DoD prepares for martial law in CONUS: Marines approved for activation on American soil

October 7, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

by Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — The Department of Defense issued an order signed by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy on October 3, 2019, which authorizes the rapid activation of military forces to protect civil authorities in response to a “major disaster or emergency.”

The order titled Manpower Guidance for Activation and Deactivation of Reserve Component (RC) Marines Ordered to Active Duty ISO Defense Support of Civil Authorities details how Marines will be called to “active duty” upon orders from the U.S. Navy.

Shockingly, one of the first paragraphs details how it “will come with little warning.”

Requests for Federal assistance will come with little warning. As required, the Marine Corps must rapidly mobilize RC units and personnel IAW this MARADMIN in order to respond to threats in the Homeland.

Translated, this means that martial law may be coming sooner than later as the U.S. government appears to actually be anticipating nothing short of an impending civil war, asteroid strike, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or some other type of similar but expected disaster scenario.