Every Move You Make…I’ll Be Watching You

April 10, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

April 10, 2023

Those are a few lyrics from the song, Every Breath You Take, by The Police.

How many Americans know what Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) means?  It’s all over the Internet on web sites that deal with the economy and independent media. I doubt it’s being exposed on the prostitute media’s nightly news or any of their “all the news that’s fit to fake” newspapers and web sites.

What is it exactly and how will it impact every one of us?  Catherine Austin Fitts, a woman I greatly respect knows this issue well.  Central Bank Digital Currency Prison, March 4, 2023:

“The CBDC is the ultimate lockdown tool, and they can lock anyone down whenever they feel like it.  The Fed’s biggest fear is losing control of the financial system.  CAF says, “The Fed is scared to death of the global debt growth model, and they kept this model going by growing the debt more and more and more.  Now, interest rates are accelerating in a way… it shrinks your productivity.

“So, the pie that is supporting the debt, is shrinking. . . This is a coup model just like in Ukraine.  You push all the people out or you kill them.  You have war conditions so you can pick everything up cheap.  You can do this with government money to ‘help’ Ukraine.  No, it is government money to help the insiders to buy Ukraine, control Ukraine, own Ukraine.”

Make a donation to Trump, a pro-life organization, a Second Amendment organization – your bank account can be shut down without notice.  That’s what happened with supporters of truckers up in Canada protesting mandatory COVID experimental injections being passed off as vaccines.  People who donated to the trucker’s efforts, their accounts were simply frozen without warning.  Think it can’t happen here?  Get out of denial America and wake up.

Usurper, habitual liar, cheater and career criminal, fake president, Joe Biden, signed off on this Executive Order 14067—Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, March 9, 2022.  As he is in the first stages of Altzheimer’s, Biden, obviously didn’t write it a year ago with his dementia nor would he have any understanding of what it says and means.  But, YOU need to know.  Oh, it reads so altruistic but beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Protect banks, protect you, protect assets, national security; climate change is included! What rubbish.

I’ve selected just a few articles I feel really hone in on the danger and ultimate goal for Central Banks who ALWAYS protect themselves first.  They’re boxed into a corner now so it’s time to implement the final tools for their world government.

DoubleLine: The Pandora’s Box Of Fed’s Digital Currency Will Ignite An “Inflationary Conflagration“, Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Oct. 8, 2020: “That’s why we were happy to read that none other than Jeff Gundlach’s DoubleLine, one of the highest-profile asset managers today, published a paper authored by fixed income portfolio manager Bill Campbell exposing what it called “The Pandora’s Box of Central Bank Digital Currencies”, in which it echoed our claims, writing that “such a mechanism could open veritable floodgates of liquidity into the consumer economy and accelerate the rate of inflation.

“While central banks have been trying without success to increase inflation for the past decade, the temptation to put CBDCs into effect might be very strong among policymakers. However, CBDCs would not only inject liquidity into the economy but also could accelerate the velocity of money. That one-two punch could bring about far more inflation than central bankers bargain for.”

“It then proceeds to blast this new development:  The temptations of CBDCs are not limited to excesses in monetary policy. CBDCs also appear to be an effective mechanism for bypassing the taxation, debt issuance and spending prerogatives of government to implement a quasi-fiscal policy. Imagine, for example, the ease of enacting Modern Monetary Theory via CBDCs. With CBDCs, the central banks would possess the necessary plumbing to directly deliver a digital currency to individuals’ bank accounts, ready to be spent via debit cards.

“Which, of course, is precisely the intention and not only the beginning of the end of fiat and paper currencies but also the catalyst that will send alternative assets and especially gold soaring.” (And do remember:  Debt cards only work when there’s power. Oh, sorry, our machines are down. A cashless society that means no groceries or gas.  Hurricanes, Polar Vortex…)

Think about that for a minute (after you read the full article).  Ultimate goal:  End of paper currency which has been on the menu for the global elite for a long time.  Every move you make in a cashless society they’ll be watching you and that includes the IRS.  Every personal hygiene item, male or female, restaurant, dinner, hotel, order on line.  Groceries, gas even a baby sitter, you name it.  PRIVACY WILL NO LONGER EXIST IN YOUR LIFE.

What about no cash and say, a hotel or airport bell hop, waiters, waitresses?  (Oh, I know, it’s supposed to be food servers but there is no disrespect on my part.)  If you can’t hand them a $5.00 bill for a tip, how will that work?  Tip your barber or hair dresser – the IRS will be watching to see if they claim that tip because they’ll be watching you.

In 2007, 2009 and 2011, former Congressman Ron Paul introduced the TIPS Act to stop federal income taxes on tips for bar tenders, waitresses; service sector employees.  Act surprised:  Their big union, SEIU (Service Employees International Union) didn’t support his bills and neither did Congress.  ZERO cosponsors in Congress.

Fighting back

Ted Cruz introduces bill blocking Fed from adopting central bank digital currency – Republicans cited privacy concerns as a reason for opposing a central bank digital currency for consumers, March 21, 2023

“Senate Republicans are introducing a bill to block the Federal Reserve and the Biden administration from moving forward with a central bank digital currency.  “The American people ought to be able to spend their money how they choose without the possibility that every transaction could be tracked by the government,” Grassley added. “Policy this impactful should be made by Congress, not government bureaucrats, and our bill would ensure that no one is snooping on the finances of hardworking Americans. Every American deserves that peace of mind.”

Stop Digital Currency Tryanny:  “Members of Congress are seeking to enact H.R. 1122. This bill would prevent the Federal Reserve from issuing a digital currency, which would decimate personal privacy and implement a full-fledged surveillance state.”

H.R. 1122, titled the “CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act,” is sponsored by Representative Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) and cosponsored by nine other representatives. If enacted, this bill would ban the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC); for example, it states:

“Except as specifically authorized under this Act, a Federal reserve bank may not offer products or services directly to an individual, maintain an account on behalf of an individual, or issue a central bank digital currency directly to an individual….

“The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Open Market Committee may not use any central bank digital currency to implement monetary policy.

“In a press release announcing H.R. 1122’s introduction, Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) stated:

“A government run digital currency presents a real threat to Americans’ freedom to use their hard-earned money, and fundamentally, to the value of that money – Emmer’s bill ends this threat before it can begin.  “From Big Tech censorship to COVID mandates to now regulating digital currencies, unelected bureaucrats continue to push our nation toward an authoritarian state. This rogue behavior must stop and this legislation gets us closer to achieving that.”

Of course, my House rep, Jodie Arrington is not a co-sponsor nor did he support Rep. Thomas Massie’s bills (session after session) to stop double taxing social security.  Congress – both parties – don’t give a tinker’s damn about seniors or they would have passed Massie’s bill six years ago.

DeSantis Announces Florida Ban on Government-Backed Digital Currencies – “Having a CBDC is just part of the federal “agenda” to monitor and “control the behavior” of US citizens, DeSantis says.

“Saying this move would open up a big “can of worms,” DeSantis added that the state of Florida will use its Uniform Commercial Code to ban any future transactions run under some kind of CBDC system.

“Nigeria rolled out its digital currency. It pressured and manipulated citizens into using it by limiting their ability to access other forms of money.  As DeSantis noted, Communist China also has a CBDC and uses it to follow everything citizens do, blocking them from “goods and services” when desired.  In other words, a CBDC gives the government power over your wallet completely in terms of whether or not you have any ability to access or spend money.”

Nigeria is a disaster:  “Nigeria has been used by some as an example of what may be coming to the U.S. in terms of rolling out a CBDC, as Nigeria is the first major country to do a mass rollout of CBDCs and attempt to replace cash.

“But now one year later, it appears that the rollout of the Nigerian CBDC, the eNaira, has been a total failure, as their Supreme Court has ruled it is “unconstitutional,” and there are calls for arresting the head of the Central Bank in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is the world’s first largish economy to launch a nationwide central bank digital currency, the so-called eNaira. So far, it has been a complete flop.  One year in, just 0.5% of Nigerians had downloaded the eNaira app. Of those, only 8% were actually using it, according to the IMF’s 2022 staff report.

“So, the government and central bank doubled down on their strategy. In October, they unveiled plans to replace all high-denomination cash bills in the economy as well as restrict cash withdrawals.  That, too, has been an unmitigated disaster.”

(Governor South Dakota) Citing overreach, Noem vetoes banking regulation bill, March 10, 2023 – “Rep. Julie Auch (R-Yankton) spearheaded the effort to get the bill vetoed by Noem down the stretch.  “As soon as I went to the Senate and was turned down for any help in trying to get this bill “killed” in the Senate, I knew we had to work fast to get the governor to look into the possibility of vetoing this bill.”

“Auch and other’s concerns goes a step farther than Noem’s. They fear that the legislation opens South Dakotans up to draconian currency regulations in the long term.  “This information inside of this bill, sets the means, and allows the state of South Dakota, the federal government, or the people in charge of our money to track your money,” Auch said. “If they don’t want you to have access your money five miles from your home, they can shut your money off.”

Republicans held a majority in the South Dakota state House and Senate for their 2023 session.

Texas Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Create Digital Currency Backed by Gold, April 7, 2023 – “On March 10, Republican Senator Bryan Hughes proposed Senate Bill 2334 (SB2334). On the same day, a similar bill, House Bill 4903 (HB4903), was submitted by Republican Representative Mark Dorazio.

“According to the proposed law, the state comptroller must issue a digital currency that is fully backed by gold and fully redeemable in cash or gold. The comptroller would also be responsible for developing a system for regularly transacting with this digital currency guaranteed by gold.”

The possible snag could be a legal issue although this case deals with a tort claim.  I have no doubt my dear friend, Dr. Edwin Vieria, could set us straight on this issue of whether Congress can tell the privately owned unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve they can’t implement a digital currency surveillance system.

John L. LEWIS, Plaintiff/Appellant, v. UNITED STATES of AmericaDefendant/Appellee.  680 F.2d 1239 (1982)

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.  Submitted March 2, 1982.  Decided April 19, 1982.  As Amended June 24, 1982.

“Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region. The stock holding commercial banks elect two thirds of each Bank’s nine-member board of directors. The remaining three directors are appointed by the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board regulates the Reserve Banks, but direct supervision and control of each Bank is exercised by its board of directors. 12 U.S.C. § 301.

“The directors enact by-laws regulating the manner of conducting general Bank business, 12 U.S.C. § 341, and appoint officers to implement and supervise daily Bank activities. These activities include collecting and clearing checks, making advances to private and commercial entities, holding reserves for member banks, discounting the notes of member banks, and buying and selling securities on the open market. See 12 U.S.C. §§ 341-361.

“Each Bank is statutorily empowered to conduct these activities without day to day direction from the federal government. Thus, for example, the interest rates on advances to member banks, individuals, partnerships, and corporations are set by each Reserve Bank and their decisions regarding the purchase and sale of securities are likewise independently made.

“It is evident from the legislative history of the Federal Reserve Act that Congress did not intend to give the federal government direction over the daily operation of the Reserve Banks:

“It is proposed that the Government shall retain sufficient power over the reserve banks to enable it to exercise a direct authority when necessary to do so, but that it shall in no way attempt to carry on through its own mechanism the routine operations and banking which require detailed knowledge of local and individual credit and which determine the funds of the community in any given instance. In other words, the reserve-bank plan retains to the Government power over the exercise of the broader banking functions, while it leaves to individuals and privately owned institutions the actual direction of routine.”

As Catherine Austin Fitts said in her interview, use cash for everything.  I look at my errands, where I’m going to spend money, approximately how much, add it up, go to the bank (or ATM), get cash and use it.  After all, you’re going to use that debit card anyway.  Use cash instead.  Flood the country with cash but don’t flash it around.  Fitts:

“CAF says if you want to fight against the CBDC, then start spending cash every day instead of electronic payments.  CAF started with “Spend cash on Friday,” and it took off.  CAF says, “Cash Friday became cash every day.  You know why?  It was so successful.  We get these incredible stories . . . hundreds and hundreds of stories of people starting to engage with their local businesses about what are we going to do about all of this?  It starts with cash because businesses pay 3% on their credit card fees… This can be the difference between making a profit or a loss if everybody pays cash.”

This is quite a long read and encouragement regarding gold.  One thing that caught my attention:  U.S. Govt. Docket No. OP–1670 Gives FED Power to Seize Control of U.S. Bank Accounts!

“Because, according to this official government document I’m holding in my hand, starting as soon as May 2023, you could wake up one morning, log into your bank account and…Stare at a red flashing alert that your account’s transactions have been frozen.  Your ability to send money and receive money — frozen.

“Your crime? You didn’t commit one.  It’s all because of the U.S. government’s horrifying new program that gives unelected officials the power to closely monitor or even freeze your account based on your behavior, and potentially even based on your political views.  It starts with this 93-page government document.”

I found it; a long read over a few lunch times:  FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM – Docket No. OP – 1670, Federal Reserve Actions to Support Interbank Settlement of Faster Payments.  AGENCY: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System – ACTION: Notice and request for comment

Request for comment?  From who?  One hundred million working Americans who have NO idea the truth about the “FED” or what’s going on?  That was back in 2019, so we’ve now fast forwarded to today and this CBDC.

Make sure you call your member of Congress (House and Senate) and tell them NO on CBDC as well as your state legislators and senators.  He who roars the loudest gets heard.