Double Standard: The View Argues That Biden Deserves “The Benefit Of The Doubt” On Classified Documents

January 11, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


WEDNESDAY, JAN 11, 2023 – 08:24 AM

After the FBI raid on Trump’s Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago, the political left leaped into a rabid narrative that treason had taken place due to the presence of classified documents.  So far, no legal action has taken place in relation to these documents, likely because the possession of classified information by former presidents is a legal gray area.  Former presidents are in fact allowed access to classified information for the rest of their lives, and they have broad authority to declassify documents as they see fit.

Prosecution over the possession of classified materials by government officials generally depends on the mishandling of the documents and information.  Regardless of what a person might think of Trump, they cannot honestly accuse him of mishandling the information that the FBI seized at Mar-a-Lago, which is why no indictments have been pursued.

Leftists were quick to condemn Trump without a clear understanding of the law, but not surprisingly they are also quick to give Joe Biden the “benefit of the doubt” as he has recently been found to also be in possession of classified materials from his time as Vice President.  The hypocritical nature of the political left is once again on full display as members of The View argue that Trump is a “liar and a thief”, therefore, he deserved persecution while Biden does not.

Whoopi Goldberg makes the claim that Biden handed over the documents willingly – His lawyers found them and gave them to the National Archive, but they sat in his offices for at least six years.  Joy Behar says the quiet part out loud.  Leftists commonly engage in this kind of double standard – Trump is a conservative (at least by the measures of The View) and thus deserves extra scrutiny.  Biden is a leftist (again, by their measure), and thus deserves fair appraisal. 

There is little to no difference between these two events involving classified documents, but Trump is treated as guilty until proven innocent while Biden is innocent until proven guilty.  Leftists have no shame in engaging in hypocrisy, they only care about “optics” and manipulating those optics to “win”.  This ideology is the reason why America is witnessing increasing division; political differences cannot be reconciled when one side is willing to apply the rules unfairly to gain power and social advantage.