FLASHBACK: Hanoi Jane Fonda Calls For “Murder” of Christians/Pro-Lifers on The View Just WEEKS Before Nashville Christian School Shooting

March 29, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


Is the rhetoric of the left responsible for the violence in Nashville?  

They certainly would blame Trump or conservatives if there was even a remote link to the shooter and the MAGA movement.

As  of The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this month, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda said pro-life activists and politicians should be murdered for their beliefs on abortion during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

This happened roughly two weeks before three young students and three teachers were murdered by a transgender who kept a manifesto and mapped out her plan at Nashville’s Christian Covenant School.

“Besides marching and protesting, what else do you suggest?” Joy Behar queried.

“MURDER.” – Jane Fonda said.

“What did you say?” Lily Tomlin asked.

“MURDER!” Fonda replied.

This actually fits the dictionary definition of terrorism: “The unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.”

Benny Johnson reshared the clip on Twitter, and Arizona State Rep. Leo Biasiucci retweeted it.

Johnson: Jane Fonda called for “murder” against Christians just weeks before deadly shooting at Nashville Christian school— They want you to forget

Biasiucci: They laugh at her saying she wants to murder people. Watch as the media stays silent. Disgusting.

Where is The FBI when terroristic threats like this are made?

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the highly politicized FBI and dirtbag FBI Director Chris Wray was busy taking a pledge to recruit more women “in an effort expected to advance diversity, strengthen partnerships, and enhance operational success.” This is despite the calls for violence on national television and the shooter, Audrey Hale’s last messages stating“I’m planning to die today,” and “THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!”

Hale continued, “You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die.”

In 1972 “Hanoi” Jane Fonda applauded an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew during her trip to North Vietnam. These guns were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to the deaths of American Airmen.

Jane Fonda once said, “If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist.”

Hanoi Jane

In 2020, Jane Fonda called Covid-19 “God’s gift to the left.”

“What a great gift! What a tremendous opportunity! We’re just so lucky! — And I just think that Covid is God’s gift to the Left,” Jane Fonda said, laughing. “That’s a terrible thing to say. I think it was a very difficult thing to send down to us, but it has ripped the band-aid off who [Trump] is and what he stands for and what is being done to average people and working people in this country.”

Jane Fonda is arguably a possessed anti-American leftist.