Elon Musk’s Father Has A Baby With His Step-Daughter, 40 Years His Junior

December 5, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


As goes the news cycle, sometimes one piece of news can begat another.

And in this case, amidst all the talk about Elon Musk referring to Vern Unsworth as “pedo guy” and standing trial for it, Google searches for “Elon Musk” and “pedo” turned up another very interesting result: a little covered article by The Telegraph that claims Elon Musk’s 72 year old father, Errol Musk, has a baby with his 30 year old step daugther, Jana Bezuidenhout, whom he has known since she was 4.

Errol Musk

Errol married Jana’s mother Heide when Jana was four but says he doesn’t consider her to be his stepdaughter because she had been “raised away from the family for long periods of time.”

Errol Musk also described the baby he had with Jana as “exquisite”. He also had two children with Jana’s mother, before divorcing her after 18 years of being married. Errol claims that Jana contacted him in 2017 after splitting up with a boyfriend.

“We were lonely, lost people,” Errol Musk said. “One thing led to another — you can call it God’s plan or nature’s plan.”

Two months later, Jana was pregnant. Paternity tests confirmed that Errol Musk was, indeed, the father.

“Jana is a delightful girl and a wonderful mother. She said I had changed her life,” Errol said.

Jana Bezuidenhout
Elon Musk has always seemed to have tension with his father, calling him a “terrible human being” in a Rolling Stone magazine interview. As of The Telegraph’s report in 2018, Musk had not spoken to his father in over a year.Elon said of his father: “You have no idea about how bad. Almost every crime you can possibly think of, he has done. Almost every evil thing you could possibly think of, he has done.”

Recall, during Elon’s examination yesterday while on trial, Musk was asked by his own attorney about his childhood in South Africa.

“It wasn’t good,” Musk responded. 



Surprise moment when @elonmusk own attorney asked him to describe his childhood in South Africa. Musk paused. And paused. Said in a thick voice, “It wasn’t good.” He left at 17.

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