DOJ Drops Bombshell against Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation: “It’s a Law Enforcement Matter”

May 3, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

Freedom Outpost

Hillary Clinton has laughed off the probe into her illegal email server which has compromised hundreds of classified documents. She has mocked the FBI at every turn and said there would be no way she would be put in handcuffs. To top it off, she’s even claimed that the FBI’s investigation is nothing more than a “security review.” However, the Department of Justice has shot that down and claimed that the investigation into Clinton’s crimes are “a law enforcement matter.”

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that the DOJ has turned down Freedom of Information Act requests. Instead of them acknowledging that the investigation was a “security review,” as Clinton has told Americans, they reasoned that they could not comply with the FOIA requests because the investigation was “a law enforcement matter.”

Napolitano added, “We now know that it’s not a ‘security review.'”

The judge explained that the DOJ would have no problem in complying with FOIA requests if this was simply a security review. He then dropped a bombshell.

“This is the first time the Justice Department has acknowledged this is a federal law enforcement matter,” he said. “But I doubt Mrs. Clinton will start saying that.”

Of course, Bill Clinton took up for his wife in a similar manner to what she did concerning his adultery with Monica Lewinsky when she said there was “a vast right wing conspiracy” after her husband. Bill said that this investigation is nothing more than a “game” that has been played on his wife by her political opponents.

Still, Napolitano believes this is a very serious matter and said that “dozens and dozens” of FBI agents are investigating not only Clinton’s illegal email server, but also the Clinton Foundation, which has become nothing more than a slush fund for the Clintons to do whatever they want and even engage in criminal activity.

In May 2015, Rep. Michele Bachmann said that the Clinton Foundation was nothing more than “an international money laundering ring,” and later it was reported that the Clinton Foundation may be at the center of Russians obtaining the uranium from the land in western united States.

Napolitano commented back in November that he did not believe that Clinton’s name would appear on any ballot in the general election in 2016 because of the legal matters that are building.

“It is difficult to believe that the federal prosecutors and FBI agents investigating Clinton will not recommend that she be indicted,” said Napolitano. “Inexplicably, she seems to have forgotten that they were monitoring what she said under oath to the Benghazi committee. By lying under oath, and by misleading Congress, she gave that team additional areas to investigate and on which to recommend indictments.”

The question is, when is someone going to bring some charges against Hillary Clinton?