First Ever Film of the Entire Mass Migration Trail – UNITED STATES INVASION ROUTE EXPOSED

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Illegal Alien Pipeline Revealed in New Documentary. Chinese Are Best Funded With Agents Embedded in the USA

First Ever Film of the Entire Mass Migration Trail – UNITED STATES INVASION ROUTE EXPOSED – The Rubin brothers provide a stunning Muckraker Report.



“Chinese Spies in the United States”

Muckraker followed the entire mass migration route from Quito, Ecuador to the United States border. To our knowledge, no one has ever produced an entire documentary following this entire route. Until now.

Our journey included: Crossing the Darién Gap. Discovering secret Chinese hotels. Getting smuggled into Mexico by the Sinaloa Cartel. Embedding with a massive caravan. Riding the Mexican Train of Death. And finally, getting kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel.

In this documentary, you will learn how the United Nations is planning and executing an industrial scale weaponized migration program and you will see the entire route that millions of illegal aliens are taking to the United States every year!


In 2023, nearly a quarter million illegal aliens entered the United States every month. Nearly all of these illegals followed the same mass migration trail that starts in Quito, Ecuador, and ends at the US Southern Border….So we decided to follow the trail ourselves.

Along the way, we discovered secret Chinese staging hotels, crossed through the world’s deadliest jungle, embedded with an illegal alien caravan, rode the Mexican Train of Death, and finally, were kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel just hundreds of feet from the United States border.

This exposes the entire illegal alien pipeline for what it is: a United Nations-weaponized migration agenda masquerading as an organic humanitarian crisis.

This agenda directly benefits cartels and human smugglers, exposes the United States to incredible geo-political threats and may potentially usher in permanent one-party rule.

The first stop along the route is Ecuador. US-bound illegal aliens from all over the world first fly into the capital city, Quito, due to the country’s easy entry requirements. From here, aliens begin making their way towards Colombia.

In the Ecuadorian border town of Tulcán, dozens of Government and Non-Government organizations offer aid and instructions on how to navigate the mass migration trail.

This map, provided by the United Nations, shows all of the migration-related organizations in Tulán.

This map below is provided to potential illegal aliens by two United Nations Agencies.


The UN’s Replacement Migration Policy is Genocide

The UN’s proposed solution to increasing age and declining populations was floated in the year 2000, just months before the 9/11 false flag. Now that the mRNA Jab has decreased fertility and birth rates among the injected population, the replacement migration incentive has been further weaponized. – Origanal document (PDF)

In Feb., 2021, Tucker Carlson exposed the lies floated by the President and Media concerning immigration impact of destabilization of the US economy and civil society.

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