Electronic Voting Machines Are Corrupted: Garbage In, Garbage Out

September 1, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Gordon Martines, host of American Honor on RBN, Saturday 6pm CT

There is more than enough evidence to prove that our elections are rigged. Whether it is with election registration fraud, voting machine tampering and manipulation, or tabulation-counting machine tampering, it really doesn’t matter at this point; we are running out of time — November is just around the corner.

The bottom line is that electronic voting machines need to be removed completely and immediately from our current American election process system.

A casual look around, especially in my hometown (Las Vegas, NV), illustrates how easy it is to rig electronic slot machines and any other electronic gambling devices in use. Some of the other states that have electronic machine lottery gambling have just recently experienced having their electronic random number generators lottery machines hacked by criminal computer experts who individually reaped great profits before getting caught.

Our current voting system employs numerous safeguards and protection systems so that nobody can get to the voting and tabulation machines even for inspection and verification. The voting machines are tampered and corrupted at the get-go, where they are originally made and illegally tuned up. Hidden programs and hardware are installed inside the tabulation and voting machines in South America where they are constructed, even before they are shipped to the United States of America. Boy, how does that grab you? Our Voting machines in the United States are made in South America, where bribery and corruption is almost a way of life, subjected to the power of Money.

Understand my point, I am not after playing the blame game; there is just no time. I am sure that safeguards by this
particular corrupted Federal Government are already put in place to divert any investigation into election fraud, and would liberally use their greatest tool (Attrition) against the American people, so that any warranted investigation would eventually die on the vine and be forgotten. Just take, for example, the eleven states so far that have filed a Federal Lawsuit complaining of “Voter Fraud,” whereby nothing, so far, has been accomplished or resolved.

The evidence I cite, is more geared toward a local level. Evidence exists that strongly suggests electronic voting machines and/or tabulation counting machines have been hacked. Just look at the early voting count and compare that number with the final count and you will see that the difference in numbers, between candidates running for the same seat, remains the same. This, of course is a mathematical impossibility, as the vote count varies from district to district.

With all that has happened under this “conman’s” presidency, is there any wonder that these voting machines wouldn’t be willfully tampered with? If you are in any doubt whether or not this particular Federal Government would lie, steal, and cheat you, well then go back to sleep and pray for yourself and your family that God will intervene and save everyone, including you. If we don’t do something right now about these tampered-with electronic voting machines before the election in November, we will be left stranded and at the mercy and the unholy agenda of the “conman” in the Oval Office.

Certain activist groups in our community are becoming more and more aware of this Voting Machine threat and are increasingly addressing this problem; I just hope it is not too late.

The solution is simple and inexpensive:
just go back to paper ballots with a receipt given to the American Citizen voter. I would volunteer, along with numerous others, to be vote counters. Check and balances would be put in place to double-check that your individual vote is counted and recorded properly. It is not all that hard folks, but vitally important that this happen now, for not only our community, but for the rest of the country.

Act now, contact your representatives, write letters, contact the news media, radio, TV, your neighbors, friends, anyone that cares about the integrity, honor and well-being of our Nation. “It matters not how you vote, just who counts the votes” — Joseph Stalin 1946.

America is Great, and as far as I am concerned, it is still Great, we just need to get rid of the trash and corruption that has infiltrated this particular government so that we can continue to be Great.

Remember to Keep your Faith, Keep your Gun, and they can Keep their Change.

Be it known, if you disrespect my country, our flag, our national anthem, disrespect will be thrown back at you.

In God We Trust

Gordon Martines is a former LVMPD detective who has served in many capacities over his 39-year career in law enforcement. He was a candidate for sheriff in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, with the intention of bringing integrity and accountability back to the department, and filed a federal lawsuit against LVMPD in 2011. Martines has appeared on “Face The Tribune” radio show several times and is currently the host of “Open Mic” on Tuesdays and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. He contributes his opinions and ideas to the Las Vegas Tribune to keep the public informed and help improve policing in Las Vegas. Gordon Martines can be contacted by email (coper71@hotmail.com).

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