DOD’s Vaxx “Killbox” legal framework militarized public health and ‘vaccine’ bioweapon rollout

March 31, 2023 in News by RBN Staff



Source: Forbidden Knowledge TV


Legal analyst and researcher, Katherine Watt joins attorney Todd Callender with Sean on the SGT Report to discuss what they refer to as the Department of Defense’s Vaxx “Killbox” and the legal framework that enabled the militarization of public health and the rollout of a bioweapon being marketed as a “vaccine” – which is not what it is.

Katherine says she discovered that the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) are what are stopping the US legal system from stopping these crimes against humanity. The IHR are the wedge that is preventing people from accessing the courts and which is preventing the courts from hearing those cases.

The IHR have been the key to waging this world war in a covert manner, via the militarization of public health and the merger of the public health apparatus with the military apparatus that made the COVID vaxxine into a military operation.

Katherine says the IHR serve, “On the surface, the public health mission of allegedly helping people live healthier lives but on the other side, it serves this military purpose, which is actually to control and injure and kill people. And the reason that they did it is because it enables it to be not obvious to people.

“If it had just come out as wars prior to the biomedical police state…if they had done it the ordinary way, they’d have to do an invasion, they’d have to mark out who’s border is where and say that you’re invading a country or defending your country from an invasion.

“By doing it in this covert way and getting people to falsely think that it is medicine and falsely think that there is a public health threat or emergency and falsely think that the Government is authorized in some way to legitimately manage the response to whatever this crisis is, they make it all hidden and that’s how it can keep going on so long.

“And that’s why, as more and more people figure out that it’s just a lie, it’s just an attack, it’s just a biowarfare program…once more people see it as a lie, it is no longer as covert as they intended it to be and that’s the main value of it.”

Katherine predicts that going forward, the Deep State will double down on these lies and promote the idea that everybody should obey the Government but that we can also expect to see this war go increasingly kinetic, deploying more of the aggressive, 2nd Generation Warfare tactics and weaponry that we traditionally associate with war.

Todd Callender adds that when you study the Law of War and the 4th Hague Conventions, it says that when an enemy occupies substantial government functions, the war is won and he says, “You look at our military, itself, that was subverted, a grand suicide, where 1.4 million people were told to take a deadly, experimental shot…for purposes of the Law of War, it sure looks to me as though our government has already been captured and our nation is already lost.”     

Sean chimes in and says, that at the top of this pyramid is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and that, “All wars are Bankster wars and war is being waged against us by the Banksters…and we are an enemy-occupied state by the Banksters…We’ve got the WHO, the BIS, we’ve got the DoD all of these aligned against the American People.”

Katherine agrees and says that the early legal framework for this attack began in 1918 with the Spanish Flu outbreak, which was not what we have been told and also, the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. She says this was the turning point and it has since escalated into this most advanced form of the kind of warfare that they want to deploy, starting in January of 2020, with the Public Health Emergency Declaration by Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar at the end of January that coincided and was responsive to the World Health Organization Director General’s declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

She says, “Those two terms, the PHEIC and Public Health Emergency, you can trace backwards in the United States’ statutes and regulations and guidance documents and legal opinions…to the late 1990s, early 2000s and that is also a point at which it converges with the 9/11 attacks and the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act and the [2001] Anthrax Attacks.

“They sort of wove it together with all of these cross-referencing laws specific to Military Countermeasures [MCM] used during a Public Health Emergency – and Public Health Emergency joins the lexicon in 1983 to be something very similar to – legally speaking – a State of War or a State of National Emergency, such that all kinds of emergency powers get stripped from the normal places they would be – like courts and like legislatures and like state governments – and put into the Executive Branch’s hands; the President’s hands and the Cabinet Secretaries’ hands.

“That’s the whole thing that we’ve seen since January 2020. The execution of…these things that were embedded over time, gradually, piece by piece by piece – and then, boom! January 2020 is when they pulled them all out and said, ‘Look, we have the authority to do all these things, everybody follow what we’re saying.’”

Todd adds that after the 2005 International Health Regulations were observed, came the Bureau of Justice, which is an amalgamation of functions; public health, law enforcement, corrections and the judiciary. They all became one and their functions all became coordinated, which Katherine says is “Just another way to describe the Deep State but it’s a more granular description of who comprises the Deep State, which individuals, in which agencies and what their different functions are.”

Katherine says she thinks the basis of this vaxxine war is to reduce the number of people competing for the Earth’s resources with our would-be owners at the Bank for International Settlements and to give them the ability to control whoever survives.

Todd says, “How can we fight something we’re not aware of?…They’ve spent, I think millennia, not just centuries controlling humanity and we’ve been deceived so beautifully this whole time and now, it’s becoming apparent.

“Frankly, I think the four years that Trump sat inside the White House, by itself was enough to make all of this apparent and so now that people are finally catching on to the clues, waking up and smelling the coffee, our biggest weapon, our way to defeat this is to KNOW of it. And then, we can make personal decisions about how we are or are not going to participate.

“Lots of people – 25 million of them – have joined the State National Movement and are no longer paying taxes. That’s got to create a problem for the fake government that we have.”

Katherine says she doesn’t know how the Deep State will respond to this growing awareness of their existence but she thinks that if their goal, all along was to keep their war covert in order to keep people compliant and non-resisting and they don’t have another fall back position and the more they do overt attacks, like blowing up the food processing plants and blowing up the chemical-laden derailed cars at East Palestine, the more people will wake up to their existence and she doesn’t think they’ll be able to remain hidden.

Sean wonders at what point we’ll hit a tipping point, where they will have no more plausible deniability, because we’re all pointing a finger at the bad guys and the bad guys are our own government.

Katherine says she doesn’t know but they’re working on it and she says that’s what the Project Veritas piece with Jordon Walker was about and it’s what all the narratives focusing on regulatory capture and/or about tainted batches are all about; they want to make it look like it was “All Pfizer’s fault!” and to draw attention away from the DoD and away from the Federal Reserve and away from the Bank for International Settlements.

One of the biggest benefits to the malefactors, as well as the biggest obstacle to the truth movement is the inability or the unwillingness of people to fathom the evil that has overtaken our institutions and they don’t feel like they can function in a world where they let themselves believe it. People need to break their conditioning, that’s the only way out of this and they need help in overcoming these blocks.

She thinks that the banking crisis is being engineered and it’s all about corralling us into the Central Bank Digital Currency, which they’ll present as the solution while at the same time, trying to keep themselves from being identified as the cause of the problem.

She likens what we see happening to a smash and grab theft. “They’re smashing everything right now. They’re stealing as much stuff as they can and then, I think there’s just gonna be the rubble left behind.” She wonders which side will actually have the ability to rebuild civilization after the Deep State knocks out the electrical and communications networks. “I tend to think it’s going to be the Good Guys, because the Good Guys are people who tend to create and build, whereas the other guys’ main skill is smashing things to pieces and breaking stuff…

“So, I think they’ll get the CBDC and they won’t be able to run it…and people will figure out the work-arounds and will look a lot like how they were done in the ’40s and ’50s, before the Digital Age came upon us.”

Over the next few years, she sees massive chaos everywhere and then, reconstruction amid the skirmishes between whoever’s left. One way to beat this would be for states to de-couple from the Federal Reserve system and to develop their own currencies, which would then require their own bullion depositories.

“I really love what the Tennessee Legislature is doing. They have a very well-written catch-all kind of thing: ‘In any case where the Federal Government is overstepping its bounds We, the Legislature of the State of Tennessee, on behalf of the People of Tennessee are reserving the right to block it,’ and I think all the states need to go in that direction.”

She’s referring to the Tennessee House bill HB 726 Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act, introduced by Tennessee State Representative Bud Hulsey, which declares that Federal Laws, Federal Executive actions and Federal Court opinions have to comply with the jurisdictional limitations of the US Constitution.

It’s acknowledging that the Federal Government has vastly overstepped its Constitutional limits and has intruded into ground that is properly occupied by the states and properly occupied by the people, themselves, as individuals and in Tennessee, they’re saying, “The proper manner of resistance is a state action of nullification of the federal action.”

Katherine also adds, “I’m not in the camp that says Trump is off the hook. I think Trump did just as much as Biden and anybody else, because this goes back decades.”

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