Donald Trump Got Word Back on a Big Court Ruling. It’s Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

March 14, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Democrats are being forced to pay for their illegal attempts to disobey the law.

Their agenda is about to cause them huge problems.

Donald Trump got word back on a court ruling. It’s Democrats’ worst nightmare.

The Democrats have gone full in on the idea that open borders and illegal immigration are a good thing.

They even accused Donald Trump of being racist for stopping travel with China because it was dealing with a new coronavirus that turned into an epidemic.

The Democrats should look at this crisis and realize that globalism doesn’t work.

America has the right to decide who it lets into its country.

It’s harmful and unfair to let people come into the country illegally.

Yet the Democrats encourage illegal immigration at every turn.

If they were looking to help people and felt that more people should be allowed into the country, they would try and reform the immigration system.