Farewell to the What Really Happened show with Michael Rivero

July 28, 2023 in News by RBN Staff



RBN wishes Mike and Claire all the best in their endeavors, and hope we all get to hear them again sometime very soon!

Thanks to John P., who collected these quotes from Mike Rivero’s website:


“What amazes me are all these people screaming to save the world from carbon dioxide who will not lift a finger against war.”
— Michael Rivero

“If you want the victims of gun crime to be able to sue the gun makers for damages, then let us also allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to sue the car makers and distilleries as well. While we are at it, revoke the special protection granted to vaccine makers that was passed as part of the Homeland Security Act so that people who are actually harmed by poorly made vaccines can sue the pharmaceutical companies. And, given that at least 90% of these mass shootings were committed by people either on or withdrawing from prescription anti-depressants, the victims of those shootings should be allowed to sue the pharmaceutical companies as well. Let’s sue the makers of kitchen cutlery for every stabbing death. Let’s sue the makers of sporting equipment for every victim beaten to death with a baseball bat, and tool companies for making the hammers used in bludgeoning deaths as well. The family of everyone who dies by electrocution should be allowed to sue the electric company. The family of everyone who dies in a fall should be allowed to sue the makers of ladders and staircases. The family of everyone who commits suicide by hanging should be allowed to sue the rope companies.”
— Michael Rivero

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