Why the World Economy is in Trouble and WHO Caused It!

January 26, 2024 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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What You Should have learned in School and at Home

Mayer Amshel Bauer

In order for you to understand what happened to our economy we have to travel back in time to Frankfurt, Germany. The event is the birth of Mayer Amshel Bauer in 1743 to Moses Bauer who is the owner of a counting house. You may say he is the depiction of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Mayer lived in the Juden Strasse (Jewish Street) where they had a symbol for revolutionary minded Jews which was a red shield that is spelled in German ‘Rot’ – for red and ‘Schild’ – for shield; hence the surname they took Rothschild.

So Mayer Amshel Rothschild became the first to bear the name that symbolized the revolution.

Originally they were Khazars from Khazaria, which were nomadic Turkic people that worshipped Tengri, but the King of Khazaria had political pressures from Muslims to the South and Christians to the North. His army had lost a battle to Caliph Marwan II and the Caliph forced the captured army into the religion of Islam. When he was no longer a threat the army converted to Judaism.

The King of Khazaria realized he was losing his Kingdom and when he saw what his army did he decided to convert his entire nation to Judaism in about 740 AD. At the time, according to my research, there were only 3% of actual Jews from what was once known as the tribe of Israel. Khazaria today is around the region of the Caucasus Mountains which is now in the region of Georgia in Russia (see Khazars in Wikipedia). It was Mayer that was introduced to Prince William Hess Hanau of Prussia, which later became a part of Germany, after getting his training in banking from the Oppenheimer family. It is this relationship with the Oppenheimer’s and the prince where Mayer realized that his counting house (bank) can benefit tremendously from relationships with men and families of power in either royalty or government. His counting house was the only supplier of funds to the Prince for wars.

Rothschild: Things never change

In fact, after his five children were grown and trained in banking and finance, he sent them to the top financial centers of the time: Italy, France, Austria, England and the last son stayed in Prussia. During the Napoleonic war the one son financed France and the other in England financed Wellington. The wealth of valuables that Prince William Hess-Hanau left behind while he fled to Denmark was left in Nathan Rothschild‘s care. The amount the valuables were worth over 3 million dollars. It was Nathan that hatched the plan to not only take over control of the British Government via the Bank of England, but the taxing of its people to pay for the War Debt. He used the war to his advantage by receiving news of the victory of England over Napoleon via his courier that got to England two days before Wellington’s.

This knowledge of the victory allowed him to sell his British bonds known as “Consuls” to cause a panic amongst the traders on the floor of the exchange only to buy them back for cheap and corner the market as well as take over the Bank of England and subsequently control of the British Government.

Lord Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Nathan Rothschild said after the war was over and he took over the Bank of England, “It is the best business I’ve ever done. If I can control the nations wealth, I care not who makes its laws!

This was the model for all the other countries they control via their central banking system that they perfected; even here in the United States known as the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). In the beginning of the US colonies Nathan Rothschild pushed for a central bank and using the Federalists like Alexander Hamilton to get it approved. However, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr did not like the idea of a central bank and Aaron Burr had a duel with Alexander Hamilton and shot him dead. At the time Thomas Jefferson distaste for the banks was noted in a speech he gave where he stated:

“To preserve our independence we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy or liberty or profusion and servitude. I place economy amongst the first and important of Republican virtues. And public debt is the greatest of dangers to be feared. It is incumbant upon every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the very continent their fathers conquered.”

They were able to get their first central bank established; however it only lasted twenty years. The Rothschild family tried again against President Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory), but he would not renew their charter and so Nathan Rothschild stated that he was going to put America back to colonial status by pulling back on the money supply and throw America into a depression. This was the reason for the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson knew what they were doing and told them:

“You are a den of vipers and theives. I intend to route you out and by ‘The Eternal God’ I will route you out!”

Because he would not renew their charter they tried to assasinate him, but the pistols jammed and the attempt failed. He defeated the central bank in 1836. Before Old Hickory died he was asked what was his greatest accomplishment and he stated:

“I killed the bank!”

Later the Rothschild family tried to take over control of America. This was during the Civil War when President Abraham Lincoln sought out funding from the bank and they stated that they would loan him the money at over 30% interest and so he decided to have the US Treasury create the first dollar known as “Green Backs” to pay for the war and told everyone that this was now legal tender and that they can pay for all their needs with the new dollar. The Rothschild family did not like this and so they tried to separate the north and south by sending over troops to the Canadian border from England and the French branch sent over Maxamillion to lead Mexico after they assassinated the current Mexican President.

This was a pincer movement by their family via control of France through the Bank of France and their government and England through the Bank of England and the government. The Czar of Russia Nicholas realized what the Rothschild family were up to because they tried to force him to allow them to create a central bank so he sent two fleets of boats. One boat was sent to the New York harbor and the other was sent to San Francisco.

Rothschild in England stated that he would eventually eliminate the Czar’s family from Russia and 100 years later his family did get rid of them with the Bulshavik uprising. Lincoln knew that he had to make a political move. So instead of making the war about the economy of the South having to go through the Northern states for trade he made it a cause to free the slaves. However, he stated that if he did not have to free them he would not.

William McKinley – Sound Money Gold Bug Stud

Now that it became a cause of freedom for those enslaved the Rothschilds backed off their troops from the Canadian border and from the Mexican border. Those that defied them were murdered; President McKinley. McKinley kept the US on the “Gold Standard,” which he preferred over inflation. Inflation is a tax on the poor and middle class. McKinley was assasinated in 1901 during WWI where once again the banks had a run and were failing, or were they?, so they devised a plan to save their banks by meeting with men of power at Jekyll Island in Georgia at the JP Morgan Estate. It is here a secret meeting was held to devise a way to get their central bank into place once and for all and have the American taxpayer flip the bill to keep their central bank from failing. They accomplished this through President Woodrow Wilson. They were funding both candidates; Wilson and Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. He used his agents, the Warburg brothers and JP Morgan, to act as the funders for the Presidential campaign. One brother funded one side with JP Morgan and the other brother the other candidate. This ensured they had their man in office to do their bidding.

Wilson agreed before he got into office so they would fund his election campaigns. So, in 1913, Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act and the IRS to pay for the scam on the American people. It was first presented to Congress by Senator Aldrich, who was there at Jekyll Island to help put the plan together, but his attempt failed because he tried to make the glory “his” by naming it after himself and there were too many things Congress objected to. So, they stripped it of all the things that Congress did not like and made it look as if it was created to benefit the people; however, the scam was to get it into place where they have changed it over 100 times since the Federal Reserve was put into place.

The Federal Reserve 8 Families

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that is neither Federal nor a Reserve Bank, but a privately held corporation that 60% of its members are big banks that, by law, have to own 5% share of non-voting stock. So you can imagine who owns the other 40%. The bank the Rothschild’s own, is Kuhn Loeb and Company, which is one of the 5% owners and they are a foreign entity. Therefore when QE1 and QE2 was dealed out at 1.7 trillion and 1.5 trillion respectively guess who got their 5% of the payday? You guessed it; all at the taxpayer’s expense. They did not even kiss us.

It was funny to see a video of NBC commentator and, so called financial guru, Jean Chatzky, who was an English major and worked for Goldman Sachs, make comments on the economy side by side with Robert Kyosaki on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN and state that the tax payers will not be made responsible via bailouts. Really! And her being a former Goldman Sachs employee is going to tell the truth about the economy. How much in endorsements does she get from these people and their contacts on Wall Street?

Kyosaki stated that he was afraid that Lehman Brothers would be close to being bailed out; however, that was not the plan since they were a direct competitor of Goldman Sachs of whom Bernanke, being the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was formally associated with and still connected with their executives. Not much of a coincidence is it that they should get the axe and not bailed out.

The comment by Mrs. Chatzky show exactly what I have mentioned in my book “My Financial Guide to Success. What you should have learned in School and at Home” and that is you cannot trust the news programs for your financial information because they are heavily connected with Wall Street that sponsor their programs and the people that commentate on them.

Written for and published by the Financial Guide ~ October 31, 2012

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