Fact check: Nope.

This is all based on the infamous Cheddar Man hoax, the oldest set of human remains to have been found in Briton, who researchers initially claimed had possible skin pigmentations from “dark to black”.

“Susan Walsh, clarified that Cheddar Man’s appearance was uncertain, while a separate 2017 study from geneticist Sarah Tishkoff found that predicting likely pigmentation based on “giveaway” genes was inaccurate,” notes the Telegraph.

The exhibition also falsely claims that AD Roman Emperor Septimius Severus was “a Black Roman ruler,” when in reality he had Italian and Middle Eastern descent.

“The exhibit claims that 11 per cent of Roman York was “Black”, possibly based on a 2009 study, which suggested 11 per cent of one set of human remains may have been migrants who “mainly originated from northern Africa (modern Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya),” reports the Telegraph.

The exhibition was blasted by Cambridge historian Professor David Abulafia.

“The presence of a very small number of Africans in this country over the two millennia up to the 19th century is exaggerated out of all proportion. And most of these ‘Africans’ were from the north of the continent and white or light brown,” he asserted.

It’s little surprise that the exhibition is so absurdly inaccurate given that is is based on Bloomsbury children’s book Brilliant Black British History, by Atinuke, the Nigerian-born poet and author.

The book claims that black people built Stonehenge, despite there being absolutely no evidence of this at all.

We wuz Mesolithic hunter-gatherers n’ shieet!

As we document in the video below, the BBC also produces TV shows for children pushing the lie that a whole raft of British historical figures were sub-Saharan African, which is a total fallacy.

As we previously highlighted, children at schools in the UK are being taught that St Hadrian, an abbot who played a pivotal role in the early history of the English Church, was black, despite the fact that there is no record of him being black at all.

The Telegraph reported, “The Dark Age abbot St Hadrian of Canterbury has been referred to as a ‘black scholar’ in primary school teaching material, despite the holy man being of north African origin and not black.”

In another similar case, the BBC had to remove a plaque it had installed celebrating the “first black Briton” after scientific evidence revealed the person was not African, but from Cyprus.

Again, race activists will seize upon any indication that a historical figure didn’t have porcelain white skin and claim they came from sub-Sahara Africa to push diversity propaganda and attack the heritage of native white Britons.

This all points to the fact that sub-Sahara Africa has actually produced next to nothing in terms of important historical figures, culture, or anything of value, which is why they have to lie so profusely about it via government-funded fake museum exhibitions.