Exclusive Video: Unarmed Woman Carrying Trump Flag Executed In US Capitol Building

January 6, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Source: NewsWars

Spread this footage far and wide to show America what’s really going on in DC

Graphic footage captured by Infowars shows the execution of a Trump-supporting woman.

Mainstream media doesn’t want the American public to see this footage of an American patriot being shot dead for protesting in a taxpayer-funded building.

Our sources have confirmed the woman died from the wound.


Contrary to other videos of the shooting of this Trump supporter, Infowars’ exclusive footage shows the woman was crawling through a window when she was struck.

See another angle of the murder below:

A witness described the incident to a news reporter in the following video: 

Another witness claimed a man in a suit “like a secret service suit” shot the woman.

The second witness also said an officer threatened to shoot him “next” if he didn’t get out of the way.

“Standing over her body he said that.”