Get Rid of the “Black Vote”

December 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

December 19, 2023

Oh, good. I have your attention.  At the conclusion of my column last week, I wrote part II would be:  Separate States from Federal Tyranny

Every election cycle we hear the same old worn-out propaganda from incumbents and challengers in Congress about what they will do for the black vote or the Hispanic vote; Asian voters are rarely mentioned.  Oh, and don’t forget suburban moms and “women’s issues” which I covered in my Jan. 8, 2007, column, Pelosi & Her Brassiere Brigade:

“This last pretend election cycle, voters heard the same old recycled mantra from female incumbents and candidates. The Sisterhood of Sycophants relentless carping on “women’s issues” in furtherance of “empowering women,” “for the children,” and “building the community” (pure communism). What absolute bilge. The feminization of Congress has been destroying constitutional government for decades, running America into oceans of unpayable debt and breeding generations of helpless women, whining for mother government to take care of them and their every need.

“The U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 8, specifically enumerates the only areas where Congress can legislate. There are no “women’s issues” in that section of the Constitution. That eliminates education, altering the Second Amendment, after-school programs, studies for breast feeding, child care and a thousand other areas where women in elected office have been unconstitutionally introducing and passing bills for decades. The resultant laws have saddled all of us with unpayable debt.”

Spineless “conservative” male reps and senators went right along with it for votes.  No thought to the U.S. Constitution was or is even considered to this day.  Only what mother government will give them even though they are destroying their children’s future by passing along unpayable debt that is going to come crashing down despite the lies coming from the conspiracy theorists in the “mainstream media” about a rebounding economy under liar and cheat, Joe Biden.

It’s time to turn the tables on the race baiters trying to divide We the People.  Professional politicians of both parties always trying to out do the ‘other side’ with fake promises of this that or the other for the “black vote” when they could care less about black Americans.  I say throw it back in their face and ask where in Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution which you swore to protect and defend does it single out any race or ethnicity for the only issues Congress has legislative authority?  Trademarks and patents?  Taxation?  Coin money, create post offices?  Those are functions that benefit ALL natural born and naturalized citizens.

Do the same thing when calling talk radio or at meetings for your group or organization.  We have to get Americans on the same page as far as stopping the tyranny coming out of DC and that Congress can only legislate functions listed in Art. 1, Sec. 8 that has nothing to do with race.  A good example is funding for the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood.  NOTHING in Art. 1, Sec. 8 authorizes Congress to fund private corporations like Planned Parenthood nor can the federal government act as a bank making loans to college students or private corporations commonly known as “bail outs”. [1]

The planned destruction of America began to ramp up when FDR began implementing socialism dressed up as democracy – a form of government the Founding Fathers hated.  FDR served as president from 1933-1945.  Arthur Henning of the Chicago Tribune said back in 1935, “The New Deal will bring the Communist Party within striking distance of overthrow of the American form of government…” Mark Sullivan of the Buffalo Evening News also expressed alarm in 1935: “The New Deal is to America what the early phase of Nazism was to Germany.”

Then came Lyndon Baines Johnson, [D-TX] who tragically became president.  A man with the morals of an alley cat whose bragging about the size of his penis was legendary;  LBJ called it ‘jumbo and that is a fact.  LBJ was going to get rid of hunger, poverty and create a wonderland for all!  LBJ’s “Great Society”.  Never mind the constitution does NOT give any president the authority to do what he promised and the same applied to Congress.  Art. 1, Sec. 8 – Scope of Legislature Power of the U.S. Constitution ONLY authorizes Congress to legislate as strictly defined here.  War, trade, taxes, copyrights and so forth.

Each and every clause of Art. 1, Sec. 8 are for necessary functions of the general government to maintain a constitutional republic for the good of ALL natural born and naturalized citizens of these united States of America.  Politicians using race and sex (male, female only because there are only two biological sexes) is strictly for votes.  They lie through their teeth and as soon as they’re sworn in it’s back to business as usual:  Screwing all of us.  There are rare exceptions in Congress today but we need more of them.

At the time the Constitution was written and adopted which created two separate chambers of Congress, the general government was to be strictly limited to ensure the states would not be trampled by a tyrannical government.

Remember this famous line in the great movie, The Patriot (Mel Gibson) who didn’t want to take on the British; he wanted to keep petitioning them?  Why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away (King George) or 3,000 tyrants one mile away? was his question.  You see, farmer Benjamin Martin was a widower with seven children he fiercely loved.  He did not want to go to war.  Then it touched him and his children.  The British killed one of his sons.

Today we have a Congress infested with traitorous intentions, gutless cowards and those who lust for money and power.  Hundreds of them who take the oath of office and turn right around and defecate on the Supreme Law of the Land for votes and power.  That is why the 2024 elections are so critical.

There were many involved in creating this new government and country who were justifiably concerned about putting too much power in the hands of the general government so the Bill of Rights was birthed.  The Bill of Rights for ALL natural born and naturalized citizens whether Caucasian, black, Asian or human beings with brown skin.  Regardless of skin color, those are our God-given for all of us, rights the federal government cannot erase or trample on unless we allow it. 

In particular for this column is the Tenth Amendment:  “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”  There is nothing in there about anyone’s skin color or “women’s issues”.

Those external powers granted Congress in Art. 1, Sec. 8 were checked by the Tenth Amendment.  At least that was the intention of the authors at the time.  It’s truly disgusting states of the Union for almost as long as I’ve been alive have caved and allowed the federal government to walk all over them with promises of more money in the form of taxes, taxes, taxes.

The other tool used against us has been the ‘general welfare clause’ that I’m betting 80% of adult aged Americans know nothing about but is so important:  General Welfare Clause [The Congress shall have Power] To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

“As Rob Natelson put it in his paper, The General Welfare Clause and the Public Trust“The clause was designed as a trust-style rule denying Congress authority to levy taxes for any but general, national purposes. Because the Clause prevented Congress from using tax revenue for local or special interest purposes, the Clause indirectly qualified the appropriation power. Even if some enumerated power could be enlisted to support the appropriation, federal tax money was not to be used for the private benefit of a museum-however worthy-in Savannah, nor an artist-however struggling-in New York.”

“To take the clause as a general grant of power for the federal government to do virtually anything would, as Madison put it, “would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.”

The insanity coming out of Congress for half a century has not been squashed by enough states.  The result is now a $33 TRILLION dollar debt to the unconstitutional, privately owned “Federal” Reserve – the candy store for corrupt politicians in Congress to carry out their agendas for votes and to stay in power.

Here in Texas and a few other states like Missouri, Attorney General’s have been suing the illegitimate Biden cabal.  While on solid legal grounds, too many of their legal challenges have been trashed by partisan federal judges who should be impeached.

As I’ve written so many times:  The majority of Americans have NO clue regarding the ‘national debt’ and how it is going to crush them in the near future.  It’s more important to spend time screaming and yelling at the U.S. Capitol for the “right” to kill a beating heart, the unborn.  Or more “rights” for queers, or other issues for which Congress has NO legislative authority.

Since Congress refuses to adhere to the Tenth Amendment and partisan judges also ignore it, once again, states have the duty, the obligation to invoke nullification.

We had two important nullification votes in the first session of our legislature, which I wrote about:  Two New State Nullification Bills – Will They Pass?, Jan. 23, 2023.  House side:  HB 384 and on the Senate side SB 313

It has been a war in Austin this year due to our rotten SOB Speaker of the House, RINO Dade Phelan who led the way to impeach our Attorney General Ken Paxton who has found 100% innocent after the sham impeachment hearing and trial by our state senate.

HB 384, The Sovereignty Act (READ IT).  That Act was introduced a half dozen times in other sessions but never made it to the House floor in our legislature.  Just allow the tyrants in DC to continue stomping on Texans and our God-given rights.  SB 313 was the sister bill in the Senate where it died in committee.  Our legislature is GOP controlled.  What does that tell Texans?  It’s time to clean house in the March primary.

The tyranny coming out of DC must be stopped and a great deal can be done by nullification but it doesn’t appear our state legislature has any interest in slaying he dragon.

GOP State Conventions are coming soon.  I was a delegate for 2021 but because I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and needed time to recover, I couldn’t attend.  Here in my ‘red’ city, we can’t even get enough delegates we are due to attend the convention.  Truly disgusting. What goes on in those state conventions is critical.  For all the complaining, talk is cheap.  It takes boots on the ground and sacrificing our time and financial resources by getting into the machine and educating them (delegates) about solutions.

I’ve provided a great deal of information on that the bottom of my Jan. 23, 2023 column on how to fight back.  I know everyone is gearing up for Christmas Day, but God helps those who help themselves.  Hopefully you can find time to read the highlighted links in this column over the Christmas holiday.  Share with friends and family.  Either our state legislatures are going to fight back or the destroyers will kill us off for good in 2024.  It’s that urgent.

This is a MUST read over the Christmas weekend holiday:  Myths of the Great Depression by Lawrence W. Reed, 1981.  It’s so very important to understand the sleight of hand – the federal government creating jobs – the ultimate goal of creating a helpless, government – dependent population.  A true free market is the only solution unless someone wants to live under the yoke of communism.

People always say they don’t have time to read. Well then, they don’t have time for freedom, either. Knowledge is power, but only if we acquire and use it.

Freedom is our noble cause. Stay the course.