Do You Trust The American Government to Protect Your Rights?

November 12, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN

The report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is soon to come out.  We are hoping to learn the genesis of the damnable, I think treasonous, action undertaken – as a conspiracy – to undermine the candidacy and Presidency of Donald J. Trump which was predicated upon the lie that he conspired with Russia to win his election.
The following is an excerpt from on which I wish to comment, just briefly:
The question as to what extent the senior intelligence and federal law enforcement officials weaponized the most trusted institutions in our nation should be answered and made public for the American people.”

“Most trusted institutions” in our nation.  Interesting words.

How long ago was it that they were trusted?  Who trusted them?  I do not trust one institution of a government that has, for years, trampled a single right of a single member of the people.  If one of the most basic rights, I speak of the right to keep and bear arms, was so easily infringed by government, then government is NEVER to be trusted.  I agree that government is a necessary, so to speak, evil and a dangerous servant and a fearful master as President Washington warned us, but it is certainly never to be trusted.  This is why the people need to be ever vigilant to keep the government “in its lane,” and its lane is the service of the people, not ruling the people.

It was said by somebody much smarter than I, braver than I, and more understanding of the God who gives rights than I, that, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”  See that?  ETERNAL VIGILANCE.  Not for one moment do you let government work behind closed doors if you hope to remain free.  I cannot find the source of this quote, but find it to be one of the most profound truths I’ve ever read outside the bible:

“The tiniest departure from the fundamental principle of liberty is the first sign of the lurking presence of evil.”*

When government first determined that peaceable, lawful Americans could not put a gun into their pocket without getting permission from government beforehand, that was certainly a departure from liberty and it was certainly a sign- no, it is proof- that the lurking presence of evil was gaining hold in government.  Government turned a right, an eternal right, into a temporal, revocable privilege.  I mean, really, if you live in a state that only “permits” you to put a gun into your pocket if you …
  • demonstrate competence at exercising your right,
  • pay a fee to exercise your right,
  • agree that your right may expire and is renewable at the pleasure of government,
  • agree to conduct yourself in a manner agreeable with government,
  • bow to the governor, the legislature and the, surely corrupt, extant bureaucracy,
… then you live under tyranny.  It may be soft, there may be nobody being pulled from their homes in the dark of night and incarcerated far from home just because they irritated a government official, but when government usurps a right, it is tyranny.
Really, if any right may be turned into a revocable privilege and the people required to ask permission to exercise it, then all rights are in peril of suffering the same fate.  Should you be required to pay a fee and ask permission to speak freely, or exercise your religion in accordance with the dictates of your conscience in a manner that does not infringe upon others, or to be secure in your person papers and effects only AFTER getting permission from government?  Those aren’t the actions of rights being exercised, those are the actions of a people on a leash.
This is why it has also been said that the people get the government they deserve.  What this means is that if people do not remain vigilant in constraining government and keeping it within the law- in it’s lane- then when government usurps the rights of the people, the people deserve what they get.  But not all people deserve it.  Some remain vigilant, while others concentrate on amassing wealth and comfort to themselves and, if they do this without remaining vigilant, relying on others to alert them when they may become uncomfortable, they deserve when government steals the wealth and comfort they have amassed to themselves.  While they have my sympathy, they do not deserve my attention, though I will defend to the death their right to lounge while others keep vigil.
But the fight is not on, the vigilant await those in power who claim to be righteous; we await the system, to see if the system will self-police itself.  This Inspector General’s report will reveal much about America’s future, whether by executing justice and working toward liberty or failing to exercise justice and allowing that soft tyranny to continue its journey to awful and full tyranny.
Thank you for reading this,
Je suis Spike
*  I am unable to find the source of this quote.  I had thought that it was from Whittaker Chambers in his book, WITNESS, but I cannot locate it there.