Ft. Hood source claims certain Army personnel being trained for martial law and house to house raids ahead of Jade Helm

May 31, 2015 in News by RBN Staff


(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last two months there has been literally dozens upon dozens of reports about Jade Helm 2015 and what may actually be happening.

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Source: Intellihub
May 29, 2015 5:25 am EDT

From theories that Walmart is working with the military for a martial law scenario to more grounded theories that Jade Helm is simply further training, although this time much bigger, for an eventual collapse, the public has been hungry for information and both the alternative and mainstream media has been there to fill that need.

It has come to a point where there is so much information and so many differing theories as to what is actually going on that the waters have become muddied and misinformation has slipped into legitimate reports.

With that being said, there is simply no way to know exactly what is going on and rather than self censor ourselves (like some in the alternative media have done in their quest to be seen as “credible” by the corporate media and every single person with an opinion on Facebook) we will continue to report on the many different theories surrounding Jade Helm and let the readers decide what to believe.

In that spirit we bring you a startling Steve Quayle Alert from a reader who claims that a friend who works in a Killeen, Texas business that soldiers frequent was told that certain military units are being trained for house to house raids on American citizens.

The reader also claimed that he was told that those that would be targeted included gun owners and so-called food hoarders, or anyone with more than a seven-day supply of food.

Steve I have confirmation from a Ft. Hood (Killeen TX) source regarding certain army personnel being trained for martial law lock down and house to house raids. I have a friend who works in Killeen Texas in a business that many soldiers go to. I have gotten my friend up to speed on the current situation and he has been asking some of the soldiers if they know about JADE HELM 15.

Over 80% of the soldiers have no clue about JADE HELM 15. Recently one of the soldiers told my friend he was aware of JADE HELM 15 and had received training connected with it. The soldier talked about going to people’s homes looking for gun owners and food hoarders. My friend asked him who they considered to be a food hoarder. The soldier replied it was anyone who had more than 7 days worth of food on hand would be labeled a food hoarder. Guns and excess food would be confiscated. The soldier also said no more than 8 people would be allowed to live in any 1 home.

Interestingly, the email from the reader also detailed the claim that Special Forces Operators are posing as Reliant Electricty sales people in Texas to gather information on targeted homes and businesses.

It appears Special Forces Operators are posing as Reliant Electricity sales people. I read where they were operating in a Texas town and one person called the County Sheriff’s Office about suspicious people. He was told they were for the government and to worry about them. The Sheriff’s office also told him he should not have run them off with a shotgun since they work for the government.

I told my friend at the local gun store about Reliant Electric cover and them being in groups of three. My friend told me there was a group of 3 of them in the gun store a few days back dressed exactly as I described them. Dark blue shorts and light gray pin stripped golf shirts. When they show up they have no paperwork but want to do an electrical audit to see if you are wasting energy and see if they could save you money on your electric bill. A great way to get you to take them all through your home and out buildings.

With Jesus for Life, Tony

May 28, 2015

This particular alert caught our eye not only because of the horrifying claims, but because other documented military training recently conducted included Special Forces training with local police for domestic house to house raids.

On May 14th, Intellihub News reporter Alex Thomas published an article on training that took place in Richland County, South Carolina.

“In yet another startling revelation in the lead up to Jade Helm 2015, Special Forces out of Fort Bragg are currently training with Richland County, South Carolina police officers to provide realistic military scenarios.

Footage from previous training in the area included midnight house to house raids conducted by a combined military and police force.”

Although there is no way to confirm or debunk the claims in the alert, the above quoted article and video report does conclusively confirm that at least certain sections of special forces and local police are actively training together for an eventual scenario that includes them raiding American homes.

Of course the naysayers and government shills will claim the alert is pure fiction and that the training in South Carolina was for eventual use overseas despite the documented evidence that it has a sharp domestic focus.

“In Orwellian doublespeak fashion, the American people are essentially being led to believe that despite the fact that the military is publicly training for domestic unrest there is no actual plan to use them in that capacity.”

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